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2012 Honda Civic and Accord Battery Drain



  • Glad there is some info about this online. I have a new (since last Aug 2013 Civic that i am taking to Honda in the am bec the battery has died for the third time. Nothing was left turned on so I'm interested in hearing what the diagnosis is. I'll update this site with their reply.
  • We have a 2008 Civic that has 32,000 miles on it. We do not drive much. Last November, 2012, the battery was dead without warning. The Dealership told us that it was 4 years old, and dead. No problem, we paid to have another OEM Honda battery installed. Last week, we did not drive the car for 6 days straight. On the 6th day, the battery was dead. This battery is not 1 year old yet. On Civic forums, many, many people are complaining about their batteries going dead. I suspect that the very small size of the battery in these cars has a lot to do with it, but I also suspect that there is more than average parasitic draw. We have a CompuStar auto-starter installed, and I am certain that this adds to the draw, but a car should be able to sit for much longer than 6 days, without issue.
    Tomorrow, I will call the dealership as we are due for an oil change anyway. My guess is that they will pro-rate the battery and sell us another one, at some discount. This will not solve the problem, but I am not optimistic that they will hear out, and act on what I have read in this thread and others.
    Unfortunately, the easiest way out for us is to sell the car, and buy a Toyota. I will contact Honda, though, and explain my concerns to them, if they will listen.
    Good Luck to everybody with a Civic!
  • smyleesmylee Posts: 1

    Hi from AB. I noticed since buying the civic, May 2012, my battery never seemed charged the car always starts but seems not right. Last week received a recall notice seems the computer system is not charging the systems properly and i have till dec 2014 to take care of it. So tonight i took my very reliable charger and hooked it up to the battery and sure enough it's only charged at the battery is probably screwed from never being fully charged. You know whats funny...Had a 2005 dodge dually diesel one ton Brand New in 2005 had the same problem.

  • jrfiedjrfied Posts: 1

    I have a 2012 Civic EX-L. I had a dead battery after driving 25 miles and parking for 15 minutes. This was during a 75 degree day, so the lights were never on! I got a jump and drove to the dealer, who found no electrical problem and claimed the battery checked out OK. The car has not failed to start since, however it turns over more slowly than normal after sitting overnight.

  • Hi smylee, did you get the charging problem fixed by the dealer? My wife's 2012 civic had the dead battery-charge-works-for-a-week-dead-charge, etc. My charger says the battery is good and it holds the charge. However, the alternator charges at 12.5 volts and not 13.6 volts as my miata does. What is the recall problem?

  • palmtreezypalmtreezy Posts: 1

    Hi there sorry for the delay in answering...the answer is NO the recall didn't fix anything as a matter of fact it's worse now than ever. After sitting in the heated parkade for 3 days over the last weekend, I started the car Mon afternoon but it didn't sound good. So I too called the dealershipo and they've never heard of such a problem. And I too called Honda Canada and was equally met with an uninterested person who really could've cared less.This is very frustrating! I have to say this Civic has been the worst piece of [non-permissible content removed] I've ever owned. I can see nothing but problems coming. STAY AWAY from Honda I will post again after Fri appointment

  • sonicmavensonicmaven Posts: 5

    Honda for sure has made a bad batch of batteries........see the 2013 Accord/Civic posts for more up-to-date troubles

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