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Audi Q5 Maintenance and Repair

robert195robert195 Posts: 3
I have a 2010 Audi Q5. At about 82,000 kilometres the engine warning light came on. I had Dealer run a diagnostic and they told me that carbon is building up in the air ports- emmission control system and it has to be cleaned. Unfortunately they have to remove the engine to do that! Thats a 35 hour job and thousands of dollars which I have to pay because it is just out of warranty. They admitted it is happening to more and more Q5s but Audi doesnt know why. It sounds to me like it is clearly a design flaw.

Has anyone else had this problem? Have you been able to get Audi to cover the repairs?


  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I heard it's a big issue with cars with direct injection, especially Audi.
    I need to pay $400-$500 to clean the intake manifold of my Bimmer.
    Some said you need to drive the car hard to burn the carbon deposits from time to time...
  • ckblakesckblakes Posts: 1
    Had the same problem with at q5 at 55,000 miles. The dealership was not responsive. Told me it was caused by not using high detergent gas (which I was). I also email Audi USA. They have not responded
  • robert195robert195 Posts: 3
    Just to let everyone know , Audi Canada agreed to pay the whole bill ... about $6,000.00 ..
    If you have the same problem call customer service at Audi directly
  • rog255rog255 Posts: 4
    Interesting that they covered cost of repair. After reading this thread, I'm worried about keeping my car. I just brought my 2010 Q5 to the dealer today for same symptom, carbon build up clogged flow tube. Luckily I had 400 miles left on the factory warranty. Service person said he hadn't seen this issue, but checked around and said others had seen it. He wasn't sure of the cause or how to stop from occuring again, but said only way to repair is to pull the engine. Sounds like a manufacturer design flaw.
  • chrisch70chrisch70 Posts: 8
    My Q5 lease is coming to an end in October and I have the option to purchase my 2010 Q5 3.2 premium plus, 40k miles at lease end, with Nav + Bang soundsystem and premium wheels for $23k, which seems to be a good price, given the current rate for used Q5 (any thoughts on that?)

    Also is anyone willing to share some experience dealing with Audi, when their Q5 lease came to an end? Are they willing to buy the car back, or did they even lower the set purchase price. For the latter, I assume not, as the cars value is in high demand and value is holding up.

    If anyone can share their experience, I would really appreciate!

  • ac71ac71 Posts: 1
    I own a 2009 Audi Q5 and the check engine light went on at 96,000 miles. The dealership where I get the car serviced regularly ran the diagnostic and informed me there are carbon deposits interfering with air flow in the secondary air system. They also said it would be a 30 hour job (at least a $3000.00 bill) to clean deposits off. I have called Audi directly (800-822-2834) and voiced my dismay and request that they cover this problem (as it seems to be a flaw with the design). They said they would get back to me within 2 business days and I will update this post once I hear back. If Audi does not cover this, I will certainly not be investing in another Audi (had been a happy Audi owner for 2 cars spanning 11 years).
  • Wow. I just test drove a 2012 Q5. I really liked it and was considering it until I read this thread. Think I'll go with the RDX instead. Best of luck to all of you with this problem; hope it gets fixed to your satisfaction.
  • rog255rog255 Posts: 4
    Got my Audi Q5 back from the dealer after they cleared the insufficient flow issue (pulling engine and cleaning out heavy carbon buildup in many air flow areas). Car was in the shop for 11 days. 2012 Q5 loaner was nice. I can only imagin the amount of hours spent resolving the problem, but unable to cure the cause. Car drives great now, but no telling what cause is and when it will need to go back for same cleaning. Unfortunately my factory warrantee period will have expired the next time.
  • dexter15dexter15 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I'm thinking about purchasing a certified '09 Audi Q5 that dealer just took in. The certification took a considerable amount of time as it had the engine carbon buildup issue in the air ports. It was apparent to me by the heavy carbon deposits on the exhaust tips as well.
    All appears to have been corrected under the certification now, but I am concerned about this reoccurring again. I will get another 8 mos.( & up to 13k miles) on original warranty plus the CPO warranty taking me to 4/15 and 100k. Any thoughts I whether I should walk away on this one? Also, any comments on Audi's prepaid service plan "Extra Care Plus" ($1050) for 55, 65, and 75K scheduled maintenance? Seems like it is worth the price, but I would appreciate comments.
  • So I finalized my purchase of the 2012 Audi Q5 yesterday and I will be getting it on Wednesday. When the business manager sat with me, he presented to me a paper with 4 different sets of coverage from Preferred to Economy. I calculated the numbers and after interest, I will be paying around 8,000 for it (rip off). This includes Audi Pure Protection, Road Hazard Tire, Xzilion Plus4, Audi Care and Audi Short Term Care Select. So what do you folks suggest I need and should get now or shop around and see if I can get better prices. Is the Audi Pure protection the extended warranty that can be purchased later? Also can the tire protection be added to my insurance policy? I appreciate the response folks

