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MB M Class Owners Maintenance and Repair



  • jasijasi Posts: 2
    The fuel pump/filter and 3 injectors had to be replaced on my '02 ML 320. The gas retailer's insurance paid for the repairs and rental car (I was going on a trip: they provided me a '03 Chev. TrailBlazer. You don't know what you have until you drive something else.

    A tip for all: Pay with credit card or get 'cash receipt' and put your odometer mileage on the slip. You can verify (hopefully will be creditable) how many miles since you fueled up there. I always use the same gas station unless on a trip.
  • bkbroilerbkbroiler Posts: 2
    Actually my insurance company covered the $3000 bill I got for getting bad gas (looks like water contamination). They are going to go after the station but they say it will be difficult unless they find a pattern (others with the same problems from the same day). Otherwise the station can claim that it could have been vandalism - i.e. someone poured water into my tank when I went in and got some groceries from the convenience store.
  • Greetings,

    Does anyone know where to buy OEM brakes pads for
    2000 ML320? What's the brand Mercedes use as their OEM pads for ML320? Galfer USA or Textar? (Jurid or Pagid?)Please post the websites ASAP. Thanks!

  • Best place for any Mercedes parts is Great Service .... Great Prices
  • MY 1999 ML430 is in the shop having a new transmission installed!! The cost is over $5K. The vehicle has only 116K miles on it (and you can't service the tranny by the way). The regional rep for MBUSA won't offer goodwill stating excessive mileage!! EXCESSIVE MILES FOR A MERCEDES?? ARE YOU KIDDING?? WE ARE BEING TRICKED!! THIS IS NOT YOUR DADDY'S MB!! POOR QUALITY AT A HIGH PRICE!! THERE HAVE BEEN OTHER PROBLEMS I'VE HAD TO FIX AS WELL. I PLAN TO TAKE THIS MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE BY USING MY ML 430 AS A BILLBOARD EXPRESSING HOW I FEEL. IF OTHERS DO THE SAME MAYBE MB WILL GET THE MESSAGE. BUYER BEWARE. RONERON1
  • We just got a 2000 ML320 and I almost hit a car yesterday because when I press the brake pedal it travels 2 inches before it engages. Our other cars engage with maybe a 1/2" of travel and I can't seem to get use to our mercedes.

    I went to 2 Mercedes dealers and they said this is just the way the brakes are designed on an ML. They also said there is no way to adjust this travel distance.

    Is this true?
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Yes, it's normal. It took me quite sometime to get used to.
  • My wife's 2002 ML-320 (delivered April 02 and now with 20,000 miles) continues to have two problems that will not go away and in-spite of multi week long stays in the MB shop cannot be fixed.
    The first is an intermittent accelerator hesitation problem...from a standing stop you will step on the gas on nothing happens. No revs, no movement of the vehicle...nothing. Then after two-three seconds off it goes like nothing was wrong. It has happened when the vehicle is hot or cold, and there does seem to be a common weather seems to always happen when it is 80 degrees or above. We do live in an area that is also very humid most of the time (South Texas). How often does it happen? One or twice per week...sometimes four of five times per day.
    Next is a transmission problem...once again intermittent. The transmission will not up shift or it will downshift at will. Happens once or twice per month maybe. First go around the dealer replaced the control module but it still happens.
    We are wits end...not only are these two problems a reoccurring pain but that are both a real safety issue.
    I have read of others with the hesitation about the transmission problem?

    McAllen, Texas
  • Have there been any service or technical bulletins issued for tranmissions on a 2002 ML-320?

    McAllen, Texas
  • Have there been any service or technical bulletins issued for accelerator hesitation on a 2002 ML-320?

