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Infiniti JX Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
Tell about shopping for a new JX!

Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs



  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    We got our first JX last Friday...we have not made it available to sell until we get more - this way people can test drive it and see it. About 25% of all JX's that are inbound to our location are pre-sold (previous customers have put down deposits, etc.)

    I think you can expect to pay MSRP (maybe a small discount if you've bought from dealer before) till about June...once the dealers get some on the ground that last more than 2 weeks, they will start to discount a little.

    Infiniti launched the vehicle with awesome lease numbers and 1.9% financing up to 66 months! :D
  • yodagalyodagal Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    THanks for the posting! I went to the Houston Auto show hoping to see the JX. It was there but you couldn't get close to it. I am in the middle of my "research" phase for a car and have narrowed it down to the QX, GL 450, Land Rover LR4 and maybe a look at the JX. I'm really interested in how much room it has inside. I really wish it had captains chairs in the second row, but oh well.

    What would you say is the biggest driving difference (feel wise) between the JX and the QX?
  • coop73coop73 Posts: 8
    I test drove an AWD JX today. Its a nice car. They only have one and its not for sale. I have purchased my past Infiniti cars at this dealership so they let me take it out for 30 minutes. The tech in this car is unbelievable. We started negotiations on a model the was in transit and they would not honor the VPP price. They told me to wait until May when they expect to have more on the ground.

    I called four other dealers in the Chicago area and they are not honoring the VPP pricing as well. Bummer.....
  • bashinbashin Posts: 26
    Please update this post if you find someone accepting VPP. That is very concerning given the fact that Infiniti, for the first time I recall, is allowing its customers to use VPP for a "hot" car on the market. I hope I don't have a similar issue when I look to purchase my JX next month. Anyone out on the forums have a suggestion to handle this, particularly in the DC area?
  • sajr4sajr4 Posts: 5
    What is VPP stand for?

    I was able to see & test drive car this weekend in Long Island, NY. Really nice car. Received following quote:

    AWD w/premium package
    36 months with 12,000 miles
    MSRP 48,720
    $3,270 down (includes 1st mth payment)

    Was told money factor .00157 and residual 62%

    Does seem right? Is this is decent deal?

    Thanks for your help.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • coop73coop73 Posts: 8
    I went to a different dealer today who honored the VPP pricing for the JX. I got a fully loaded JX;

    AWD, Premium, Deluxe Touring, Theater, and Technology.

    36 months with 15,000 miles
    MSRP 54,800
    $1,030 down (includes 1st mth payment)

    They also assisted in getting me out of my G37x lease with 14 months left on the lease!
  • coop73coop73 Posts: 8
    edited March 2012
    VPP stands for the Vechicle Purchase Program. It allows you to walk in and purchase or lease a vehicle usually at invoice. Some models might have additional savings. If you search VPP, you will find the website. My company participates in the program.
  • dallasmandallasman Posts: 26
    Can you tell me where you got this deal? Thanks!
  • sajr4sajr4 Posts: 5
    Can you participate in VPP if you have not been an Infiniti customer before?
  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 51
    is that a lease payment? seems like you didn't get the base MF rate...
  • coop73coop73 Posts: 8
    I did get the base MF rate. I had to roll in some of the negative equity with the early lease termination.
  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 51
    ah... got it. Yuck, that sucks :(
  • coop73coop73 Posts: 8
    I had to do it. A G37 coupe with little kids no longer worked. I got the Emerald Green with the Java interior. It's a great combo. For the person who asked which dealership honored the VPP, it's Infiniti of Clarendon Hills, a suburb west of Chicago.
  • cml4cml4 Posts: 8
    Looking to buy a JX with premium package and drvivers assist package. Anyone buy a new JX and want to share pricing to buy? How much, if any, did you get off of MSRP?
  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    I signed an agreement for a jx AWD w premium, theater, and driver assistance pkg for 48.7k. Close to 3k off msrp. Really liked how it drove
  • raodenraoden Posts: 14
    Hi can you tell me the name of the dealership. Thx
  • You got a great price. Does it include the $950 shipping charge?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Infiniti (surprisingly) decided to honor VPP at the launch of the JX; however, dealers do not have to participate. Since the car is in high demand, they want the customers willing to pay normal pricing to get a chance to get the vehicle before they start to let the Infiniti/Nissan employees and their friends/family members get them at the VPP price.

    In my experience, 5 years as GSM at one of the largest Infiniti dealerships in the US, once supply starts to catch up with demand - probably this summer then all the dealers will start to honor VPP pricing.

    We (and many of the dealers in Texas) are honoring VPP, mostly because we got a large amount of JX allocated to us due to our high volumn of sales. We've sold 37 of the 40 we got in the first two weeks and now about 50% of our inbound units are sold.

    The JX is built in the US, so it only takes about 8 weeks to get one even if you custom order. So, the best thing to do is go to your local dealer and custom order one! Even at MSRP, this vehicle is a great Value!

    Remember what happend when the QX came out...they all sold for MSRP (or a modest discount for previous customers) for about 9 months or the time supply caught up with demand and the dealers started wheeling and dealing - Infiniti had 3 PRICE INCREASES!! So, the MSRP had gone up 2-3k...but the dealers discounted $2-3k...and you ended up right back to the original MSRP!

    Wouldn't shock me if they raise the price on this JX soon.... :(
  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    Beaverton Infiniti. Portland Oregon.
    I worked with the sales manager and he basically said that they want to move cars so that they can get more/quicker
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