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Lincoln LS Accessories & Modifications

I read where some 2000 owners installed the second power point in the rear of the console.
Any detail on this mod would be appreciated.



  • tom12253tom12253 Posts: 110
    ezaircon4jc - Installed a second power point in the rear of the console contact him I'm shore he can fill you in. See (Meet the Members) #23

  • Send an e-mail to me @ and I will send detailed instructions on that power point. It is pretty easy! Michael
  • kentskikentski Posts: 2
    Is there a secret to removing the sun visors on an 86 LSC MK VII ???? This sure isn't like the old days when everything had screws that were visible
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782
    You do know that this is the LS site, not the the LSC site, I hope? Just about everyone on the board has a LS so I'm not sure if you realized that. Didn't want you spinning your wheels :)
  • jtacket3jtacket3 Posts: 2
    any recommended performance upgrades??
  • newtolsnewtols Posts: 1
    I have owned my as for 6 oms now and would like to upgrade the stereo. I have the I* sport package w/out CD. Went to local dealer and they offered that any after market audio system I choose will affect the electrical system negatively. I am really unhappy with the fact that there is no deck mount speakers and that the radio control on the steering wheel does not let you scroll through your presets. I would like to hear from anyone who has had success in having after market stereos installed in the L s.
    Thanks, Rick
  • brunobusbrunobus Posts: 77

    I installed a set of Inifinty 572 reference series 5 X 7's in the doors and a 10" sub in the trunk with no problems. It really sounds excellent.

    As far as the radio controls, there is a switch that allows you to scroll through the presets, either up or down. It is on the back side of the steering wheel, not the front. It is exactly the same switch as the on that turns the cruise control on and off on the left side. Maybe you just did not realize it is there or maybe there are certain builds options that do not put that switch there. It's worth taking a look.

  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    Your dealer is full of it. He wants to discourage you. Look up the web site and browse the site. The owner is a nice guy who can advise you and you can see what is available. There are other sites too. Try and see what they have, but the radios and more site is for original equipment most of which will work with the wheel controls. They have lots of stuff. Look it over. I bought a CD deck from them that was identical to the factory cd but cost about half the price. All the controls work fine too. I considered the new 6 CD in dash receiver, but I listen to audio books all the time so I didn't want to give up the cassette player. Lots of choices out there, no matter what your dealer said to you.
  • sgijunkysgijunky Posts: 1
    My dealer apparently felt compelled to ruin the clean lines of my 2001 LS v8 Sport Pkg w/ Chrome Rims by adding a front license plate bracket in a state where none is required. I tried to remove it, but found that not only is it bolted on from the outside, but the inside too. Has anyone removed one of these, and if so, how might you suggest going about doing it?

    Sincerest Thanks !
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Posts: 793
    The bracket isn't bolted on, it's RIVETED on! I drilled out the rivets and ended up with two nice holes in the bumper. They are about 3/8" in diameter. Mine is silverfrost. I used some epoxy type glue to fill in the holes and touch-up paint to cover the "repair." It isn't the greatest but it works for me. One of these days I will have the spots professionally finished.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    I would take it back to the dealer and tell them they can either remove it for you and repair the holes at no charge or pay you $500 per year for advertising. It's worth a try.

    I can't believe they drill holes in the bumper to install them. Even my 86 Acura Integra came with threaded inserts in the bumper that came with covers that could be snapped in to cover the holes if you took it off. Now I'm glad I told the dealer not to install one. They still put the sticker on the trunk but that just peels off. I refuse to advertise for the dealer.
  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    I doubt that your dealer added the front license plate bracket. It is no cost option that many dealers automatically add, especially if they are anywhere near a state that requires front plates. Even if not, they will usually do it so they can put their license plate on it. If you ordered your car and told them not to do it and they did, you should have refused delivery. If the car already had it on when it came in and you had not mentioned it, I still think you had the option to refuse it. If it was obtained by your dealer trading with another dealer, same thing, but I don't think they put this on at the dealership. Rivets like that are not common. I am glad they didn't do it to my car, but I don't think it is that big a deal. The STS I used to own had a front bracket and all I did was put the plate of my choice on it. I think that is preferable to filling and painting, but that is your choice.
  • rgordo1rgordo1 Posts: 1
    My 2000 LS does not have the compass option in the rear view mirror. Does anybody know if I can easily install this option, factory equipment?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    They were available as either a dealer installable option or from the aftermarket, I forget which, but definitely available through the dealer. I'm almost positive you can get one retrofitted to your 2k LS through the dealer.
  • ganalfganalf Posts: 1
    Easy fix on this one. Drill out the rivets. Remove holder. Use 2 panel/trim retainers-paint same w/touch up paint. When dry insert in empty holes. If anyone asks-"wazat"? Caps on the FLIR equipment.....
  • rasherrasher Posts: 4
    Love my new LS8. Except. Alpine Audiophile CD-6 in-dash seems to have some sort of built-in reverb that really compromises the system's presence and even the clarity. Am I the only one who hates this, or even has it?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Did you check to see if the DSP was set? There are settings for different venues and I believe one does have lots of echo (stadium or church?). I found them absolutely useless. Use the DSP button and turn it off. I assume you know how to adjust the bass and treble.
    Allen (trying really hard not to say RTFM....)
  • rasherrasher Posts: 4
    Thanks for your response - will fiddle some more and let you know how I do. Owner's manual quite cryptic on the subject.
  • rasherrasher Posts: 4
    By Jove that's it. I was stuck in "Church" and didn't know it. System sounds great - thanks for your help.
  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Posts: 226
    I live in Maryland and the state passed a law a number of years ago that makes it illegal for a car dealer to "advertise" on your new car by using decals, badges etc. They now all have license plate frames with their names on them. They are easily removed. :-)
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