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Infiniti JX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    That price included The destination and delivery fee.
  • Hi goose01,

    Congratulations on your JX, I am actively looking to buy a JX and appreciate if you can post the dealer name and city so it helps us negotiate price.

  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    Beaverton Infiniti , Portland oregon
  • needajxneedajx Posts: 3
    I just got back from a dealership and the salesman said the JX was excluded from the Infiniti 1.9% financing special. One of the original posts on the forum stated the financing was available on the JX for up to 66 months. Can someone please confirm which is correct? If it isn't currently available, do you believe it will be offered in the near future?

    Any insight provided would be appreciated. Also, has anyone else had any luck getting the car for less than MSRP?
  • I'm currently living in Atlanta, GA. But, will permanently move to SF bay area in August. My friend recommends that it's better to buy a new car in here than California, because it will be cheaper.

    But, as I will live in CA, I think it'd be better to buy car after the move for future maintenance or etc. (Transferring the car from GA to CA is paid by the company).

    So far, there's not many samples for the actual prices of JX, either in GA or CA. It looks like tax rates are similar to each other (Atlanta's Fulton county: 8%, Santa Clara 8.25%).

    What'd be your choice if you were like me? Thanks!
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I would buy in CA
    cars are generally less expensive in CA.
    More dealers means they will be discounted earlier.
    Possibility of getting damaged/scratched in moving.
    generally you get better service @ the dealer you buy from.
    Also remember lemon laws are state dependent...if you buy in GA then GA laws will apply...might be difficult to deal with living in CA.....hopefully you won't have to invoke it...but just in case...first model year
  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    Any opinions on pre-paid maintenance packages or extended warranties. Just picked up my jx and spent 3 hrs haggling over a bunch of bs and only 20 min learning about our new car and checking it out. Not the best experience.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,217
    They're great for dealer profit margins.

    Seriously, do the math on the pre-paid maintenance. Compare the cost of the contract v. the cost of buying the services as you go. If you save anything it'll be minimal. You might insulate yourself from price increases but you'll do so at the expense of having to pay for everything up front (or worse, finance it & pay interest) and you're locked in to just the contract providers to actually get the service. Which might be an issue if, say, circumstances force you to move or you find their service unsatisfactory.

    Keep in mind anyone can do the service during the warranty period. As long as the work is documented, i.e. you get receipts, warranty coverage is not voided.

    WRT extended warranties, they're just insurance policies that cover breakdowns. I've had them before & have gotten my money's worth but I've also had them and not used them at all. The common advice around here is to not buy the EW. Instead, stick the money in an account and use it to pay for any maintenance that the EW would otherwise cover. Unless the vehicle is a maintenance nightmare or you're unlucky enough to suffer a major breakdown - trans or engine replacement - you'll have money left over.

    Infiniti's come with a pretty decent warrant as it is. 6 yr/70K powertrain. Their EW extends that to 8 yr/120K miles. So whatever the price you're not really extending coverage all that much.
  • foodyfoody Posts: 11
    We traded in our one year old QX56 for a JX35. I gotta say.... it's a nice ride and very roomy inside. I'll miss the power of the QX but not the gas mileage. It's my wife's daily driver anyway, primarily used for chauffering around the kids. It came with the premium pkg, theater pkg, touring pkg, tow pkg, and roof rails.
    We got the VVP pricing. The sticker was $52,700 and paid $48,500. We live in SoCal and was very pleased with this dealership-Orange Coast Infiniti in Westminister.
  • OK, as of today, it looks like if you can get a 5-7% discount off sticker, you are doing well. With that in mind, I'm ready to contact some SoCal Infiniti Internet Sales Depts for a quote on an JX35. But getting the email address for the ACTUAL Internet Sales guy is hard, as the receptionists simply forwards the call onto Sales, and then whoever answers in Sales says "That's me!". BS. I want to go around these guys. Anyone have any tips/lists about getting correct email address/contact info? Services like Edmunds that are supposed to do this for you only list two dealerships, and I want 5 to 8. Other advice?
  • Not getting near those discounts in the Midwest. In Wisconsin, getting quotes from MSRP to $1000 off sticker. Had to drive 3 hours to Chicago suburbs to get $1300 off sticker, plus some freebies. Stock here is scarce and the dealer I bought from had the color/pkg combo I wanted (Motor Werks Infiniti of Barrington, IL). IMHO, the JX is worth what they are asking for it, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the MSRP climb a few thousand dollars ( hell, a loaded Toyota Sienna has a sticker of $46,000!)
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 126
    edited April 2012
    I went to a dealership that I will eventually lease from on monday. spent 2 hours there having my leased infiniti ex appraised and driving an m and a jx. the m was a disappointment and eliminated from consideration. the jx was a dream. what a vehicle. drove with 18 inch rims almost exactly as well as my 01 lexus ls 430 which is the best car I have ever owned. told the salesman that I was only there to get information and because they wanted to assess my vehicle. after the test drive was told there are NO programs associated with the jx at this time which isnt a surprise since its new and successful. not surprising. the advice I read and will follow is to wait a few months until the prices come of msrp. same situation as when I got my lexus IS 350 back in 06. so dont whine about the prices not falling immediately. this is a good vehicle and the dealers are going to win at this time and in the near future. also I noticed that the packages are grouped in such a way that you cannot get all the features you want without getting some you dont. I hope infiniti fixes that aspect. the dealer also tried to jam prepaid maintenance and other crap into a lease. 2500 down on a 52000 vehicle for 739 a month. insane. had to fight laughing in his face. but my lease isnt up for 11 months so I have plenty of time to wait. dont act like a little girl and you wont be sorry.
  • I am also in the marker for the JX. From what people are saying on this forum, it sounds like there is a lot of hype for the JX (or true demand for the car--- it is hard to tell).
    With so many options out there, (MDX, better handling--- but JX has better interior design for families), the decision to pay sticker for the JX seems like a emotional buy rather than a logical choice.
    I wonder if people out there know that the Pathfinder 2013 looks exactly like the JX on the inside.
    I am kinda torn between the full price JX, 5-6k off for MDX and possibly a 10k cheaper 2013 pathfinder.
    Is everyone paying close to sticker for the JX? If I can get 3-4k off, I would get the JX.
    As for someone saying that a Sienna is 46k--- and Infiniti will increase JX MRSP... I don't think so--- with competition from MDX--- people in Southern Cal are getting 42k for mdx tech (with navi)... I think Infiniti is doing just fine with marketing, don't create the hype for the dealers--- we don't need consumers competing against each other.
  • I'm not sure why you think it's overpriced. First, I've owned several Nissan cars and one Infiniti over the past 15 years. There is no comparison between the 2 concerning ride quality and fit and finish, regardless if the JX and the new pathfinder share the same frame. I don't believe the MSRP will increase, but, yes my wife's 2011 Sienna Limited FWD loaded had a window sticker of $46,400 (I can email you a photo of it if you'd like to see it). Personally, I think the MDX is an outdated vehicle: I considered one in 2007, but went with the Lexus GX470. Fast forward to April of 2012, and the MDX is basically the same vehicle as it was in 2007. It's up to you to decide if the new Pathfinder is worth waiting for, but even if you do, that won't sell for much of a discount for at least 4-5 months. Additionally, I think if you are willing to wait, you will get a better discount on the JX as it will have to compete against the Pathfinder.

