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Mazda CX-5



  • I do not know much about the blue tooth set up but I can believe that the problem is with apple. the reason is, I have tried to use some non apple products with my phone and the phone rejects them. the strangest one was an aftermarket charger. It worked for a few days then the phone would say unauthorized device when I plugged it in. So I bought another thinking the charger was just bad and I received the same message. I know some one else who had similar issues with an aftermarket card reader. The apple device seems to know when you are not using an apple product.
  • Update on the volume and HD:

    I was recommended to undo the HD option and I have to say that the system sounds much better at times without it. Apparently it is an HD issue in general and not related to Mazda components, according to what others are saying.

    Also, I took someone else's instruction on this forum to remove the beeping sound in set-up for the steering wheel volume. I did that and oddly enough the steering volume works smoother to me without the annoying beeping sound.
  • I purchased my 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring last June 2013. I will be purchasing a smartphone in the near future. I noticed various issues posted by others on their phone problems and compatibility with Pandora, etc. I am not using Pandora currently and don't have a newer phone to connect via Bluetooth. What do others suggest as a great phone to use overall with the 2014 Mazda CX-5? Eventually, I really want to use Pandora in my CX-5.
  • I also purchased my 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring last June 2013 and within a few months I noticed two small dot-like areas of what appears to be missing paint. I have contacted the dealer and they said it was probably chips from rocks or something. I don't believe that is true. The dots do not resemble a chip, but more of missing paint. I am currently in contact with Mazda corporate about this issue and a few others. I just noticed a third spot of no paint right on the edge of the front of the door under the side mirror. I am not happy that this is happening to my new car. I am careful driving it and don't drive a lot with it. If indeed this happened from pebbles, I still can't believe the force of those pebbles to make this happen on such a high-quality paint finish on a 2014 vehicle. What is this car going to look like in the future if it already has these spots after about 6 months of driving it off the lot??
  • Stalls when taking a quick u-turn: I purchased my 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring last June 2013. I am SHOCKED to say that this has happened three times so far and I cannot believe that it happened at all (and embarrassing that it happened to my brand new vehicle). Basically, when driving down a street and wanting to make a quick u-turn by quickly going into a drive-way or side-street, immediately putting the car into reverse to back up - it then just stalls right there in the middle of the street during the reverse process before it even lets me put it back into drive again. I consider this a dangerous situation to be in. I have never in all my years from driving vehicles has this ever happened to me. All older vehicles would perform this function without an issue and not stall out by making a quick u-turn. This is something that many people do on the occasion and in certain situations as an impulse to do. A car should never just stall out - especially a brand new 2014 vehicle. When this happened, it was a dangerous situation to be in "stuck in the middle of the street" while trying to quickly realize to restart the car again after moving the shifter back into "park".
  • Interior Durability Issue with shiny trim: I purchased my 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring last June 2013. There is a shiny decorative strip on the dash that runs above the glove compartment. I am really careful in this car because it is my first "new" vehicle. Somehow several scratches appeared there that I notice recently. I have only brought the car in once for a tire patch service recently at the Mazda service department but other than that only rarely does someone else sits in the passenger side. I don't understand how something that I could not remember even being leaned up to it can even leave a scratch as it has and I could not remember it? I don't stuff anything upfront. Just by looking at this shiny strip of console earlier, I did wondered if it would be durable to the normal function of its occupants. Apparently, any small thing that could rub into it will leave a mark? That is unacceptable. The same thing goes with the plastic piece over the numbers on the shifter. There is a small scratch there as well. I notice this one in the early summer but decided to mention it now. Again, that is unacceptable. If Mazda wants to put in "shiny" trim it is expected to be durable to normal usage - which means if something was rubbed up against it. How can Mazda expect that nothing will touch these shiny trim to leave them scratch free when they are in prime locations of constant use? To a certain degree, they should remain scratch free because the material should be able to withstand it. Unless a heavy duty thing would jab into it like a screwdriver or something, then basically it shouldn't scratch. What is this car going to look like in the future if it already has these subtle scratches after about 6 months of driving it off the lot??
  • Squeaking from the brakes: I purchased my 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring last June 2013. I have no idea why this would occur but it happened a second time (the first time it happened maybe weeks ago, I thought it was a fluke or a one-time thing). However, I went to the supermarket a few nights ago on Monday evening (Dec 2nd, 2013). It was a chilly evening in New England but not overly cold; after pulling out of the parking lot of the super market and driving away through the lot toward the street, there was stop and go just because there were many other cars trying to exit. My brakes made a clear squeaking sound every time I applied the brakes slightly (not heavy braking). After about 4 times braking on the way out, the squeaking sound stopped. Again, I am shocked that a 2014 vehicle or any brand new car would even have squeaking from the brakes, even for a short time. Why is this happening?
    It happened again, two more times: Yesterday and this morning just after I started the car and inserted the brakes at the end of my street, it squeaked loudly. After that it didn't happen again for the remainder of the day on each day.
    I have to say it is embarrassing that the brakes squeak on a brand new car?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,001
    edited January 17

    Kathy, Your brake pad or Rotor may be grooved and not be lining up. If you had a very hard sudden stop it may have groved the Rotor. This noise will go away as you do more braking. If problem persists let dealership check the pads and rotor for a defect. This has happen to me on several vehicles. The noise will go away as the brakes wear.

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