    McAllen, Texas
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Is it possible that you knocked your shift from "D" to "4" or "3" without knowing? That will keep your ML from shifting to the next gear. My ML spends half of the time in Houston (high humidity) and half of the time in DFW (high temp). There is no problem with the transmission.
  • I've have had my ML350 for 6 months. I BOUGHT IT FOR SAFETY AND THE AWESOME SERVICE I EXPECT FROM MERCEDES BENZ. This past weekend, I was pulling in a parking space with my 3 small children belted in the back when I realized the brakes were not stopping the car. When I pushed harder, the car accelerated, jumped the cement median and plowed into another parked car. Thank god no one was hurt. I'm sick thinking of what could of happened. I have a police report that says the officer and tow truck driver concur that the brakes were down to the floorboard and not engaging. Prior to this I have had a problem where I would step on the brake and the car would seem to stall and buck forward. It was to the dealer twice and they could not find it on the computer or duplicate it. I believe it is all related. DJDRAGEN WITH JOLTING ML350 WATCH OUT. THIS IS DIGUSTING FOR A $40,000+ CAR. THE MANUFACTURER REP IS GOING OUT TO CHECK IT - I HOPE THEY STAND BEHIND THEIR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.
  • If I were you, no matter what Mercedes does, I would go to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) website and report this potentially deadly defect. Mercedes tends to sweep things under the rug for too long before they finally effect a recall campaign. They finally recalled the ML's for the power steering cooling hose problem (causes loss of power steering when hose clamp fails). They have yet to recall 98-2000 Mercedes vehicles with V-6 and V-8 engines that have defective crankshaft balancers that take out the oil pan and timing shaft cover when they fail (repair cost - $2,000).
    Don't wait --- Report it now!
  • What you are experiencing is Mercedes quality today. They have their problems and are not antying up to address them. The tech who looked at your car probably spent no more than 20 minutes looking at it since that is all they are allowed by the dealership service department and Mercedes warranty reimbursement.

    If you own a Mercedes for any length of time (outside of warranty) you want to find a good independent Mercedes mechanic that provides some customer service.
  • I bought a 2000 ML430 and this vehicle is not designed for working class people. If you are Bill Gates, then you won't mind the problems. I am a Mechanical Engineer and an auto mechanic with 20 years experience and I can barely keep up with the repairs. At 60K miles, the harmonic balancer broke, the brakes wore out, the rack and penion is leaking, and 3 times per week the transmission refuses to upshift until it is ready to do so.... no matter what position the gear selector is on. The power steering recall is a joke and any 10 year old can put a good clamp on a bad hose. Toyota has no worries from this disaster. If you took it offroading, I guarantee a 10,000 bill to fix it.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Does the defective crankshaft affect all 98-00 MLs? I have a 00 ML but did not get a recall notice. Should I bring it back to the dealer?
  • All 1998, 1999 and early build 2000 model Mercedes Benz with the V-6 engine have the crankshaft balancer problem. On the 2000 models the crankshaft balancers with a Part No. ending in 00-00 are the ones experiencing the problem. You can see the part no on the crankshaft balancer if you are beneath the vehicle and look up with the crankshaft balancer in the right position.

    To date, Mercedes has not issued a recall on these balancers, but if you are the original owner and the vehicle is out-of-warranty, Mercedes is covering the repairs.
  • Any person thinking of buying one of these vehicles should have a long hard look at its record. I bought a new ML exactly 2 years ago. I have three pages of a schedule of faults, some of which were serious. A recurring fault was auto slippage. The vehicle was conveyed to the dealership 4 times on the back of a breakdown truck and spent a total of ten weeks in the dealership. They still they could not fix the fault although it was showing as a fault on their computerised test analysis system.

    The culmination of this was two meetings with the heads of the the dealership and state managers from MB. After some intense negotiation a settlement was reached which effectively gave me all my money back on the vehicle if I stayed with an MB product. I have done so but have not purchased an ML class. That would be the last vehicle in the world I would buy.

    I have had many new vehicles over the years, none of which have come anywhere near the appalling record the ML has had.
  • Had to have the breakpads and rotors serviced by the local dealer after about 30K miles on a 2001 ML 55. After having the car serviced the tires had unusual wear and tear to the point of needing replacement. The wear and tear on the tires evolved over a very short period of time after the service.

    Over the last month I started with replacing the tires (Dunlap) which came with the car when purchased. At $1,500 a set this is no cheap purchase. After the tires went on they started to wear immediately and the car felt out of allignment. MB Dealer blamed the problem on the tires and suggested a set of Michelin's (price tag $1,300). Bought the 2nd set and put the burdon back on Dunlap to take the tires back (which still has not happened). First ride out of the dealer with the Michelin's prooved no better. The car is constantly shaking and tire wear appeared almost immediately.

    The dealer then indicated there was a problem with the parking break and that all would be better following that service. Once again, things are no better.

    The cars now been sitting at the dealership for going on a month. This paricular ML's track record, including ignition issues, sporadic loss of gas tank indicatorsand other dash problems, many ABS warning problems, and now the tire issue is appalling for a $65k car.

    Any suggestions on the tire issue?
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