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2001 Mazda Millenia will not start after over heat

mrdj1001mrdj1001 Posts: 1
I replaced my radiator because it was leaking. I bought a used one and put it in along with a new thermostat. Everything was fine for about two days then the new to me radiator started leaking. I put some stop leak in it hoping this would help. It did not but it did slow the leak.

I was nursing the car home and watching to make sure I didn't over heat. As soon as it started raising up I pulled over. I think that the thermostat might not have been working because when I pulled over it was dry. As I was pulling off the road my car died. It did not jerk, make any excess noise, nothing.

I let it cool added more fluid and then tried to start it. It would not start. I have checked for spark (it is working), I have sprayed starter fluid into the carb to see if there is a fuel problem. I opened the oil cap and checked to make sure the cams were turning when I turned it over the timing belt is not broken. I did see a small amount of white smoke when I tried turning the engine over when I had over heated with it not starting.

I have not seen any milky color to the oil but I am assuming that I need to replace the head gaskets. My two questions are ...

Shouldn't the car still run with a blown head gasket? I know it will run rough but should still run ..

The other question I have is what else could make the car not start? It turns over but will not start
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