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Particulate Filter's are EXPENSIVE

I recently had a client that just recently bought a refurbished Dodge Sprinter 2500 motor and learned he was required to replace the Diesel Air particle Filtration system (DPF). I personally had not heard of it prior to this therefore I was forced to hop on The search engines to figure out what it was. Once I found out, I assumed it may be one or two hundred at most. Man, we were both equally set for a shock.

A whole new DPF cost close to $3500, you can find a non-oem maker that makes one for approximately $1500. Even calling around to the junk yards, a used one would be $1,000. Even if he found a used one he would need to pay another $350 to have the various smoke flushed out of the old DPF just before he could be able to use the item.

A little guidance to all the you Sprinter operators around, care for your DPF, complete all the planned regeneration rotations and get it emptied every so often, or else, your facing a good wad of money to find a brand new one.
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