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nissan 2002 brake and battery lights on simultaneous


2002 Nissan with no previous problems for 10 years, service engine soon light came on. I took it to the dealer and it was put on the diagnostic machine. Mngr. says: No problems except car needed a thermostat. After leaving the dealer within 15 minutes brake and batterery lites came on simultaneously. Back to Nissan dealer. Mngr: Car needs an alternator.
Told me that the alternator was brandnew andf not a Nissan brand. I told him in September 2009 on the way back from California car did not start and needed a new alternator. Done. Well, this alternator's clip was not attached, Mngr. said. 17000miles driving with out an alternator????.
Talked to my son. Smells fishy he said. I agreed.

Went to autozone, battery low. Could not test alternator. Salesman suggested to go back to Walmart and see if warranty is still OK. It was not and alternator was fine. Made appointment for new battery. installed by dealer service department.
Tested and found to have no other poblems, alternator tested OK.
I left and wished Mngr. a merry Christmas 2012.
Drove about 7 miles and brake and battery lites came on again and... the
cruise control stopped working. Turned around and went back to Nissan Dealer. Mngr: car needs a an alternator.
I want to talk to my son.
Next morning back to autozone, battery fine, starter and alternator tested normal max. level. New Nissan sparkplugs installed.
To Midas and asked them to check the brakes, sensors and fuses.
One hour later, all is well.
Went home, 13 miles later with cruise control, air conditioner on, Brake/batrtery lites came on, cruise control shut off. After starting cruise control again it would not keep speed, slowly went down and then shut off.

Initially Mngr. of Nissan dealership service department that all Nissans have these lites come on and he does not know why. No other brand of car has this only the Nissans. ????????


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