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2012 Chevrolet Equinox



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    They have 3.6 in them in 2012. Have not heard of any problems with the v6s.

    Check out the the Acadia and Cadillac CTS forums about this engine. Good luck.
  • Sorry you are wrong. They only had 3.0 v6 in the Nox for 2012. Do your research.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    The Acadia and Cadillac CTS use GM's 3.6 liter engines. The Acadia since 2007 and the CTS even prior to 2007. The 3.6 has gone from non-direct injection to direct injection, but they have have three timing chains. There's been a problem with these timing chains as they stretch. The results are catastrophic when this happens. Check out the Acadia and CTS forums and you'll see. Also, google "GM 3.6 engine timing chain problem" and you'll get many hits. If the 3.6 is made available in the Equinox, down the road, the same problem will likely occur in the Equinox. Good luck.
  • I purchased a brand new 2012 Chevy Equinox at the end of March 2012 and it had 200 miles on it - it was driven from a neighboring city for me. I love my car and it's the first SUV I have ever owned. However, not long after purchasing I began to notice that it "jerks" really hard at least once a week. I called the dealership I purchased the vehicle from and the tech, whom has always been a great help with my other Chevys, said that his did the same thing and asked me if someone else drove it as well. I advised yes it was often driven by my fiance. He said when his wife drove his, since their driving styles were so different that it "freaked" the car out because it has an internal memory of how the car should be driven. I accepted that answer because my friend has a Lexus and was told the same thing about their vehicle a while I assumed this was a new feature on new vehicles.

    Yesterday while on the interstate during 80mph (KY's speed limit is 70 so I was speeding a little) it jerked so hard I'm surprised it didn't give me whiplash! I know the other drivers had to have seen my vehicle vsibly jerk if they were looking that exact moment. I thought my car had just broke right there on the road! It drove fine afterwards, but the "jerking" is apparently getting worse.

    My Knox is scheduled to go into another shop - since I've since moved from my purchase dealer and I was told it sounds like the transmission or the transmission module.

    Has anyone else had or heard of transmission problems in these vehicles? I don't want to owe $20,000 dollars for the next few years on a car that's going to be nothing but problems!!!! :confuse:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Is the shop you're going to be visiting one of our GM dealerships? We want to make sure everything gets resolved, so please keep us updated.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Well, we are now into the new year and so far there is no indication of further problems with Engine Operating On Reduced Power. The Fuel Pump replacement seems to be doing the trick so far. I just wanted to be sure I kept up with the feedback so others can learn from the Edmunds Forums just as I did! :)
  • I have the same issue. Every time it does it, I have look to see if I was rear ended. This is really annoying. Mine normally does it when I take my foot off the petal and pressing it again close to it shifting. This has happened in a couple of other vehicles that I have owned but never had any of them jerk this hard. There is definitely something wrong with the transmission. I am sure it will eventually break. The dealership says that it is normal but only time will tell. I will not buy another Chevy.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    I see you've already had a dealership diagnosis that this is normal. If you wanted for us to document your concern or help you locate another dealership for a second opinion, please contact us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a brief summary of the situation so far).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • alamo3alamo3 Posts: 3
    I’ve had no issues with my 2012 Equinox that I purchased one year and 15,400 miles ago. Its positives are the workmanship, the ride, and the spacious back seat. The gas mileage varies depending on how, when, and where I drive. Overall my mileage is 26.5 mpg based on total miles driven divided by gallons used. Many of these miles are in urban traffic and on interstates. My interstate speed is usually 70 mph. At 55 mph I get over 30 mpg. ECO Mode and manual shift are never used. I have been to the dealership twice to have it serviced. At the last service, I asked the mechanic about the 2.4L engine problems discussed on this forum. He told me that with synthetic oil and regular service (around 7,000 miles) I shouldn’t have any problems. So far, I haven’t.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    i am considering either an equinox or terrain but am very concerned with all of the problems with these vehicles, can i ask why using synthetic oil would make a difference? i see so many on the street but after reading all of the problems with them i am very afraid to buy one. surely gm has to have fixed this by now,right?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    It's great to hear from you, alamo3! We're pleased that you're having such a great experience with your Equinox and wish you many more smooth miles ahead.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    I had the exact thing happen to me!!!! In the middle of an intersection, the car just stopped going and then allllll of a sudden, SLAMMED into gear and off I went. It happen a second time while exhilarating onto an interstate, it sput and sputtered like it was going to stop, and then just took off. I've told my husband if I am killed in this car, to do a investigation.
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    We just purchased a 2012 Equinox in June. I was so excited and very pleased with all the options I was able to get for the price. The style looks good, and it was a more comfortable 'zip around town' than our Tahoe. I currently have 8,000 miles on the vehicle and literally CRY weekly because I'm so disappointed with this car.

