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MB M Class Owners Maintenance and Repair



  • rocky1facrocky1fac Posts: 3
    Im repeating myself first time on site. :blush:
  • hgpmhgpm Posts: 3
    My ML 350 has 9500 miles and the Continental tries have no tread left.
    Has anybody had simular problems?
    Continental does not consider "premature wear" a manufacutures defect. My old ML320 i did get 45000 miles on the tire with tread left.image
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Hello, can sommeone tell me where is the Drainage tray for the mercedes benz ml500 located at. whenever it rain my suv get wet inside. Some one told me that ML500 2002 has a drainage tray. Can some one please help me on this.
  • sbarb1sbarb1 Posts: 1

    I have owned a 2006 ML350 since last July. I have 9,000 plus miles on my car, have no tread left on my front tires (continental's). I took back to the dealer and they said it was because my tire pressure was low (2pounds), so it wasn't covered under the tire warranty. I have also had the transmission problems that everyone is talking about, took back to the dealer they told me Mercedes is aware of the problem, but since they couldn't mimick the problem in the shop the problem wasn't fixed. I am getting ready to trade my new car in for a new Discovery LR3. Am very unhappy with the service that Mercedes has provided!! Do not buy this car!!! By the way if any of you live in the SO CA area and are thinking about buying a Mercedes from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach, beware of the terrible customer service!! I had three neighbors in my neighborhood that were seriously thinking about the ML350, & I talked them out of it!!! YEAH!!!!
  • eatanianeatanian Posts: 2
    Dude, why didn't you watch your tire pressure?
  • hgpmhgpm Posts: 3
    This hgpm again.
    My tire pressure was check and check. it was within the specified limit.
    I have since found out from Continental that left a voice mail on my answering machine as follows:
    Mercedes know that this tire wear out premature, they use it for comfort it is not the best trie for an suv"
    Now i am talking to my lawyer!!!!
  • hollabackhollaback Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2001 ML 430 last week (EPA MPG is 16 city/20 Hwy). When driving in the city, I seem to average 9 - 10 mpg while driving conservatively. Highway is much better (around 18 - 20). When I accelerate during city driving, the computer display consistently says 6-8 mpg.

    Is 9 MPG normal for city driving or would you think that there is a problem that I can get corrected? What things should I look at?? Thanks

  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    hollaback -

    9-10 mpg is seriously inadequate. I have a 2002 ML 320. I get about 18/19 mpg all in city driving (and about 22mpg on the freeway) using air condition/heater and or radio or CD most of the time.

    There maybe a few things you can do....

    1. Make sure your air/fuel filter is clean or not too old - try K&N filters, they may help.

    2. Am not sure about this one, but you can try that tornado thingy - I've seen it advertized elsewhere and on the speed channel and they claim to improve your gas mileage by 1-2 mpg.

    3. Check your tire pressure - if it's too low, the co-efficient of drag will almost always get you and kill your mpg numbers.

    These are some of the things that come to mind that you can try, but reserch to make sure they are actually what you need in order to improve your gas mileage.

    Hope this helps....good luck and let us know how you fare!
  • My girl friend has a 2004 ML500. She has about 60,000 miles. She has put on 2 or 3 sets of brakes and is ready for her third set of tires, what gives here???? After reading several of the postings, I see not to go to the dealer and have these things done.
    Another eat the back seat belt, the dealer says it will cost $1000 to replace, where can I get it cheaper and how hard is it to fix....also, are there any manuals out there to tell me how to mantain the SUV???
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Can someone please tell me why My ML500, 2002 is acting out! Whenever I start the car and tried to put it in Drive(d) it wouldnt allowed me, for some reason it lock in Park(P). And my ESP and ETA lights are coming on...
  • I have recently purchased 2 new MB models: ML500 & CLK350 Cabriolet. Both have the new 7 speed auto tranny. They behave quite differently in the two vehicles. Note that the auto writers consistently mention the ML tranny as having strange behavior at slow speeds when it changes gears - there is sometimes a clunking and a lurch felt by the driver. As my ML500 was made in May, I expected this problem would have been fixed by that time. Wrong! I have experienced exactly the same thing whereas the 7 speed on my wife's CLK350 is as smooth as glass and is as seamless on shifting as any car I've ever driven. Same tranny - different operation??? Well, I've got to realize the ML has a full time AWD function which incorporates a transfer case, which must be the reason and source for the clunk. I'm not an engineer, but I do know what I am feeling is not saying much for a $60K+ vehicle. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • jomljoml Posts: 4
    I have a 99 ml320... recently I have been hearing some kind of a knocking sound from the rear driver side whenever I start to drive. The sound only comes out when driving at a very slow speed and it goes away when I start to accelerate.
    Also when I'm in an idling stage like stopping on a red light, the shifter makes a knocking sound as well and when I try to just adjust the shifter, the sound stops or goes away. The dealer couldn't find where the sound is coming from and it's not even the shifter bushing they told me.
    Has anybody encountered these situation? I would really like to find out where those sound is coming from and how to fix it. Thank you all in advance...
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76

