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2013 Nissan Altima



  • Is anyone having problems with their "map" on the new Altima. Sometimes it works, sometimes it blanks out and just shows the arrow on a blank screen and today it went totally black and nothing at all happens when pressing the map button.

    The other problem I have had is that when receiving a phone call the car won't let you pick up the call and it just keeps ringing. The first time this happened I had to manually delete the car phone from my iPhone. The next time I had to stop and turn off my car.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • We should! I am bringing my car back to the dealer again (3rd time) for this low MPG issue. They keep telling me that I need to drive more before the car starts delivering better mileage. I have already filed a complaint with the Nissan North America. According to the New York's Lemon Law, the dealer needs to make every attempt to resolve an issue first. And, if the dealer is not co-operating, or not able to resolve the issue, then you can move on to the next step. i-e file a law suit. I have started preparing a list of issues, dates, conversation with the dealer etc. I think you should do the same.
  • I bought a 2013 Altima SV (2.5) about 3 months ago and have been generally happy with it.
    Was getting 40+ MGP highway. However, I took it in for the transmission recall servicing when
    I got a recall notice in the mail and now my highway MPG has dropped to 32+ which is rather

    Anyone else experience this issue or have suggestions on what to do about it ? I'll be taking it
    in for the 3 month service next week. Thanks.
  • Yes, I have the same problem. It doesn't have lumbar support. I toss a small
    cushion at the back of the seat or add an after-market lumbar support unit you
    can get for under $10 and the problem is usually solved.
  • cpugscpugs Posts: 1
    I took it in for the 1st service and they said there was a recall on the car. The car was saying 27 mpg and now the highest it has gone is about 22 mpg. Although it took a few week to get there! I am also having a problem with my screen going blank for a second and coming back on. It does it all the time.
  • I got a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV at the end of November. I have filled up the tank 3 times since I got the car and it averaging 20-21 mpg overall. I cant possibly drive the car any softer or slower. The MPG rating is a COMPLETE LIE. I complained to Nissan North America and they are sending a special mechanic to check the car. They told me that the mpg rating is just an estimate and I told them that would be an acceptable answer if the mpg was even close the the advertised claim. If its not broken (which Im almost certain its not), and they dont offer some sort of resolution, I would like to join you and any other 2013 Nissan 4 cylinder owners who are experiencing the same issues in possibly pursuing legal action.

    I recommend anyone reading this to record their mileage with pictures of the trip reading before and after filling up with each tank of gas, as well as saving the gas receipts to match the trip reading after filling up.
  • Just got the new altima and I will not be keeping it long term. I have the 2013 SL 2.5 and MPG is a dismal 25. Very very disappointed.
  • 2013sl2013sl Posts: 3
    We bought the altima SV on 1/2/2013. I agreed that we cannot get more than 20 MPG no matter how we have driven.
  • Don't drive yourself crazy over the MPG. Life's too short to waste a lot of energy on the difference between 22 and 27 MPG, and a couple of hundred bucks. There are lots of terrible MPG cars on the road, and you made a choice to be one of the good guys. So pop a cork, sit back, and watch the giant SUVs rumble down to soccer practice. Not while driving of course... :shades:
  • Earlier someone posted the same question (how do you reset average fuel MPG?)

    An answer came back which I didn't quite understand(have an SL 3.5 with Tech)

    "While the fuel economy is displayed just hold the same button in for a few seconds and it will reset. "

    Does anyone know how to do this with a 3.5 SL / Tech ?

  • The steering wheel menu button. Press and hold it down when you're at the fuel consumption or the trip summary display (which includes the fuel consumption summary). :lemon:
  • fasteddiechufasteddiechu Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    Car is about three months old with 3000 miles on now.

    I echo other postings. Drove exclusively on the highway at 75-80 mph on a recent trip between Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Boston, Mass. Average about 31 mph with a fully warm engine.
    At winter temps (25-30F, -5C) and all short city trips with engine almost never fully warmed up: 19-20 mpg.
    These are number somewhat worse than our previous 2.5 VW Golf/Rabbit. While not horrible, it's hardly the mpg champion that I read about.

    Other Issues:
    The seats are BELOW PAR in comfort. The Zero Gravity is all BS.

    Seat warmer heats the bum on high and just the back on low. So, you can have a hot bum and cold back or a warm back and a cold bum. Weird.

    GPS is amazingly slow. Sometimes I can drive for several minutes before it finds its way.

    Low beam performance is weak; not enough distance. High beam is OK.

    It has one of the most unpleasant engine noise (I've owned over 30 cars) of any car I've driven. Nothing to do with the CVT drone. Just unpleasant sound.

    The rear camera got coated with road salt and dirt easily. I've read about a built-in washer. If it's there, it doesn't work.

    Steering is numb. Drove through some slush last few weeks and had to drive by sight only because I can't feel what the front tires are doing.

    Can't program the navigation while moving. Seems to be a safety feature but it means the passenger can't program it either. DUMB.

