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Volvo Transmissions

Today I found out that my 2003 XC70 with 69,000 miles and in perfect condition needs a new transmission for $6000!!!!!! We also own a 2004 S60 AWD with 40,000 miles. I wonder if I'll need to spend another $6000!!! for that car. The dealer contacted Volvo who said "so sorry" that awful transmission we put in that car is now yours - congratulations! The repair manager actually had the gall to recommend we trade it in for a new one so we could get the $1K "customer loyalty" discount! LOL!!!!!!!!! I will sell both of these cars as quickly as I can and I will tell as many thousands of people what a piece of crap VOLVO is. NEVER, never, never, will I even look at a VOLVO.


  • I owned a Volvo s80 T6 2003. This past week, I've been receiving tis message about the transmission . I'm worried about it. Please direct as to the best way to approach it. Gone to the dealer is almost impossible. Help.
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