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Mazda CX-5



  • yiflinyiflin Posts: 3
    Hello all,
    I just bought a brand new CX-5 Touring base model the day before. I'd like to seek your help on how to fold the mirrors of this car? I'm not sure whether it's power controlled or manually. I'm afraid to break it if I fold it by hand....Thanks very much!
  • Just push them in.They're manual
  • yiflinyiflin Posts: 3
    Got it, thanks!
  • yiflinyiflin Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I just got a new CX-5 Touring, but know barely nothing about it....

    A question about the car care/maintenance is that, what item is free, covered by the Mazda warranty?
    e.g. according to the , I should replace the engine oil, engine oil filter, rotate tires, lubricate all locks and hinges...

    1. Are these items free? or I should pay?
    2. Where should I do these maintenance? the same dealer, or any Mazda dealer, or any car maintenance store?

  • Hi,
    I have had my cx5 less than 2 weeks and the blue thermostat light has been on for a few days now. I read in the manual that it is a low coolant indicator and should take it to a dealer if it says on. No other concerns, I love driving this car.
  • cx 5 GT temp is diff. on right cetner and left cetner...what gives and anyone else? I set the temp for lets say 70. I notice left side is 70, right side feels about 74. If I set diff. temps, like left side 70 right side 66 THEN both sides feel the same.
  • ? according to my manual the blue temp light JUST means the engine is still cold and will not produce warm air into the cabin..THATS ALL
  • yuma5yuma5 Posts: 4
    I have just finished a 2000 mile three day trip and I feel good. I have a bad back but it didn't give me a problem. It's the basic model. It has a lot of road noise on poor asphalt.
  • yuma5yuma5 Posts: 4
    While stopped at a light the car suddenly lurched forward as violently as though someone had hit me from behind. I estimate the car moved forward about one or two feet. I had my foot on the brake pedal and pressed it hard and the car stopped. I don't know where it would have stopped had I not stopped it with the break. This has happened twice with the strong sudden surge and two more times not so violently. One time the engine surged to over 4000 RPM when I started it (In Park of course). The car had only a few miles on it the first time it happened about 1000 miles the second time. I may have had both the accelerator pedel and brake pedal slightly pressed at the time of the surges. A diagnostic check at the dealership indicated no problems.
  • yuma5yuma5 Posts: 4
    I got 27 mpg climbing about 3000 feet in 400 miles, Then 32 mpg for a 130 miles going over Donner pass on I-80, Then 40mpg going from Reno to Las Vegas. Felt very confident passing on two lane highways where acceleration was a must and found myself cruising at 80 mph a couple times. Most of the time the cruise control was at 65mph.
  • we have only had the cx5 sport fwd automatic for a few days. so far we really like it. the braking is fabulous. it saved an opossum the second night. We are getting close to 29 mpg almost all around town according to the fuel economy gage but I have read that those can be off by 3 to 8 percent which seems pretty odd to me. I used the manual shift function a few times and think its great and it really boosts pick up speed.

    We ordered roof rails to put on it. My wife thinks they looked very sporty on the red touring we test drove. When they came in they were silver and the service dept. said it was the only way they come. Our car is the mica red and all the trim is black. we are so sure the touring model we saw had black roof rails but its sold now so we can't check. Does any one have a red with black roof rails?
  • One other thing. When some one detailed ours, probably at the last lot it was at before it was shipped to us, they put circular scratches in the hood. Very noticeable especially at dusk. We were told to bring it in and a guy worked on it. while I was at the dealer it looked perfect. he told me he also put some type of protective coating (he didn't say clear coat) I thought he said teflon. when I got home and parked in the garage we could see the scratches but it was very difficult. Could the coating he put on (teflon?) just made them less noticeable like oiling an old wood floor and the effect is going to wear off soon and the scratches will show up again?
  • as a follow up. I have since been told by the dealership that the body guy who put this coating on said it was a commercial 3m product specifically made for blending scratches in clear coat and the effect is permanent. Not certain if I believe that though.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

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  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Sweet, but now I have to decide between this and the 2014 Forester XT. :)

    I was looking around for tires in the 19 inch size Mazda uses and the selection is incredibly slim. Slightly better for their 17 inch option. Love to know what people are doing about replacement/improvement tires. I'm running ContiProContact DWS on my car and would love to get an equivalent for my new SUV.
  • 40 mpg! Was this the AWD or FWD?
  • 2013_2013_ Posts: 4
    I just got a 2014 CX-5 Touring.

    Just after I shut off the vehicle, only the driver's power window works (if you don't open any doors). I expected the other power windows to work also.

    Question: Do your other power windows work just after you shut off the car? Or only the driver's window? They work fine when the car is running or when set to "ignition" but not when set to 'acc'.

    I am hoping this is a setting that can be adjusted.
  • We have had our new cx5 for less than 2 months. the black plastic trim is faded and whiteish all along the area under the doors. the only thing I put on the plastic was maguires natural shine. I had read on other forums that it was a good choice for interior and exterior plastics. Only used it twice and its been weeks since the second time. the fading turned up slowly since then. It does not seem to have harmed any of the other plastic parts in front or rear. just under the doors. I have a feeling the dealer screwed this area up and covered it with something. Now that "something" is gone and the problem is showing. They had screwed up the hood with really bad detailing and had to fix it. Guess thats why I'm suspicious.

    Any way. Has maquires natural shine ruined anyones plastics? is there a good way to fix this? I am testing a spot with mothers back to black. Man I am so pissed I have a problem like this on a brand new car already.
  • I noticed that before but payed no attention to it. Your question made me think about it so I went and checked mine.
    Motor running all windows work.
    motor off only the driver side worked.
    if I waited a few moments no windows worked.
    I pressed the ignition button one time (with out my foot on the brake) and the diver side window worked. I pressed it twice in succession and then all windows would work.

    So if you do not want to turn on the car but want to open all windows, press the ignition button twice and then all the windows will be useable. Kinda a pain but thats how its seems to be set up.
  • kaybug30kaybug30 Posts: 1
    Did you get an answer to the cx5 flat towing? We are contemplating getting a crv and cx5 and I like the mpg posted by cx5 owners
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