    Some good points:
    Quiet cruising. Just don't push it to invoke the engine noise.

    Roomy front and back.

    Good size trunk, although with the all-to-common luggage crusher hinge.

    Comfortable ride and pretty good handling. I have not experienced the swaying problem reported by some.

    Quick acceleration for a 4 cyl.

    Although there was a recall, reliable so far (only three months)

    Nice abundant cabin storage with lids to keep things tidy looking.

    Stereo has a USB input. Popped in a 16 GB USB drive filled with mp3 songs, and play for days. However, the random seems to reset every trip, so it's not truly random except one trip at a time.

    Big fuel tank. So, although consumption is not impressive, we still refuel less often.

    Convenient keyless entry and start. Keep the key in the pocket or purse and not have to fumble with it with winter gloves in and out of the pocket.
  • Seriously?? I bought the car based on the gas mileage. That was the pivoting factor. I'm very disappointed but at least I don't drive a PRIUS :mad:
  • 2013sl2013sl Posts: 3
    My mileage is getting better since 1/9/2013 and recently it is going up to 22.3 mpg. I 'm happier now. I guess it depends on how you drive. I'm still adjusting to my new car. It has a very powerful engine even it has only 4 cylinders. Overall, it is worth the money for this beautiful car inside and out.
  • Thanks Fasteddiechu !
    I will try that as soon as I get back to the car.
    -Hold the menu button (on steering wheel) while looking at fuel consumption screen -
    BTW I've set my display choices (you get to choose 4 from the list) to include
    Tire Pressure (shows all 4 pressures), Compass, Fuel Consumption (instantaneous bar graph with average numeric) and I can't remember the fourth.
  • arkycowboyarkycowboy Posts: 8
    edited January 2013
    I purchased my 2013 Altima SL 2.5 with full "tech" package in September. About a week later I drove it from Arkansas to New Orleans. With 2 drivers, we got an impressive indicated 40 MPG (at 75MPH) and 42 MPG (at 70MPH) down and 38-40 MPG back home (in the rain and much slower). Total round trip was about 1200 miles. We filled up at start, topped off about half way (because of the newness of the car and uncertain faith in estimated miles to empty display), when we left NEO (the low fuel warning light was on), again topped off about half way home and finally back at home topped it again. Unfortunately, I did not record the gallons actually put in the tank each time. Most of the time we refueled when stopping to eat and probably had 1/4 or more left on the gauge.

    Around town I was getting about 26 in stop and go traffic. I made a couple of short trips (<100 miles each way) and was getting 38-40 MPG. I reset the MPG once I get on the freeway each way, which eliminated any driving in town. I was impressed.

    Right after Christmas, I drove to Oklahoma City and could do no better than 33 MPG at any speed from 65 to 80 on basically flat Interstates. I'm not sure what is going on, but something has changed with the car. I did notice that the RPM was higher than I had seen it on previous trips at 75MPH, so that's when I started playing with the speed. It just seemed to me that the CVT was not in the proper "gear" for highway speeds. And in town it is now less than 20 MPG. And yes the OverDrive was on.

    I'm tackling one problem at a time. Read on.

    As for the navigation, mine started blanking out after about 300 miles into the trip to NEO and was once every 10-15 minutes or so. It continued to get worse and I took it to the dealer. They said they could not "fix" it unless they could "see" it blanking out. I guess their trained eyes would see the blank screen different than me. Maybe there is some hidden codes displayed that I can't see.

    The 19th of December, I was heading out to do some shopping and the navigation screen was really going crazy. So I figured it would be a good time to go to the dealership. I stopped counting at 25 blanks after 2 miles of the 3 mile trip. When I got there the service manager got in the car and within a minute, it blanked out 5-6 times. Now his trained eyes saw the problem. They called Nissan and were told to order a new A/V unit.

    I finally got the unit changed January 16th. I've only had it in about 150 miles so far and no blanking out. However, I did notice a few changes with the new head unit. BTW, the SD Card is the same one from my original unit as I made a very small mark on it.

    1) The radio/XM now sounds like what I had originally expected to have. Before, the bass was kinda mushy and I had the volume at "5" for my desired level. Now, the bass will knock your socks off and the highs are crisp and clean. I now can go no higher than "3" for my level. At "5", it will knock the doors off and I sound like a boom-box on steroids with wheels. This is a NEW XM radio, so make sure to cancel your old one before you get billed for it and also request a new 3-month trial on this one. I did and it worked.

    2) The RearView camera has only one view now and it's a bit wider than the old one, but not as wide as the alternate choice of view was. There are 2 sets of lines instead of just one. It may be me, but I think it's a bit brighter and maybe a slightly better resolution.

    3) The navigation display is "different" somehow. I'm not sure exactly what, but it just seems to look different. Again, maybe it's just me. But, I do know that the tracking is very smooth and there are no lapses in updating side streets as I drive around town. No, I don't need it in town, but just watching it for any problems such as the blanking and crossing my fingers.

