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Mercedes Extended Warranty

Anyone have information what an Mercedes Extended Warrenty costs?

I have a 2009 ML350 - I was quoted a price of $2800 plus tax for a 3 yr upto 75K mile extended warrenty.

It is tough to get prices as dealers want you to go into to get price/info.


  • mbenz805mbenz805 Posts: 3
    At my dealership, it's relatively easy to get warranty pricing through Finance, but they can't do it without a VIN. It definately varies from car to car, depending on situations.

    Just know some warranties are a bit higher due to mark-up, and then some may be set in stone by MB.
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 24
    What is your dealership?
  • dpraodprao Posts: 2
    Any advice on the arbitration clause when signing the contract for new ML? The dealer says its a must and can't waive off that clause from the contract here in California.
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