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Mazda CX-5



  • danangmedanangme Posts: 22
    Picked up a MP3 player loaded it with music,plugged it in and it worked fine.I can use the steering wheel controls to go up and down through the songs in the folder but have to take my eyes off the road to change folders on the touchscreen for more songs in other folders.Anyway to do this on the steering wheel? Really not user friendly the way it is.
  • leowinleowin Posts: 18
    Recent purchasers kindly post your opinion:
    In your experience, do you think the screen size is too small?
    I like the one on CR-V, looks great.
    The one on Mazda does not look impressive.

  • 2013_2013_ Posts: 4
    I have a 2014 CX-5 Touring without navigation.

    The screen size is good. The backup camera view is easy to see. The radio controls are decent size. That's all I use it for because I don't have Navi. Oh..I have used it to make/receive bluetooth calls.

    I was a passenger in a new 2013 Toyota Sienna Minivan the other day and the screen size is TINY compared to the CX-5. It had a backup camera but the screen was so small it was hard to see. The CX-5 screen is larger and much easier to see.

    BTW...I average 31.2 MPG with 80% city driving(suburbs) . Much better MPG than advertised.
  • bluzonebluzone Posts: 4
    The numbers look great; however....

    I shopped many months for small SUV/CUVs combining fuel efficiency, comfort, attractiveness, and driveability before I settled on the CX-5.

    I commute 300 miles a week on throughway and have a 20/80 city/hwy split. I use cruise control nearly continuously, gently accelerating using short taps on the thumb button. I start and stop like a little old lady. Yet, my combined mpg hangs at 25.0. I even lowered my throughway speeds to 68 or less, to no avail.

    In retrospect, with this car, a 25 with 80% throughway driving is crap.

    I'll happily take suggestions, though. Shame that Mazda won't stand behind their numbers. :(
  • johnptjohnpt Posts: 7
    We have the AWD automatic and most of our driving has been around San Antonio. It seems like we need to get onto an expressway to go almost anywhere because of the poor layout of streets but still I would estimate we are at the opposite extreme of bluzone or about 80% city streets and 20% highways. We are getting 27 MPG quite consistently under these conditions. I have been surprised that a 90% highway trip from San Antonio to Austin and back with the air conditioning running did not exceed our usual 27 MPG. :confuse: On the other hand, on a 90% highway trip from Galveston to San Antonio with the air conditioning off (because of cool weather) we did get 30 MPG. :) So I, too, am a little bit disappointed compared to what I hoped for, but I am ecstatic compared to the vehicle it replaced which struggled to get up to 17 MPG at the best of times.

    I think that the video display screen (for backup camera, navigation, and radio controls) is quite acceptable in size. My most significant disappointment with the CX-5 is with the Tom Tom navigation system that we paid a premium to have installed. Even right after downloading a map update the maps seemed significantly out of date. The nav system displays your current vehicle speed in RED if it is more than 5 MPH over the posted speed, however, it seems that almost all the highways in Texas have actual posted speed limits of 5 to 20 MPH higher than what the nav system thinks they are, so it is almost always flagging my speed as excessive. But my biggest complaint about the nav system is that it does not label the names of the vast majority of the streets on the screen. It is sort of saying, "just trust me, you don't need to know the names of the streets you are going past or that are coming up, I know where I am" which is especially frustrating because of the significant number of occasions where it really did NOT know where it was or where my trip destination was located, even though it THOUGHT that it did. Very tough to scroll the map or zoom in/out on the map and to identify the names of the streets that are drawn on the map. There was also a bug in the software in which for two weeks, every time you would start up the vehicle, the nav system would recite "stopping voice control, stopping voice control" and any attempt to use voice control would cause the screen to display an error message about "voice control is not available in the country in which you are currently located". Huh? I never left the USA, and the voice control used to work. I finally fixed it by popping out the SD memory card and re-installing it. Now no more "stopping voice control" recitations, and the voice control works again. Hey, Tom Tom, wake up. I have done some software development in my time, and meaningless, wrong, and downright misleading error messages have no place in quality commercial software. An error message should be informative and correct. :lemon:

    I much prefer the nav software on my Android phone. I wanted something built-in instead of flopping around my dashboard or my lap, but the money I spent on the built-in nav was not well spent.

    But otherwise, I am very satisfied with the vehicle, and pleased with my purchase. :D
  • alenderalender Posts: 4
    Good to know, I am in the market for a Touring CX-5 other than the windows, how was the ride? Does it have enough acceleration? Is it fun to drive?
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I have had mine for 14,000 miles and am very happy. I have the 2 liter engine and it is just fine, mainly because the 6 speed auto trans responds so well to your right foot. The sacrifice of 1 mpg makes getting the 2.5 liter engine a great deal but if the price is right the 2.0 is just fine.
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I just got back from a 2,00 mile trip and when I washed the CX-5 there were an amazing number of tiny rock chip on the front and hood. I also noticed that I can scratch the clear coat with a fingernail. Has anyone else had similar issues with their paint?
    FYI my mileage has never gone below 28 mpg and is now at 28.9.
  • 2013_2013_ Posts: 4
    Mine badly needed a wax as soon as I got it. I waxed it within a week of getting it. The wax will help protect the paint.

