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2013 and Earlier - Mazda CX-5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Great purchase. I won't make you feel bad about how many nickels above you paid, but I did want to throw this out to you: I'm surprised dealerships are still in business in this day and age. There are so many rock bottom ways of buying a car that ensure you never have to deal with some joker who knows nothing about the cars he/she is selling. Next time, and from now on, use internet buying, credit union buying services, or your favorite wholesale club's buying service. Dealerships are for one thing: "trying the shoe on for size." Edmunds and other resources are for research, and buying services are for purchasing. Best of luck with your car. From all research I have done (to include "trying the shoe on at the dealership"), it looks like a winner.
  • jcoates1986jcoates1986 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    I was quoted $27,122.04 + TTL for a CX5 Grand Touring FWD. No additional options. I was told this was "employee pricing". Anyone have any input on whether this is a good deal or not? Thanks.
  • I was told that Costco members receive 500. under invoice no negotiations. I was looking for grand touring fwd. With tech package. Invoice price was 28,665.
    My price before tax title and license would be 28,065. I would say you have a good offer.
  • I purchased my CX-5 on 1/2/13 in Dallas. Here's my deal:

    The Car (MSRP/Edmunds Invoice):
    CX-5 FWD GT: (27,345/26,557)
    Crystal White Exterior: (200/178)
    Tech Package: (1,325/1,179)
    Wheel Locks: (55/44)
    Destination: (795/795)

    Total: (29,720/28,753)

    The Deal:
    Purchase Price: 27,190
    Sales Tax: 1,668
    Dealer Inventory Tax: 60
    Title/License: 73
    Inspection: 73
    Doc Fee (Dealer Additional Profit): 125
    OTD: 29,189

    I qualified for the $500 Mazda loyalty so my price was $500 less than the OTD above (28,689). I wanted to keep that separate from the numbers as not everyone will get that $500. I also financed at the promo rate of 0.9/36.

    This price was obtained without negotiation via the Costco Buying Service. I thought I would use the Costco quote as a starting point for negotiation but it seemed so low I didn't try to push it.
  • kimrokimro Posts: 4
    I bought a CX-5 Sport for my daughter at Hennessy Mazda Southlake. They advertised the car for $20,999 and that is what I paid with the only option the bluetooth package. The MSRP was $23,290. I found that discounts on CX-5 were less than $1,000 at other dealers so this seemed like a good deal. My daughter is thrilled! They included a full tank of gas.

    I worked with Chris Pulliam and he was very professional and responsive. I would definitely buy from him again.
  • nflroyaltynflroyalty Posts: 10
    edited January 2013
    Hello all,
    1st time purchaser of Mazda on 1/3/13.
    Just bought 2013 CX-5 GT FWD silver,with Tech pkg. and all-weather mats and molded trunk liner. Manufactured last November, arrived at dealer 3 wks ago. $28,000 + tax, title and enviro. fees. MSRP: $29,465. Good luck to all.
  • rriittaarriittaa Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    I went to my local Mazda Dealer in Santa Rosa , Ca. With the Costco quote and to my surprise they matched it!

    2013 Mazda CX-5
    Pearl White w/tan interior
    FWD GT with tech pkg.

    27,262. Before tax/lic.

    Love my new car : )
  • anybody hear anything about availability of the 2014's
    I heard on most of the line the cx-5 now has a 2.5 185 hp engine and an added safety feature
  • My dealer in NY has a few 2014's in stock. The Touring and Grand Touring have the new 185 hp engine.
  • Rich,
    Please share the contact info with me re sport durst mazda and we can split the referral....

    W8m2b3 at
    Yahoo dot com

    Thanks !!

  • Bought a new 2014 CX5 Touring FWD (Soul Red with Black intereior) from a dealership in Houston, TX

    MSRP : $25, 710
    Trade-in : ($3,500)
    Discount : ($900)
    Loyalty Rebate : ($500)
    TTL : $1,525
    Down Payment : $0
    Financed Value : $22,335
    Finance Rate : 0.9% for 36 months
    Monthly Payment : $629 for 36 months
  • Just bought mine tonight.

    Southern California

    2014 CX-5 Grand Touring FWD
    Tech package

    $27,520 + tax/license
  • tijuana19tijuana19 Posts: 40
    Looks like an awesome deal, can I ask which dealer did you buy from?
  • yes thats $1500 under invoice, which seems a bit unbelievable without incentives. where in so cal did you get this? i want to go to there...
  • I've got some data on the leases for March here in the So Cal region (may be national, no idea) from Galpin.

    At 12,000 miles/36 months
    Residual: 55% Sport, 57% GT, 58% GTAWD (assume that Touring would be 56% but didn't ask)
    Add 1% for 30,000 miles vs. 36,000 miles
    Money Factor 0.00013 (.312%)
    $595 Lease fee ($300 lease end fee), no security deposit

    So for the GTAWD we are looking at for my wife, we'd have 59% residual and basically no interest other than the lease fees, under $1000 total combined leasing fee over term of lease.

    Seems like March is the month to get this car, as it won't get much better than that (residuals can only drop as 2014 model year progresses).

    Can Car_Man confirm these numbers?
  • mzda1mzda1 Posts: 1
    Manual Transmission 2014 Meteor Grey Sport in Southern California, with Cargo Liner and Retractible Cargo Cover included:

    $21,290 sale price - 500 loyalty + tax/title = OTD $22,850

    Happy with the pricing and so happy with the car.
  • 2013_2013_ Posts: 4
    2014 Touring FWD (white paint, wheel locks)

    $23,998 + $600 dealer fee + tax, tag, title.

    $26,150 OTD
  • marclovemarclove Posts: 1
    Curious what people paid for a 2014 CX-5 Touring lease. AWD or FWD. Looking to get one, but might be too expensive. Thanks!
  • tijuana19tijuana19 Posts: 40
    That MF looks too low, Dealers are giving MF's all over the place.
  • It's correct, at least up until today. May change tomorrow. We got our CX-5 GTAWD for that money factor, .59 residual. Quoted that at Galpin and matched by Puente Hills when Galpin couldn't get us the color we wanted.

    You think that's low, VW's Tiguan money factor for March was 1/4 of that! Basically no interest at all.
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