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1997 Pontiac sunfire

brittany7brittany7 Posts: 1
edited January 2012 in Pontiac
Okay, so I know very little about cars and have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my car... I know for starters I have an exsaust leak, also My ttc silinoid and Here is the prob ... Well it all started a few months ago I went and had what they said was a miss fire well the swiched they fule intake and was trying to see what cylinder was messing up .. They said they thought it was in cylinder 3 ... Well, that same day about 10 min after I left they said my engine light would come back on and to just bring it back well like I said 10 min later My muffler fell outta my manafold... Okay, so I took it back and they said well it will take so in so days and this much money well I thought it was kinda weird so I never took it back.. Decided to be a dumb [non-permissible content removed] and take it to a place where they said oh we can fix it in a day and its cheap.. Okay, so they took my catilitic converter off with out me knowing and now I ended up with an exsaust leak also Now my ABS Light will not go off they said it was reading the code for the right front tire and so I got the cencor fixed .. Now its saying that I need a back tire cencor fixed but It seems as though my car does not have a cencor for the back tire???? Also my brakes are getting really bad they said because its reading that censor my car acts as if its slipping when I press they breaks it make a strange noise and then I have no brakes it always catches back but kinda scares me..
so I am lost there have no idea whats goin on and also like 5 days ago I was backing up and my car just dies well I turn my car off and restart it and its as if nothing is wrong well then I forgot about it till I was pulling out of somewhere and right in the middle of the road dies agin now all the lights and everything are still on in the middle of all this and I got my battery tested so its not the battery... Well, I went on not thinking about it agin and today my car as I was pushing the gas sputters and dies But everytime I restart my car it goes back to normal please help me out thanks =)
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