    In reply to the person asking about power:
    I have the 2014 Touring/ 2.5. It has excellent power and is very smooth shifting. When you step on the gas, it goes. And the motor isn't loud when you step on the gas. Power/torque was very important to me and this is one of the reason I chose the CX-5 over the CRV and RAV-4. The RAV4 seemed to whine a bit when you stepped on the gas at lower speeds.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 22
    Your dealer should have waxed it before delivery.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    edited April 2013
    It's funny but some people who really are into "shining up" their cars will tell the dealer not to prep their new car, especially if they've done a factory order. They don't want some lazy tech to wash or wax their new car and put scratches or swirl marks in it with dirty towels, etc.

    Here's my favorite post on the subject (although I must admit it's fun to clay my cars once every year or so).

    Mr_Shiftright, "Teflon Paint Sealants Revisited" #7, 10 Jul 2003 10:33 am

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    "We've cleared 5,000 miles in our long-term 2014 Mazda CX-5. The CX-5 has received a lot of positive commentary so far, and I suspect it will remain a popular and frequently used vehicle in our fleet for the remainder of its stay."

    2014 Mazda CX-5: 5,000 Miles So Far

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  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    edited April 2013

    We are getting 30 plus and my wife drives a 50/50 mix though a good part of the city driving is rural with few stops because we live in the sticks. I was so impressed with our fuel efficiency that I did not believe the MPG meter on the car so I checked though 4 tank fill ups the old fashioned way. All 4 were over 30 mpg which compared to all other non hybrid suv cross overs is fantastic.

    I could not imagine what your problem could be. Have you tested the mpg at the pump or only by the on board computer. I hear some of them are off. We never use the cruise either. maybe there is a problem with that

    and for comparison sake we have a sport with automatic.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 22
    edited April 2013
    You really have to do the math to get a accurate gas mileage figure.The onboard gas mileage computer is setup for the Grand tourings 19" tires so if you have the touring 17" tires like me, the mileage on the computer will be 2 MPG high.As far a gas mileage goes when I get on the interstates for my often 100 runs,I get around 27MPG mainly because of my lead foot and when I take the same trip on secondary roads up and over some mountains top speed 60-65MPH I get 29MPG,but it looks better when the computer says 31.8MPG.
    As for the nav.I've been having the same problem with the "Stopping voice control" so I'll try what you did.
  • I have a 2013 CX5. Bought it in December, and I like it, EXCEPT it absolutely doesn't have enough acceleration! I don't feel confident to pass on the highway, or sometimes to merge onto a highway with limited space - especially on an uphill ramp.

    It's the one single, but very large fly in the ointment on this car.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 22
    I know what your saying had the same experience entering a interstate just after I took delivery last July.Since then I've got use to the unusual throttle response (It always wants to rush into top gear) and if that's not enough I usually drop the transmission into 3rd or 4Th gear when I want to pass someone in a hurry on a 2 lane road.That being said I'm never fully loaded usually 2 people and sometimes a 90 lb Lab.No doubt the 2.5 is more suitable for this vehicle but I can live with the 2.0.especially with the gas mileage running a solid 28-29MPG.From my experience with a 2.5 hatch you won't get anywhere near the mileage of a 2.0 CX-5.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    2.5 hatch does not have the new skyactiv engine. The 2.5 gets 38 mpg highway in the Mazda6 - way better than the old 2.5 in the smaller and lighter 3 hatch.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 22
    The road test I've seen say the 2.5 skyactive is getting 21MPG ave. in the CX-5 which may be due in part to people using that extra torque more frequently which is what I would do and did with my hatch.
  • lisa122lisa122 Posts: 4
    When I first bought this car last June I started having problems right away. I actually posted to this forum about the engine surging on its own. It still does this and no one can figure out what the problem is, the service people actually think I am nuts. While this car is good on gas it is NOT a safe car to drive. These are just some of this issues I have had with this car: surges on its own, slows down on its own, do not even attempt to quickly get to highway speed because you will end up getting hit in the back, warning lights mysterious come on for no reason they go off when the car is turned back on, sitting in a parked position the RPM will rev with no gas pedal push, the anti locks brakes come on while driving on a normal non rain slicked road for no reason. I could go on an on but I am running out of room. I am seriously thinking about trading this car in after only 1 year - if you look on the websites for pre-owned Mazda's you will find there are many 2013 models available - I wonder why. For the safety of yourself and your passengers do not buy this car!!
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