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2013 Nissan Altima



  • If the belt was becoming thinner after less than 3,000 miles, then it will probably fail very soon, not a good thought so, I don't think this is the problem. I feel that there may be a computer problem as everything is computer-controlled now days even the CVT. My in-town MPH seems to be back up where it was at the beginning. I'll be on the interstate in the next week or so and I'll have another chance to check the MPG.

    The TCH had 47,000 miles, it was an excellent car with ZERO problems out of the showroom to trade in. Excellent performance from day one. I was really wanting a new 2013 TCH, but never could get one ordered. Toyota was not taking orders and I wanted to sell before it passed the 50,000 mile mark. I did save about $4,000 over the MSRP expected for the 2013 TCH with the Altima.
  • arkycowboyarkycowboy Posts: 8
    edited January 2013
    I know this is an Altima board, but I will answer the 2nd part of your question about braking performance. Of course when the engine is not engaged, the car does coast, so you need to think ahead when stopping. The learning curve is very natural. Even at a stop sign, if you take your foot off the brake, it will creep just like if the gas engine were running - a design feature.

    At this point, I would think that you need to look at MPG / cost and make the decision. I'm a "techie" person, so I just wanted one and loved every mile I drove my 2008, especially at Sonic when you parked, the engine shut off but the A/C or heat just kept on doing their thing with no engine running. Almost everything was electrically operated/powered including brakes and steering. Sweet ride.
  • arkycowboyarkycowboy Posts: 8
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    Here's the "latest" posted on another board today (1/25) about the Nav problem.

    Nissan has now acknowledged to one customer that this is a systemic problem in early production versions of the A/V unit. They are working on a software reload and therefore have stopped sending out new head units for swap to fix the Nav blanking. Good thing is they won't have to tear your dash out. So far, mine is not making any noises.

    There is no date as to when the software will be available, but it looks like you may just have to wait for it now. :mad:
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    "the engine shut off but the A/C or heat just kept on doing their thing with no engine running. "

    Yes, very cool..I could appreciate that. I do plan to drive one ( a hybrid).
    One of my reasons to consider one though is reliability. It seems that Prius owners are thrilled in a number of ways, and you too are saying that your TCH was completely trouble free. I hope your new Altima will perform as well for you. If not, you will be wishing you had kept the TCH. I take it you did not consider the Altima Hybrid? Why the change in brands?
  • 2013 Altima Hybrid was not available for order when I was looking for a new car.

    2013 TCH Hybrid was not available for order when I needed to get a new car.

    So I got what was available as I was leaving on a trip within the week and didn't want to put more miles on TCH.
  • I spent most of today (1/26) in the car on a quick out of town trip. Even though I did not need the Nav to get where I was going, I set it to give me directions anyway to check it out. Throughout the trip, the display did not blank one time. The scrolling was seamless, just like looking at a paper map and moving your eyes along the route.

    Mileage was still abt 33.5mpg overall as the roads were a bit up and down, but still Interstate at 75MPH round trip with RPM at ~1950. Reset the MPG once on freeway up and again coming back so in town did not count. There were a couple of times that it reached 36MPG (sticker estimate), but it didn't stay there very long.

    Still have not taken the Interstate where I was getting 40mpg again yet, but will very soon.
  • I purchased this car about a two weeks ago. Came from owning Acuras for the past 6 years. There are currently a slew of serious issues that have yet to be addressed by the dealer or by Nissan. They are as follows.

    1) Heated seats are wired incorrectly from the factory. There is no low setting. High heats only the cushion, while low heats only the back.

    2) The passenger airbag light indicator says its off when an adult is sitting in the passenger seat. Obviously a serious issue.

    3) The CVT transmission emits a rumble like the car is going to die out at about 1200-1500 rpm when accelerating lightly from a stop light.

    4) Both of the front doors rub against the frame when opening and closing.

    I have contacted the dealer and Nissan USA corporate affairs. As of now they are telling me that there is no fix for any of these issues. I would avoid purchasing the car until these are resolved.

