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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rlc786rlc786 Posts: 2

    Need Advice!!! I live close Dallas and I am looking to 2013 ml350 bluetec Msrp $51600 + $1290 lighting package + 790 obsidian black . What should I pay ? I keep seeing great deals on this forum and would like to get some advice please!!! Thanks
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    edited October 2012

    I bought
    Cinnabar red with
    p1 packging
    lane tracking
    Harmon Sound
    lighting package
    Trailer hitch
    keyless go

    Sales rep name is William smith...its in Westwood MA ...If you are seeing that dealer let me know they have some referral program only if you remember :) good luck
  • gqiugqiu Posts: 2
    i bought a ML350 yesterday in southern ca, and i would like to share some info for everyone here, and would like to get your comments as well:

    ML350, 4Matic in Southern ca
    MSRP: $57,565
    INVOICE(from dealer):54,298
    selling price: 51,128 +TTL

    I also bought a 7years/75,000M extended warranty for $2995.

    i would like to have your comments on:

    1. how is the buying price of my car?
    2. how is the price of the extended warranty?
    now i feel, i dont really need it, at least right now. can i cancel it now? please share some of your opinions and experiences.
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    edited October 2012
    hi gqiu,

    Buying price is good ..Even i bought the Extended warranty for the same price $2999 and later thought is it really worth it..then i decided not to take then i called the sales guy and said i dont want to take it( this is all before i took the car i m not sure they will cancel once you take the car) then he gave me for $2249 you can definitely bargain on it too which i dint know at first ...My thinking was that i m rolling this in finance so i m paying extra $20 -40 per month for 5 yrs but later if you want to take it(extended warranty) after 4yrs then you have to pay the full price +25% surcharge which would be more....and my sales guy said it covers more than manufacture warranty but again its totally upto you to decide...
  • gqiugqiu Posts: 2
    hi sudhs,

    thanks for your reply and comments.
    so finally you purchase that 7y/75000m extended warranty for $2249?
  • bacolodbacolod Posts: 21
    Hi Sudhs

    Congratulation to your new ML350.

    I am also in the market for 2013 ML350 with the same option more or less.
    What was your MSRP and Invioce price or your OTD minus your warranty.

  • kc822kc822 Posts: 3
    Hi Sudhs. What a fantastic deal you got! Just curious, you mentioned the 2013 ML350 optioned up as you described was MSRP for $61,055 (I am assuming excl dest charge). When I price it, the MSRP was $62,810. I guess that would make your deal for $53k even sweeter. So that's around an 8.5%'ish discount to MSRP, and over -$5k below Invoice. Is that correct? I'm definitely giving Westwood MB a call. Now how am I supposed to get you credit for a referral?
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    Yes i got it for $2249...u dont need to get that from same dealer you can shop around if you have patience..good luck
  • Anyone in the Bay Area (California)? can you please share what you have? Thanks. :(
  • Thanks to all who posted about their buying experience and prices paid. It really helped me during the purchase of my ML350.

    here is a summary for ML350 purchase in southern cal:

    MB of Anaheim offered $4500 off MSRP with conquest. I almost stuck with that deal thinking it was pretty good.

    Did some online research and ended up at edmunds townhall.

    I saw people getting anywhere from 8-12% off MSRP in Socal.

    Sent out some emails to about 5 local dealerships via the edmunds service:
    1. Fletcher Jones: very aggressive guy on the phone, kept trying to get me to come in and wouldn't give me any quotes via phone. Very condescending tone also.

    2. Downtown Motors LA: Salesperson Markus offered 11% off MSRP but timing was off and ended up not going with him. But highly recommend.

    3. MB of long beach: Salesperson Dez offered 10.9% off MSRP via email. The car was missing a hitch so ended up not going with it. Recommend.

    4. House of imports: Salesperson David. Offered the biggest discount 12.15% off MSRP. He was very good with pricing and being up front with his offers. highly recommend.

    5.Ended back at MB of Anaheim and got 12.15% ($7164) off, since it was my local dealership and I could get free car washes. This was the only dealership I physically walked into. everything else was done via phone or email over a 2 week period. I even used phone and email to deal with MB of anaheim...less pressure then being in the dealership.

    Overall I was actually really impressed with the professionalism of all the dealerships listed above except for fletcher jones. All were very nice and surprisingly up front with pricing.

    Hope this helps...
  • Thanks Huynsanity your post really help.
    I myself is from So. Cal. I haven't purchase mine yet and had emailed several dealership. Waiting for November incentive.

    Agree House of Import is very aggressive with their pricing. Salesperson Ronelle had the same % as what you have. I like how they handle your request. I am leaning towards them. I bought my 2013 E 350 with MB Long Beach and found out the discount I have was just average.

    Congratulation to your new ML.
  • If you are in the Bay Area, in any case you are happen to shop at Beshoff, make sure you don't deal with Adam, because this guy will try to trap you, and he won't give you no discount and when you also get to a deal he will try to lie that the car you are looking for has sold to another customer at a higher price. So Avoid Adam from Beshoff. :mad:
  • yliuyliu Posts: 6
    edited November 2012
    53k/62k=85.5% almost 14.5% off. Thank you so much for sharing.:-)
  • yliuyliu Posts: 6
    I am not happy with my local dearer. :-( I can get $5800 off from msrp so far. If I can get 8k off, I will in.
  • yliuyliu Posts: 6
    congratulations for your car~~~

    One of my dealers said there must be some mileages on it, is it right? thank you for your sharing. I appreciate it.
  • yliuyliu Posts: 6
    my friend got a ML 350 two years ago. 14,000 off that includes $3500 and another $1500 employee discount. do we have to work this kind of companies to get it? thank you.
  • I am looking to buy a Iridium Silver Metallic ML350 for my folks with base options. The MSRP is $48,895. What would be the price point that I should negotiate? From reading from the boards people are getting up to 12% off MSRP. Is it realistic to negotiate the discount up to $5,800?

    Thanks for the advice.
  • I live in Fort Myers, FL and am just about to order a 2013 ML350. Does anyone have any current buying experience in southern Florida. Based on Edmunds pricing recommendation it looks like I should expect to get about 5% off MSRP (with some work I'm sure) anyone in southern Florida doing substantially better than that? With all of the options and the delivery fee the MSRP looks to be around $67K.
  • So, to be clear, that 12.15% off MSRP, it included the Conquest discount, yes?
  • FYI for the forum.... Just picked up ML350 4Matic (gas). A little over 11% off, which includes $1500 Winter Event and $1000 MBUSA club. Nothing extraordinary here. Very straight forward negotiations. Price is essentially invoice minus Winter Event minus MBUSA club discount.
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