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Selling my 2012 Elantra. How much will I get for it at the dealer?



  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello folks,my radio in my 2013 elantra on occasion will turn on by itself without me pushing any buttons.i had the same problem in my 2012 elantra.when i first start the car the radio will turn on even though the switch is off.has this happened to anybody else???
  • I am having other issues with the radio on my 2013 Elantra GLS.
    Leased the vehicle November 2012, currently less than 3,500km on it. Sometimes , it will take more than one push of the button to either turn on, turn off or change the radio station. This, however, is not the most annoying issue.
    Back in late November/early December last year, I noticed that almost exactly at the 15 minute mark of a phone call, the Bluetooth feature on the radio will mute the reception of the phonecall. After this happened on several occasions (where the parties I was speaking with told me that they could hear me talking but I could not hear them), I took it to my local dealership to have the problem corrected. After explaining the issue and them testing to corroborate my complaint, they saw there was a problem and that they would contact the manufacturer and get back to me with what they will do to fix it.
    After waiting more than a month without hearing from them (not even a courtesy call to let me know they hadn't forgotten about me) I called the dealership, livid that they had apparently dropped the ball. About two weeks later, I took the vehicle in to have the radio unit replaced. Thinking that it was simply a defective unit that was replaced, I did not give the issue any more thought until the exact same thing happened about 3-4 weeks later, i.e., the Bluetooth muted the receiving portion of the call. I immediately called the same dealer's service department and told him that issue had not been resolved and asked what they were going to do about it. I was told to bring in the car next week and they would look at it, AGAIN (This would be the THIRD visit for the same problem.) I told them that I cannot afford the time to wait around while they try to figure out the problem. I told them that being in sales, sitting around waiting while they TRY to figure out issue costs me money in wasted time, I wanted a loaner. They would not give me one.
    As instructed, I brought the car in, waited around for 1-1/2 hours, and was told that it was a software issue (i.e., the old fallback position) and that it would probably take a couple of months to resolve the issue.
    It has now been approximately seven weeks since I was told about the software issue and since I had not heard back from the dealer I called the service agent I have been dealing with last week, leaving him a voicemail to call me with an update. Not getting a response from the dealer in a week, I called again and left another message. He finally got back to me leaving a voicemail, probably relieved to have gotten my answering machine. The message was that there is nothing new to report and that it will probably be another month. He went on further to say that although he has other reported cases, I will be the first person he calls when there is a remedy. (If this problem is finally solved in another month's time, it will have been FIVE months since I initially reported the problem.)
    Any one else experiencing a similar issue?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    If it's muting at exactly the 15 minute mark then maybe there is some sort of setting on the radio that makes this happen...i have a 2013 elantra and sometimes spend an hour or so talking through the bluetooth and haven't had any issues so far.
  • If there was a setting to be adjusted, I am assuming it would have been done, since I took the car in at least three times for the problem. No one at the dealership seemed to know about it (actually, two dealerships).
    Coincidentally, I received a call from the dealership's service department today telling me that Hyundai has come up with a repair for the Bluetooth issue and they will need my vehicle for about an hour to fix it.
    So, if you are spending an hour or so using your Hyundai's Bluetooth without an issue, consider yourself fortunate. (I must have gotten two problem radio units since the original was replaced and its replacement had the same issue.) And, if you are on the phone for an hour or so at a time, good luck with those phone bills. I hope you have a good plan.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    first of all,like most other people who have cell phones i have unlimited minutes so haveing a large phone bill is not a issue with me.however,i wanted to mention that i have a 2013 elantra that has a radio issue as well.intermintly,the radio will turn on by itself when i start the car even when the radio is turned says that this is a issue with all elantra's beginning with the 2011 model year and there is no fix for it as of yet.
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