    Very dissapointing to say the least for a new car.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Who is the governing body of safety designs built into vehicles in the USA? I would think that they would be very interested in your obviously faulty passenger airbag light indicator.

    It is hard to believe this:

    "I have contacted the dealer and Nissan USA corporate affairs. As of now they are telling me that there is no fix for any of these issues. "

    Surely those are not the exact words they used?

    1) is totally fixable

    2) is totally fixable and should be immediately

    3) :(

    4) this sounds serious also...who knows why..maybe an unreported accident suring transport, or maybe the car hauler guy was having a bad day and winched down the poor car too tight by the transport hooks. This has always concerned me, because I have seen some vehicles really wound down tight. I believe this can strain everything, the unibody, all suspension components, springs, tires, wheels, wheel name it. It can throw out factory specs for castor and camber, alignments and can cause poor tracking and a host of other issues.

    Next time you see some car haulers in the dealership, just make a note of what I'm talking may take a few before you spot one that has the poor car crunched down like a child's old wagon with a 200 lb'r sitting in it.

    IMO, this should be a measurable component involved with destination, (especially when you consider the serious potential of hard to find and then address damage later) but have no idea how it could be done. The transport drivers have to give a damn for starters. Pretty sure that this mounting IS mechanized at the ship level, (computer controlled tensioning as per the specific vehicle being tied down) so this type of damage almost always is attributed to local delivery negligence. One thing I do is actually look at the tie-off hooks and at least see if they look like they or where they are spot welded to the unibody have been over-stressed. Its not much but better than nothing.
  • I took the car to the dealer where I bought the car and got the technician reset the mpg. Now, I have been getting 25 mpg.
  • I bought my 2013 2.5 Altima SL at the end of Dec, 2012. The purchase decision was based on the gas mileage. This Altima replaced a 2011 Toyota Camry. With the Camry(4cyl) I consistently got 29+mpg, with 2/3 road, 1/3 city. The Altima now has 4000+ miles, and I've filled up 6 times, with an average mpg of 35.78. However, my mpg has been decreasing with each subsequent fill up. The last 2 tanks have resulted in 34 mpg. My driving patterns remain unchanged. I really have to watch how I accelerate to maintain decent mileage. This means keeping the RPMs at 1250-1500, and rarely ever hitting 2000 rpms when accelerating. The best gas mileage occurs at 59mph, then at 63 mph. I will be disappointed if my mileage does not get back up to the 37 mpg range, as it did with my 3rd and 4th tank. This is the 5th Altima I have owned. The 2009 was the best overall performing and riding Altima I've owned. The 2013 does not ride as well, though the bluetooth and heated seats are its best features.
  • arkycowboyarkycowboy Posts: 8
    edited March 2013
    I too have experienced similar "problems" with MPG.

    Within a week of purchase, I made a round trip to New Orleans from central Arkansas. I got 42/40 MPG at 75/80 MPH overall. For the round trip, I filled up just 4 times even though it was not really needed, but being a new car, I had not yet learned to trust the fuel gauge or remaining miles. Only once was I down to the fuel warning alert and that did spook me some.

    When I got back and running around town, it was getting 35 MPG or greater with no regard to my "lead foot" or traffic.

    After about 4000+ miles, the in town mileage is now ~18 MPG. When watching the RPM, and like the post above, keeping it below 1,500 RPM, I was able to gently approach 24 MPG.

    Recently a trip (400 miles R/T) via interstate, cruise control on and speed of 75 MPH, I was able to do no better than 33 MPG overall.

    Something is up with the Altima at ~4,000 miles. Although, my sticker says 27 MPG and 38 MPG, it's not there any more. Still, it's better than my previous car.
  • mike4301mike4301 Posts: 1
    I just bought the 2013 Altima S based on the fact that im gonna save on gas, but I end up paying more, the computer in the gas that tells you how many miles you have left on your gas tank, reads 180 miles left ( for example) then I drive 3 miles then it reads that I have 173 miles left, and I only drove 3 miles NOT 7 miles. so basically I am consuming for a 6 cylinders and driving a 4 cylinders, im so pissed that I got rid of my 2010 corolla, where I used to get 33 TRUE miles per gallon. This is my first and last Nissan. I m very disappointed. Nissan lied and im sure they gonna have a big mess on their hands soon, worse than what Toyota had.
  • The miles left in the tank display is constantly being updated.