    The fact is that Infiniti has a decent crossover on their hands with the JX, and they know it. Dealers here in the midwest can't keep them on their lots. But like all new models, interest will eventually fall as will dealer pricing. I bought one now because I needed to make a switch. With a car loan from PenFed @ 1.9% interest for 60 months, the savings of waiting was negligible vs. interest rates climbing in 6-8 months.....
  • needajxneedajx Posts: 3
    I think you have to look at the MSRP as the introductory price. I have heard from multiple dealers that a price increase is on the way in the couple months. One of the first posts in this forum alludes to the same thing. I have a 2007 MDX and just put down a deposit on a JX35 today. I love the MDX but I wasn't going to buy a car in the last model year and I couldn't wait until next year. By waiting until next year, Acura left the door wide open for Infiniti to take market share. Overall, the price they are charging isn't far off from the MDX and the car has significant upgrades. I can tell you that I couldn't even find a model to test drive in my area. They can't keep them on the lot and most cars are sold or have a potential buyer before they arrive. I don't think it is over-hyped because the buzz and activity does exist. I guess we will find out for sure over the next couple months but this is what I experienced during my purchase.
  • I "misspoke" when I said overpriced. Infiniti prices for the base and packages are almost exactly like the MDX. (JX premium AWD is 47.5 and MDX tech is 47.5 tech)...
    They were going after the MDX and Audi buyers---
    What I should have said was that without any discounts, the JX is overpriced when negotiation is factored... So, the question is do I want to pay an extra 6k for the newer model of the JX... over the MDX.
    If I can manage to get 2-3 off the sticker the JX would make sense.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    Going through postings in the MDX forum. It seems that the MDX tech package can be purchased in the 41k to 42k range. I got an initial offering of 42999 for tech package and 48299 for the advance package without any bargaining yet.

    For JX to sell well, should it be at a lower price than MDX?
  • why would you sell a superior product at a lower price? This isn't wal-mart.... There is actually more to pricing than most consumers realize; it's more of a science than an art. Pricing a "luxury or premium" product too low can actually have a reverse effect on sales because the target consumer group senses there must be a reason it's so low. I think that the JX is properly priced for the current market. Like any new model, dealers are not willing to negotiate too far from MSRP, and frankly, they don't have to. With every new product, there is the "early adopter" buyer that is willing to pay the premium price. As the newness wears off, you will see the JX selling closer to invoice.

    Take the Toyoyta Sienna minivan that I bought my wife last may. When it was released 9 months earlier, they were mostly selling at MSRP. I wasn't willing to pay MSRP, so I waited. I was able to get an almost $47k minivan for $40k by waiting. There will always be a price to pay by being an early adopter.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    I was just posting an observation for people to think over.

    However, if you work for an Infiniti dealership (sorry if I am wrong, but you sound like so), then this is not a fair discussion.
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