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Car won't start / check engine light flashing rapidly

1996 Subaru legacy L won’t start. Recently the battery kept dyeing so tested the battery (was fine) and changed the terminal. The battery still would hold the charge so I change the alternator. The car still wouldn’t start- no crank, nothing. I taped the starter with a hammer and it finally started to crank- so I replaced the starter. The car still won’t start. Just had a tune up recently but I checked the plugs anyway and got a spark. Next I tried some carbonator cleaner in the engine now the car finally started up ran for 30- sec then died. So then went on to test the gas filter. Gas is coming in to and out. I trie tapping the gas tank then starting it – that didn’t work either. Now it’s not cranking anymore and when I turn the key to the on position the check engine light is flashing rapidly. What do I do now? please help!


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Spark or fuel, so you're checking all the right things.

    Next I would check the ignition coil, and the spark plug wires.

    My NA Miata ate spark plug wires every 30k.
  • Did you figure out what was going on with it? Ours has just started on the list of the problems you posted already.
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