    If you are a coaster (good MPG), the mileage will increase as you drive up to a point. If you are a lead-footer, it will decrease as you drive, again to a point.

    While I was getting 42MPG on my trip and under cruise control, the miles left was dropping about 1 mile for every 5 to 8 miles I drove, which was somewhat unsettling, but nice to see. It started out showing 485 miles after a fill up after sucking empty. Then, after about 100 miles of Interstate driving with "great" indicated miles left, it began to drop about 2 miles for every 1 driven. After about another 100 miles, it was tracking pretty much 1 for 1 and probably displaying a realistic number from then on out. This happened about the half tank point.

    Bottom line, I would not start across the desert with a half tank of gas indicated, even though the miles left was saying 300+. You will end up pushing or walking for sure. In other words, enjoy the high numbers shown, but don't take it to the bank.

    The instantaneous MPG shown on the Driver Display is a bit more accurate as it's metering the gas past a point vs the speed. As you can see, it fluctuates a lot as you drive, thus the crazy reading on the miles left numbers. Overall, the Altima does get pretty good mileage for a mid-size family car. My older SUV gets 14MPG going downhill.
  • The first weekend we owned our 2013 Altima 2.5S we got 40 mpg on the highway and over 20 in the city. Since then the mileage has deteriorated, getting lower with each fill-up. We are now at 17 in the city and 30 on the highway.How much worse will it get?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Have you noticed that at any given preferred speed that you drive at, if the RPM's are higher now than when the car was new? I have heard a bit about Nissan having some belt issues..not sure if it is premature wear or not. But if the belt is wearing too fast and is sitting lower in the pulleys then that would increase rpm's and consequently lower FE. This wear then, if that is the reason, would also not necessarily jive with the other electronic algorithm parameters set and also maybe cause more fuel consumption.
  • This is an update. I drive 2/3 highway, 1/3 city. My car now has 4800 miles. At fill up my 2013 Altima SL 4cyl would show 677 miles to go to empty. Then it would increase in mileage to a point of about 748 miles to empty then slowly decrease as long you're light on the gas pedal. With each fill up my miles to go to empty has decreased. Today with my 7th fill up since Dec, it now showed 566 miles to go to empty. My mileage has been decreasing over the past 2 months, 4 miles per gallon. I didn't buy this Altima to beat out my 2011 Camry(29 mpg) by only 4 mpg. Not happy..
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I didn't buy this Altima to beat out my 2011 Camry(29 mpg) by only 4 mpg. Not happy..

    Well then you probably shouldn't have bought an Altima. The Combined EPA rating for the 2013 Altima 2.5 is 31. Camry, 26. That's a 5mpg difference. Granted, it's 5, not 4, but you should've anticipated a change of somewhere from 3-7mpg, based on driving style.

    Is it safe to assume you're calculating mileage not based on the computer, but rather using the odometer and gallons pumped each time?
  • 29bob29bob Posts: 1
    Any recommendations for replacement seats? 2002 Altima.
    Especially interested in replacing the passenger seat.
  • 13altima13altima Posts: 1
    Have a 2013 Altima. On the trip computer display there are 2 sides, Average and Driving. On the driving side there is a trip timer and it is constantly timing. How do I stop the timer? I tried resting the trip computer and it goes back to 0:00 and starts again. Also, how do I reset the DTE (distance to empty)?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Also, how do I reset the DTE (distance to empty)?

    I would think DTE would be automated, like it is in my car (a Sonata). It's dependent on driving style and fuel left in the tank. When I pump gas with the car "ON" but not running, you can actually watch the Range climb mile by mile until the tank is full.
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