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2012 Honda Civic and Accord Battery Drain



  • In my case, it's the remote starter that HONDA installed. It's a 2012 Civic EX Sedan that I leased in July. The battery died 2x. The 1st remote starter put the battery draw up to 125milliamps, when the max should be 50. The service woman said this is a common issue. The vendor installed a new one that draws 50-60. No guarantee that it won't die again. So, they are uninstalling it and refunding my money. What else could go wrong with the 2012 Civic? I already had a 2001 Civic that had transmission failure at 90,000 miles. I think I will NOT use Honda again after this.
  • I just purchased a 2012 Honda Accord EX-L 3 months ago and the car won't start this morning. The lights come on, so I can tell I didn't leave anything on inside of the car (the dealer's default assumption). The car tries to crank, but won't completely start up. Dealer said it could be a "bad cell" in the battery. First call to dealer they told me I had to pay to have it towed in since they "don't offer towing service." Called my sales person and they said towing fee is covered as long as it's a warranty issue. I am having it towed to dealer today to check it out. My concern is that dealer will find some lame excuse to blame it on me so that I have to pay towing fee... even though I've checked all interior lights, etc and none of them were left on.
  • Did the car go for several days without being started up like most of the other cars having this issue?

    I've had my 2012 EX w/ Nav Civic for nearly 1 1/2 months (already had 9k on it/bought used) and it hasn't had the problem (knock on wood). But I've used it everyday and haven't had it sit for any length of time before being started up.
  • The dealer where I purchased the car (1.5 hrs away) just sent a Service tech to my house (great service considering local dealer was giving me runaround). He said it definitely was not the battery since lights, etc were full strength. He pumped the gas pedal several times and then was able to get the car started. The car did sit for 2 days without driving it, so not sure what caused this. Is our gas so full of ethanol now that it gunks up the engine after sitting for only 2 days?? Is there an issue w/ the fuel lines on the 2012 models? Dealer offered to look it over when I can get it up there... just not easy to plan for a dealer trip 1.5 hrs away.
  • mehimehi Posts: 1
    My 2012 Honda Accord battery starts getting dead from the 3rd week of purchase. Since day one of the purchase I was driving it every day for about 43km a day then after 3 weeks, I didn't drive it for 3 days and the battery dead. Ever since, if I don't drive the car for 3 days, the battery is dead and always call the Honda Plus for boost. I took the car to the dealer and they changed new battery. After that, it gets worth and the battery is dying if I don't drive it for one full day.

    I see all the problems from each of you. Do we need to live with it? I bout new car to not be in trouble at list for about 5 years. where to go?
  • mike_s5mike_s5 Posts: 8
    Picked up a band new 2013 Honda Civic EX and the battery went dead after 2 days of not driving. Had it jumped and dropped it off at the dealer for a diagnostic check to see what is wrong.

    I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED to say the least!!
  • martin13martin13 Posts: 21
    I'm not seeing a lot of follow-up posts for the battery-dying issue - is there a resolution?

    My 2011 hasn't been idle for more than a day, so I haven't had the problem, yet. But interested in the source of the problem.
  • Honda just pops in a new battery and tells you the old one was bad. That's great while the car is under warranty.
  • I have my 2013 Honda Civic lease for 3 months now. I was sick for 5 days and left the car unused in my garage. Went to start it and the battery was completely dead. Nothing was left on. My neighbor gave me a jump and the car started immediately. Went to the dealer service and got a knowing look half way through my story. The battery tested fine, and I was told not to let the car sit for a long period of time. Pretty sad. A recall is needed.
  • martin13martin13 Posts: 21
    Definitely band aid fixes - and really worth me never buying Honda again unless they fix this obvious issue. I'm up for a new car in 3-4 yrs and might look elsewhere.
  • mrgraves1mrgraves1 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Hello, i was thinking about leasing a 2013 honda civic, how much did you put down? How much was the final price? how much is your monthly payment? Also how many months is the lease for? Sorry for all the questions just inquiring, thank you!
  • Hello im interested in leasing a 2013 honda civic, anyone can give me advice or information. as far as how much is your monthly payment? how much did you put down, how many months is the lease for? all information will be appreciated thank you!
  • In Dec 2012 I leased one. Final monthly payment after all taxes etc was $225 for 36 months. Down payment was $2500. Kicker is the $.30 per mile after 12000 miles per year.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    This discussion is about a battery drain issue on Civics & Accords. You'll have better luck getting feedback on your leasing question here:
    Honda Civic Lease Questions

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  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Well, the way the discussion is titled, it could be about the 2012 Civic OR the battery drain issue. So technically the OP is correct.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Sure, but he's looking to lease a 2013, and it's not that he's not welcome to post here; just that the lease questions discussion is pretty active and he'll get more feedback there.

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  • frabrofrabro Posts: 1
    We have all experienced multiple dead batteries . Our dealers know the problem exists . They are sympathetic, without squabble they replace the battery and get reimbursed by Honda. Honda is getting hit with battery costs from all over the world but is cheaper to ride this out until the warranty expires and then drill us on any more batteries. Recalls are expensive and hurt brand name so government pressure is the only answer. But who we contact with the clout to help us? Please do not say no one will listen.
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    My 2013 Civic LX often sits for 3-5 days without being driven but starts right up every single time. Bought it a little over a month ago and love it!

    Maybe the culprit could be the security alarm, since it is standard on all 2012-13 Civics except the DX I believe.

    The only problem I have is mice making the engine compartment their home... made the battery their bathroom...... my dam cats need to catch it before it starts chewing on the wires!!!!!!!
  • smithb08smithb08 Posts: 1
    The girlfriend and I were having the same problem. Lost two batteries before we had it die a third time and the ignition was locked as well. At first the dealership claimed that the car was dead because someone broke into the car and damaged it and refused to honor the warranty. Then they took it apart, specifically the steering column. The mechanics discovered that the ignition was responsible for the slow power drain that none of their systems could detect through the computer. I didn't understand exactly why this blind spot existed but the short and the long of it was the ignition was sitting in a constant low intermittent draw state. Hence why it would die after more than 48 hours of sitting still. Since then, about 2 months ago, we haven't had a re-occurrence. We just left for a week and the car sat the entire time, started up without a problem. I have no idea if this is an isolated case or not, but it's something.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    Glad they finally found the problem but it sucks that they always blame the consumer first off instead of just doing their job. Luckily they had someone smart enough to go through the system and not just rely on their "computer" as computers are only as good as the person using it! Overall, I've been pretty pleased with Honda and how they've handled the few issues I've had with my
    '06 Civic. Still think they should've reimbursed me the full cost of the tires and a/c repair but I took what they offered as something is always better than nothing!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

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