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Selling my 2012 Elantra. How much will I get for it at the dealer?

shemeckshemeck Posts: 5
edited March 2012 in Hyundai
I am planning to return my Elantra to the dealer due to being really dissatisfied with MPG that I am getting. That was the only reason why I got this car. Im getting on average 23mpg.
It has 9k miles on it. Its a GLS auto with package that brings radio controls on steering wheel. It retails for 18k New. The condition of the car is like new(except mileage of course)

I went to carmax to have it appraised but I knew I will be disappointed with the price. They offered 13,500 for it.

How much do you think I will get for this car at Hyundai Dealership.
I cant wait to get rid of it


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    You might ask the folks in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. The issue you might face is that 2011 Elantras with similar mileage (adjusted for year) and package are trading in around 12,500, so you may not get a big premium for having a newer model year. Once it is on a dealer's lot, they'll mark it up some for profit - say, to $15K. If they pay more for it, they'd have to mark it up more - say, to 16K. If a buyer is looking at a $16K used model vs a brand new model, with full warranty and no miles for $18K, your vehicle will be hard for them to sell.

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  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    I think one of the challenges with the GLS is that so many of them are coming off rental lots with 15-25K miles.

    I would take it to various dealers and check trade-in values. Certainly should be getting more than 13.5K i would think. Heck my 11 Elantra Limited with 17K miles has trade offers from 16800-17500

    Definitely post in the other forum. They will be able to really help. good luck!
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    I would also seriously consider selling it yourself on Craigslist or Autotrader or something like that. You should be able to get several thousand more than a trade
  • rudy66rudy66 Posts: 26
    Try selling it via the newspaper but don't tell why you are selling it would be my advice.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 573
    The Carmax offer seems to be what they would pay you for it in cash, not a trade-in value. I'm sure you know that but want to make sure.

    Selling your car outright will get you the most cash but also involves more effort. I would think you could get $15k easy going this route and I'd ask for $16k to start with.

    If you trade your Elantra in on another car? That's a different story and the value is dependent on several things besides the actual value of your car. In any event, use $15k as a minimum value. As an example: If you trade it for a new car with a $25k sticker? A dealer could show you $18k on paper for a trade value. Every situation will be different.

    Good Luck!
  • shemeckshemeck Posts: 5
    I think this will be my best option to trade it in for another car. I think if I just "sell it" to the dealer I will lose much more than trading it in. At the end of the day I need another car, you cant have a car in Florida. Public transportation doesn't work here.

    My plan will be following.
    1. Pick a car that I like
    2. Negotiate trade in value first
    3. Negotiate value of new car

    Thanks for your help
  • I traded in my 2012 Elantra GLS with stick with 7,000 miles a couple of weeks ago. I received $16,000 for it. The original MSRP was $17,550. It might have just been typical BS, but my salesman said that I got such a high price for it because it was a stick. They are very rare.

    By the way, I traded it in for a 2012 Elantra Limited.
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Here's the latest Manheim data for your car:

    02/14/12 ORLANDO Lease $17,000 389 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
    02/14/12 ORLANDO Lease $16,600 3,888 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
    02/14/12 ORLANDO Lease $16,500 2,146 Avg SILVER 4G A Yes
    02/16/12 TAMPA Regular $16,400 9,723 Avg GREY 4G A Yes
    02/21/12 PHOENIX Regular $16,000 19,661 Below WHITE 4G A Yes
    02/22/12 HRSNBURG Lease $18,000 3,970 Above SILVER 4G A Yes
    02/23/12 TAMPA Regular $16,000 4,516 Below SILVER 4G M Yes
    03/01/12 FRDKBURG Lease $17,400 8,916 Avg RED 4G A Yes
    03/08/12 TAMPA Regular $17,400 5,086 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
  • dan_bdan_b Posts: 8
    I sold my 2011 elantra limited through autotrader to a dealer and got $18600 (I paid $20400 new) the week after the elantra superbowl commercial. The car had about 11k miles. So this was about 600 over dealer retail on the car but then again, I'm in the bay area of CA were there was a shortage at the time.

    I have to say I don't miss that gas pig.
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 74
    edited March 2012
    Gas pig? That's amazing to me...I have a 2011 Elantra that I bought almost a year ago, I have 9.500 miles on it. I think there was TWO times that the MPG average below 25. Other then that, I've never had a problem with the MPG's at all.

    I think a lot of people here expect absolute perfection when it comes to this. If it's not exactly 29 city, 40 highway like it states, then they want to get rid of it.

    The original poster states he is getting on average 23MPG's. How is that even possible with this car? I'm guessing his driving habits have a lot to do with the low MPG's, but of course, will never admit that. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    Could have been one of those Elantras that needs the "reflash" that's been covered in the MPG discussion.
  • shemeckshemeck Posts: 5
    Today I took the car to the dealer for "last checkup" and "final" oil change before I turn it it this week. I told them about re flashing CPU. Surprising they were fully aware of it and knew exactly what I was talking about. Nevertheless after their service I asked them if they checked cpu they said that everything is fine and I heard the "Standard" UP 40MPG and UP TO 30MPG text which I was prepared for...
    About driving habits... I tried all kinds of driving habits and the MPG didntvary by much so its not the driver...
    Anyway, i will be getting my tax return tomorrow which I will use to cover the difference for turning the car in. I read in one of the posts in here that MPG doesn't depend much on the car but on driving habits and this applies perfectly in my case. I will buy a car that I will actually enjoy, maybe it will waste a little more gas but at least it will not claim that its "economical" like Elantra does...

    Thanks for your help. I will let you know how much i sold it for
  • shemeckshemeck Posts: 5
    So today I went to the dealer and he offered me 16K for it. Without hesitation i got rid of my Elantra. I feel like it was a fair price for it and finally I will get myself a car that I will enjoy driving

    Thanks for eveyones input
  • wish I had seen your ad - I would of gladly bought your Elantra for $16,000

    did you trade it for another car? I'm guessing the dealer made out on both ends

    just so I can vision what I missed out on - what color was it?
  • shemeckshemeck Posts: 5
    Yeah the dealer made $$$ on both ends but im glad its gone.
    It was dark gray. I didnt get any car yet as I am not sure what to get. Most likely it will be a truck because ill be getting a boat... Im aware that trucks get horrible mileage but at least they have a reason not to be.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    You might want to hop on the pickups board here and check for towing recommendations. We got a boat last year, already had a truck (we also tow a camper occasionally). If we were replacing the truck right now (not ready yet), we would definitely go bigger, probably diesel, for towing.

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  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    sounds like car-max tried to screw you royally..i just traded in the same exact car you have for a 2013 elantra and recieved $16,000.00 as a trade-in with 5500 miles on it..elantra's are selling for top dollar right now and don't give your car away to car max.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    you traded in a 2012 elantra for a 2012 elantra?? should have waited for the 2013 elantras that are out now..
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i just traded in about a week ago a 2012 elantra base model with auto.purchased last summer for $18, $16,500.00 for it on a trade-in towards a 2013 elantra with the preffered package.
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