    It may be bad battery problems, try replacing the battery to see what happens.....
    See message 509 for a similarly reported problem.

    Good luck....
  • jomljoml Posts: 4
    hi, thanks for responding on my inquiry... I looked at 509 and we don't have the same situation, mine doesn't have a problem shifting and recently the dealer here in BC checked on my battery and it's still good. my alternator was replaced though, good thing I bought the extended warranty. my shifter just makes this knocking sound when I am in an idle position and when I moved the shifter a bit the knocking sound stops. I will have the dealer checked on it again together with the knocking sound that comes out from the back of the vehicle on my next service and will let you guys know the results. Thanks again...
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Sounds like something loose in the exhaust system knocking against the floor at idle.
  • My ML has been acting up lately (3-4 times now). I start the truck and it sounds rough then I drove the car, stopped at a light, car seemed like it was going to stall. I pulled over and restarted the truck and it's fine. This month it does the same thing again but now I notice the engine light comes on and blinks the car drives rough again. It won't accelerate pass 60MPH it also gives me a humming noise when I push on the gas. I'm worried, can someone please give me some advice of what the cause of this is? This car no longer has warranty and I'm tired of forking my $$$ almost every month to fix problems. If you had similar situation, please let me know what you did. :confuse: Thanks!
  • mlproblemmlproblem Posts: 1
    I have owned a 2000 ml430 since new. It has steadily consumed oil to the point that it now uses a quart every 700 miles. MB has refused to take any action on the problem first brought to their attention at about 33,000 miles. Their response has been that it is not considered a problem unless the oil usage is less than 1000 miles. I certainly do not agree. Now that consumption is every 700 miles they have changed to it is normal unless it is every 600 miles. I have all of the service records and so do they but to date the local dealership has not been able to get corporate's attention. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is it widespread with tis engine?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    You'd better call Mercedes customer relations and ask to have a field representative examine the car at the dealership and examine all your records as well. The car definitely has a problem. This is one repair bill you don't want to have to eat all by yourself. Only a field rep could make exceptions to warranty limitations.
  • palmharborpalmharbor Posts: 26
    Learn to live with the clunk. My ML-500 is 11 months old with 13,000 miles, and the dealer can't do anything for the clunk. It is particularly annoying when the transmission downshifts when stopping. I asked the MB service tech about it again yesterday when I had the 13,000 mile service and was told that there have been no upgrades or service notices on it. My business partner bought a R-500 a few months ago and said that his transmission was very smooth, until a month ago when it started shifting very hard. His dealer sent for some new parts from Germany. I test drove a 2007 Audi Q7 a few days ago. Its transmission shifts very hard when accelerating, and is quite noisy.
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    prettynpink08 -

    I had the same problem with my 2002 ML 320 with about 32K miles on it then. Mine attempted to stall 3X at the stoplight and each time I took it to the MB dealer to get it checked (luckily the factory warranty is stii good on mine until July 06).

    The dealer told me they upgraded the software that controls the tranny/acceleration and since then (about 6months ago), I haven't had that problem re-occur.

    I'll suggest you ask your dealer about the software upgrade and see what they say....unfortunately you may have to pay out of pocket.

    To avoid the excessive dealer fees, you may want to get yourself an extended warrant from for about $1.5K-2K for 4years/85K miles. That will save you a lot of money down the road.

    Good Luck....
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