    I found another forum a couple months back that has lots of complaints about the navigation problem. So it may be typical for this 1st generation of the "new Altima". I hate it when that happens.

    Overall, the car is 5 years newer than my previous 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid technology-wise. However, it has slightly more road, wind and engine noise than the TCH, not counting when the TCH was traveling under 40MPH on electric only, then you could sneak up on a sleeping cat. Initially the Altima had much, much better gas mileage than the TCH and I was very impressed, but now, it's not doing as well as the TCH. Something has changed.
  • So I reset the average mpg before a highway drive.
    Drove from Arlington Va to Fairfax Va on I-66 when traffic was moving Did some in town driving ( slightly heavy footed) then back on 66 to Arlington.
    The avg going to Fairfax was 36.4. upon return home it was 34+.
    Went as low as 31.6 after the heavy footed and in town stretches.

    Going to work (in town, red lights stop signs etc) it's about 2 miles. For this kind of driving the car says I am getting 10-11 mpg.

    The car is a 2013 SL 3.5 (V-6 engine)
  • I bought a 2013 altima 2.5 SL on 1/20/2013,we have had the car about 4 days,my wife drives the car about 45 each way to and from work. She last complained about the seat from day one,she says i hurts her back about the waist level and works its way to the front of her body,she thinks its the bottom of the seat cushion that is not long enough to meet the back of her knees ,she has tried setting the seat every way she can think of and she even put a pillow on the seat bottom and back and still the same thing.
    I don't think her size would make a difference but she is about 5'9" and about 130lbs,i drove the car home about 50 miles and i thought the seat was pretty comfortable and i was impressed with the size of the cockpit even with a sun roof i can still set in it comfortedly and i am 6'9" tall and about 280lbs.Please let me know if you have gotten your seat fixed or replaced,i saw someting in a google search someone else had the same problem and nissian had a recall on the foam on the back part of the seat.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I have that problem and many others I have spoken with, do too. I haven't bought a new car yet and that is one of the reasons.

    Too bad someone couldn't organize a purchase revolt until they make them less intrusive. The owners who have the most complaints are usually ones who have neck trouble (me) back trouble (me) lower back trouble (me) and anyone who drives with the seat back fairly upright.

    It is a pretty big dilemma in my opinion. I felt more sure of this since chatting with others too who hate these new head restraints..even ones who do tilt seat back a lot.

    I can't get over the drastic differences in MPG owners appear to be getting with the new 2013 Altima. When I read of slipping belt it somehow didn't surprise me, when I first read that the 4 cyl have a fibre type belt and the 6 cyl still use a steel belt. Although I didn't think it would slip so much as it might wear too fast. I guess the compounds they are using to fend off wear, are naturally harder so now slip issues appear.

    I guess manufacturers will never stop using new owners as guinea pigs on our $'s. In fact, I believe it is worse in the past decade as cars have gotten disproportionately more technological. I am amazed at the degree of unfinished product is for sale to the general public, with a defensive stance that they are under wty so why the complaints? Well...DUH...they do not regard our time loss, frustration and stress levels in having to return to the stealership all the time and the whole time NOT having a new car to drive while it is there. And whatabout the gallons of gasoline used all on our dime while they test drive it over and over trying to replicate the issue. And then there is also the fear that we might have bought a lemon, or worse a lemon model. I have become very very skeptical of ANY new car or truck in the last few years even though I am in the market to replace (or add a used to) my present ride. If a new model makes claims that sound too good to be true, my caution flags already have started to whisp. Maybe being almost poor, is not as bad a thing as one might first think, because it means you can never be quick to pull the trigger on a buy of something that is supposed to be new and improved. If it truly is improved, it usually doesn't materialize that way until the 3rd or 4th year in production when they finally get all the bugs sorted out on our dime/dollar, and by then they are already getting ready to release their next guinea pig project on us..
    I've learned but have been recently reminded by reading so many forums lately of newer models, that grass truly isn't always greener over yonder. That green you see is a mirage of your hard-earned bucks dancing across the the opposite direction of your pocket..
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Was reading your post and got to the part of getting lower MPG than when new. So I'm thinking to myself..probably the new 'fibre' or Kevlar belt is wearing..becoming thinner in width. When this happens with a CVT it effectively does not run in its usual circumferential spot on the pulleys at the same highway cruising speed it used to. It was when I read that your RPM's went up it really put a period behind my theory.. I'll betcha that is what is going on. Does it seem a bit slower off the line at a light? The higher RPM's could also be the belt slipping a bit which I have read here in this thread.

    I'm curious about your many miles when you traded it? Was it a good car? i.e. did you have to invest much time/dollars dealing with issues? I'm sorta considering one or a used Prius to have as a second vehicle to my CRV. Am a little reserved in that I have a healthy cautious respect for the hybrid tech. But it seems they are almost too good to be true. Very few issues..would you agree?
    The one thing that I could envision being a lot different (I haven't driven a hybrid yet) is braking dynamics which most certainly will affect the usual perceptive deceleration handling feel of the car.
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