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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Pick any car and I'll provide multiple URLs to discussions on how bad it is. ;)

    No car is perfect. Your mission is to find the car that meets your needs best, within your budget. And I bet no matter what car you end up buying, you'll find something about it you don't like, sooner or later.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 573
    The biggest knock on the Elantra is poor fuel economy. Many owners expect better mileage than they are achieving and have gotten upset.

    Overall it's a good car and worth a test drive.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I think the "poor fuel economy" knock on the Elantra is way overblown. There are many people, myself included, who get very good fuel economy with the Elantra. There are some who don't. You can look at discussions on competitors like the Mazda3, Focus, and Impreza and see the same kind of thing: "I'm not getting the fuel economy I expected!"

    IMO the biggest knock on the Elantra isn't the unmet expectations on fuel economy for some owners, but the handling. Not terrible, but not as crisp as, for example, the Mazda3, Focus, or Golf. But the GT is going to have adjustable steering feel and sport-tuned suspension, so it should be more of a driver's car than the sedan.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    The Mazda3 and Hyundai Elantra GT are going to be cross-shopped a LOT I figure: their target markets are the same, similar HP, similar MPGs, similar designs, and even their power to weight ratios are extremely close (something like a 0.3 lb per HP difference). But Hyundai does seem to have stuffed more stuff into their model for each dollar, including auto climate control (which can't be had with a Mazda3 SkyActiv) and telmatics (which Mazda doesn't have the ability to offer). Of course, there's that sweet Mazda transmission, steering, and suspension combo...
  • chickraechickrae Posts: 44
    And don't forget the Xm radio which is standard in the elantra. I agree I think that Hyundai does have many more features then the other comparable brands. I need to do a longer test drive on the Elantra. I didn't notice anything wrong with the steering.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I don't think the Elantra's steering will be an issue for most drivers. If someone goes canyon-carving a lot, they might notice it. In the kid-schlepping, errand-running, commuting-on-congested-highways driving most people do, I think the Elantra's steering is just fine. There's no canyons where I live. :)

    I am curious how the GT will steer and ride compared to the sedan. The old GT, which I own (2004), had a distinctly firmer ride than the GLS sedan. It had "sport-tuned suspension" but I don't think the steering was any different. The tires were the same size as the GLS sedan also, 15" (albeit with alloys). 17" wheels will be available on the GT, and not only is the suspension "sport-tuned" but the steering is supposed to have 3 different settings, which to my knowledge is a first in this class. I think I'll like a crisper steering feel compared to the sedan, but not sure I'll like a firmer suspension since I drive on a lot of bad roads. If they can figure out how to firm up the ride while maintaining compliance, ala cars like the Focus and Golf, that will be welcome. I'll stick to the 16" standard wheels on the GT though, to put a little more rubber and air between me and the road.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    I'm waiting to hear about colors and packages. Particularly since the sport suspension is packaged with 17 inch wheels and the panoramic sunroof. I'm thinking I'd prefer 16 inch wheels for the same reason but I might want the sport suspension, and I might NOT want that monster sunroof. Wheels of course would be easy to swap out, but that sunroof is an entirely different story.

    ANd of course, I'm hoping there's a nice obnoxious metallic red or blue available :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Likely both red and blue. Red for me please--that's what my 2004 GT is (Race Red). :)
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Yes but will either be METALLIC? The regular Elantra only has oneetallic I think: a light blue.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    The red on the sedan is metallic, blue is also. I like the Desert Bronze on the Elantra sedan also, with the tan interior. Not as flashy as red or blue, but not the same-old gray and silver.

    My Race Red is not metallic but I like it anyway. My favorite is the medium red pearl offered by some companies e.g. GM.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Ok I was going by the brochure and the site, don't want to go to the dealer here until I'm ready to buy, they always make me feel like i need to spend an hour in the shower afterwards.

    I like the Blue Sky Metallic though it's a little light for me, and I don't think beige interior is the right choice for that exterior color (I think a grey or black interior would work MUCH better).

    If the Indigo Night is also metallic that would look GREAT with a grey interior like with the sedan. I could see the Red Allure working with beige, black is getting a little boring. But I hope that's also a metallic.

    How dark is the grey? I hate silver, but a gunmetal-style grey might be nice. I just can't see myself driving a beige car with a beige interior though.

    Now watch them decide that in the GT, all interiors will be black because black is considered "sporty." :sick: They could end up with an entirely different set of paint options for the GT also, I guess.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    There could very well be unique paint colors for the GT. I wouldn't mind orange metallic, ala what Honda offers on the Fit.

    Re beige cars--I've had "champagne" cars before, and the great thing about them is they hide dirt well. But kinda boring. The Desert Bronze is not beige; it seems like in-between grey and brown. And it is pearlescent so it looks great in the sun and takes on different hues depending on the light. The photos on the Web don't do it justice. Still, probably a better color on the sedan vs. the GT. Might not even be offered on the GT.
  • winwin3winwin3 Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    This is probably the most in depth car review you'll ever read on the GT, or i30, as it's called in Europe.

    If you also look in that forum, the reviewer also puts up a couple comparisons as well.

    I think this car looks fantastic. It just recently one best UK car for Here's their video review of it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Thanks for posting that review! Although it's not directly comparable to what we'll get here since we'll be getting a different engine (the 1.8L GDI vs. the 1.4 GDI and the TDI in the UK car), it did answer some questions for me, such as:

    * Is the load floor flat, with the flip-up rear seat bottom? Apparently not, as the reviewer said there was an incline. Will have to see how obtrusive it is. I'd prefer a flat load floor, ala Focus.

    * How's the stick shift? That got positive remarks from the reviewer. Hopefully we'll get the same setup.

    * How's the interior quality of the base model? Seems very good, although no way to tell if the UK base model is what we'll get as the base model.

    * How's ride quality and noise? Seems like a smooth-riding, quiet car, at least with the 16" wheels (which is what I'd get).

    * How's the Bluetooth? Seems to work very well. That is an issue on some cars.

    Interesting that the reviewer thought the 1.4L was peppy, since it has less power than what we'll get here. So the 1.8L should be just fine for people like me who have no need to grossly exceed legal limits with regularity. :)

    The issue with the FE meter peaking at 50 mpg is weird... I've never seen a limit that low. My Sentra maxes out at 60, and I often peg that out when coasting, going down grades etc. I've seen others (including on a Grand Caravan I owned!) that maxed out at 99 mpg. It's not really an issue for average FE, but certainly for instantaneous mpg.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Looks like the improved the steering some, that's a concern of mine. Sounds like the ride with the standard suspension and 16 inch wheels is good and sporty, I'm guessing the 17 inchers and extra sporty suspension might be too stiff (and I'm not sure I want that monster heavy sunroof anyway). Gauge cluster looks nice. I wonder when they'll release 2013 brochures, this is bound to be in there.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    ...but wouldn't an Elantra GT Turbo with the 1.6L Turbo out of the Veloster Turbo be SOO VERY NICE? :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Hyundai needs to save something for 2014. ;)
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    You know they're going to announce it right AFTER I buy my Elantra GT, right? :cry:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I'll be sure to tell you how fun it is when I buy one in mid-2013. :D
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