    1. The seats are EXTREMELY uncomfortable for long drives, my driving leg actually goes to sleep. I've been to nerve doctors and MRI to see if I have a pinched nerve...all were negative.

    2. At 2,500 miles the dash began to rattle, it gradually got unbearable. The rattle was more on the passenger side so I dealt with it.....until we took our first trip (see #3). I now was sitting in the passenger seat and told my husband the I do not feel I can listen to this for four hours. I had to wear my earphones the whole trip!

    3. At 3,500 miles on our first "out-of-town" trip, when we reached our destination (after about 4 hours a driving) we exited the car, returned maybe 15 min later and the CAR WOULD NOT START. It made an awful sput and sputter, jerked around and finally stopped. The next try, it started and all was well until we returned home.

    -The next week, we took it to the dealer for the engine problem and the rattle. An engine coil had to be replaced (it did throw a code) and the WHOLE dash had to be removed to fix the rattle.

    -so, back on the road (only now have scratches all on both doors plastic from un-cautioned workers) . Every since the repair, the engine turns over VERY hard when starting. And, I've had the car stop immediately after starting with automatic start (not normal)

    4. About a month after this, I was entering an interstate 'on' ramp, and upon acceleration, the car (once again) sput and sputter like it was going to stop, but then kicked into gear (scared the living daylights out of me)

    5. Two weeks later, I was entering an intersection to turn left. This time upon acceleration the car decided to STALL in the middle of the intersection and the ALLLLL of a sudden it SLAMMED into gear.

    -I took the car in and of course, they could not duplicate the problem. I've informed my husband that if I'm in a wreck, a full investigation should be taken with the car.
    -At the end of the year I just wanted to get rid of it and get in something else, but the dealership has not been helpful at ALLL! Once they have your money, they could care less.

    6. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY????? THE RATTLE IS BACK!!! Lovely!! I do not have time to keep taking A BRAND NEW CAR in for repairs!!!! This car is truly a piece of crap and would NOT recommend to anyone.

    FYI: We have ALWAYS been die hard Chevy owners. My mother and step-father worked and retire with GM and are proud employees. This has soured the mouth of our WHOLE family!!

    And yes Sarah with GM customer service, I have contacted you and your 'concerned' department. Unfortunately your concern doesn't go past your post on the forum.
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    You will continue to be in "Awh" until you get rid of the car! we are on 8,000 and I get sick to my stomach when I have to drive it because they would not work with me to get out of it!! $7,000 upside down and 4 trips the to repair shop with a rental for 5 days is NOT a NEW car experience that I ever want to have again! I struggle everyday to not go trade it in and just be upside down!
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    Buying an Equinox would be the worst decision you EVER made. We bought a new 2012 in June, and I cry everyday a have to drive it. It's been in the shop five times, and needs to go back in for a dash rattle that they ALREADY have had to take the dash out to fix. It's unsafe, and I have been told, "SORRY" we can NOT duplicte the problem so many times I can spit.
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    We had to same thing happen on our 2012 at 3,500 miles....They had to change an engine coil. Has NOT ran right since! Very unsafe!!
  • OK...I just purchased a 2012 LTZ 6cyl two days ago and am considering asking for my car back tomorrow! I was driving down the road felt a little Jerky, then the stabilitrak light came on and the check engine light started flashing. I pulled into a parking lot...turned it off then turned it back on and everything is fine.

    I'm reading all of the posts about how everyone is afraid to drive their Equinox's and well...i am now!! With all of these posts...has anyone experienced the same issue and had a solution???

    Really looking for some good news! :lemon:
  • skeet7skeet7 Posts: 10
    I'm sorry, but I'm not the one to ask for good news. I've had this car Since June and have been completely unsatisfied. For the look and all the bells and whistles, you could not ask for a better car. I've had the whole dash removed the fix a rattle, that's still there. An engine coil replaced. Two times it stalled in the middle of heavy traffic and then decided to go. The seat is extremely uncomfortable after a 20 min. drive. The control for the radio on the steering wheel decided not to work one day, they are good now. And my USB port disconnects all the time.

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but the car just sucks, or at least mine does! There are tons on the rode, and many people who love theirs, maybe that will be you. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted on what you do.

    Curious, did you buy brand new or used? Miles?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    We're sorry that you're experiencing these troubles on your Equinox. Have you already consulted your dealership on this?
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I took it into the shop this morning. They gave me a loaner to drive while they are working on mine. It's an LT not an LTZ...the ride in the loaner is a lot smoother than mine. In mine you can feel everytime it changes a gear...up or down. So of course I called to let them know so that they will be aware of it. I'm hoping it's a bad sensor...and not the whole transmission. My dealer in NC bought it from a deal in FL who used it as a courtesy car. It only has 8800 miles on it.

    At this point I'm terrified because of a previous experience with a past car that was in the shop 9 times within the 1st month I had it!!!
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