  • rog255rog255 Posts: 4
    I like the Audi prepaid service plan. It didn't appear to me the cost was out of line for the services provided.
    With regards to carbon build up issue, from the experience with my car and from what I've found on the internet, it appears to happen typically between 45k and 85k miles, depending, I'm guessing, most likely on the type of driving and fuel grade used. My car required the repair (quite an invasive repair) at 49k, and was used mainly for city driving and fired on medium grade gas.
  • hkubelhkubel Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm picking up my Q5 on Wednesday...Ok, my wife's Q5 on Wednesday! The Finance guy tried to sell me on the Term Care Select package for $995. It covers 1 set of brake pad replacement, 1 battery replacement, Belts and hoses, 1 windshield wiper replacement, and one wheel alignment. Also includes a an annual replacement of the car keys, although I don't lose them that often!
    My first question is, is this worth the cost?
    My second question is, does anyone know if this price is negotiable at all? Seems awfully expensive. I am admittedly not a "car guy" so I really don't know if this is a smart investment in terms of the care plan.
  • inky12inky12 Posts: 1
    How many of you who had issues with carbon deposits restricting air flow have the 3.2L engine versus the 2.0L Turbo? Are there any issues with the 2.0L turbo? I am thinking of buying a Q5 but am holding off until I can find a solution to what appears to be a significant design flaw. Thank you, Inky12
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I got my Q5 end of March, purchased 100k extended warranty (covers just about everything except certain wearable items like brake pads, etc. for $2700. Reason I did so company is paying for the car, so they paid for this as well. Then, I bought prepared maintenance for 15, 25, 35 and 45k for $850
  • rog255rog255 Posts: 4
    I had carbon deposit issue on 2010 3.2L. 2L T came out in 2011, so I wouldn't expect many 2L T cars are at 50k - 80k mileage yet to see if suffer carbon deposit issue.
  • hey ac71, have you get any answer from AOA? i've an 09 Q5 and done that carbon build-up around 32k miles and i'm really worried when it will happens again, esp when the warranty is expired.
  • My 2010 AUDI Q5 had the check engine light come on and required a special tool and cleaning to correct the problem. Fortunately for me I purchased the AUDI Platinum Warranty which covers the issue. I have been pleased with the dealer being upfront with me and providing a loaner for the week long procedure. I just hope when my warranty expires this doesn't happen again.

    good luck.....ask about the factory warranty
  • my 09 Q5 just passed 40k miles, so may i ask you how much is the Audi platinum warranty costs? as i really don't know what to do when that problem will happen again after the factory warranty ends?
  • Hello All,

    I'm looking to purchase a 2013 Q5. Can someone explain the extended warranty to me. What the terms are, what it covers and how much it costs? I'm purchasing and not leasing. I'm very afraid of owning a German car that is out of warranty!

    Thanks in advance!

  • prapprap Posts: 2
    I have similar Carbon deposit problem at 53000 miles in Audi Q5 2010 model. It requires extensive work. I am very dissatisfied with Q5 and would not recommend to buy it. None of my cars had this kind of problem even after driving for more than 125K miles. There is some fundamental problem with Q5 engine. I think company knows about the defective engine but does not seem like doing much.
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