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Subaru Forester Emergency Brake Light

Started my car up last night and the brake light on my
dashboard remained on all the way home.
I felt no resistance and in neutral, was still rolling. Any help would be appreciated and sorry in advance if it is in the posts already!


  • dcm61dcm61 Posts: 1,464
    edited January 2012
    Your brake fluid is probably low. The most likely reason is your front and/or rear brake pads are worn.

    1) Check the brake fluid.
    2) Have your brake pads checked.

    Question? Was it very cold last night? The fluid sensor seems to be more sensitive in very cold weather.
  • Thank you, that is what I suspected; it was cold last night (coldest night so far- below freezing). I'll check it out- thanks for the help!
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,499
    If that doesn't help, check your parking brake again - push the button in and make sure the handle is all the way down. One click will bring on the light, but not be enough resistance to notice.
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