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Subaru Outback: Slips from Drive to Manual/1st gear on its own



  • I've had this same thing happen to me twice. The first time is a little vague but I was making a slight left hand turn when my outback turned into manual mode and went into first gear. This last time was last week when I was stopped at a light and accelerating to turn left. So I took it to the dealership and they've never heard of anything and could not find the problem. I got excited when I read that someone found a solution where their leg was hitting the paddle shifters so we took our loaner car out for a spin and I tried my best to hit the paddles when turning left but could not duplicate. I'm suppose to pick up my car tomorrow but I'm still worried that something else could be going on. Its a little scary that I could slow down so much and someone could ram into me since they are not seeing brake lights. I don't know what else to do. I don't have time to take my car to the dealership everyday, which is why I purchased a brand new vehicle in the first place. Its annoying.
  • I also emailed a subaru tech online and he mentioned something about a steering roll connector or clock spring, something wrong in the wiring... I'm going to mention this to them tomorrow but they're just going to argue with me. I guess I could cause a scene, I mean it is 27k of my money I spent on the thing.
  • jeff666jeff666 Posts: 1
    Just passing on that I too experienced same thing while shifting from reverse to drive backing out of the drive way. Car started in 1st and did not shift up to second as expected when I noticed the 1st gear was activated. Has happened 3 times always while car was cold on cold mornings. Pretty sure I did not trigger the paddles.
    so far never happened while at highway speeds...
  • This has happenef several times on the 13 outback. It wasn't about the paddle shifters. The slightest pressure on the gear shift moves it from drive to manual. Like if you accidentally place a purse or a bag of some sort near the gear shift . It just moves it to the left. It doesn't take much pressure. Very unsafe
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