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high revs on highway, rattle in front end

Just bought a 2001, Millenia S with 155,000kms
It has a few probs but I got it for a good price.
It has a rattle in the driver side front suspension of rough roads but handles well. Looks like it had some work done in an attempt to resolve the issue . It has new tires, ball joints, sway bar, sway bar links sway bar bushings and struts, springs look new too. I can feel a bit of play in the lateral link so I will be replacing it to see if it fixes the problem.

My big concern it the transmission. Around town I get 18-19 mpg and the tranny shifts well and feels strong.

The first time I took it on the highway I was surprised to find that the engine revs at 5000 rpm at 100 km/hr, so it seems it is not shifting to 4th gear. When I back off the throttle, the revs drop to idle but I don't feel any engine braking, if I press the hold button I can suddenly feel a gear change. If I release the hold button and accelerate the tach suddenly jumps to about 3500 rpm before I feel acceleration again. I hope this is a sensor issue and not a failing transmission.
The check engine light is not on and the hold indicator is not flashing. There are no codes shown by my code reader either.
I was told that there are a few things that can cause the computer to inhibit the transmission from upshifting to 4th gear:
1. Throttle position sensor and Throttle closed switch ON
2. Range sensor thinks you are not in D
3. Coolant (<60C) or ATF temp (<20C) sensors (4th gear inhibition signal)
4. Brake switch on
5. Cruise control input into the TCM
Have any other Mazda Millenia S owners experienced this problem, if so what was the fix.
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