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Infiniti JX Lease Questions



  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Figure out the invoice on this car. There may be $1,000 cash incentive available(unsure if its for leasing or buying). If available for leasing take this off invoice price and work your way up from this price for your cap cost. I would also contact more dealers via internet. See what inventory is available and has the options you want.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    Where was the place you got your quote?
    And who helped you?
  • jgoodjgood Posts: 4
    Quote for a jx awd, premium, theater, rails/cross bars, cargo 18K mi/year, zero down is:

    Cost on the lease is $48,476.00 on an MSRP of $51,73500. The residuel is 56% = $27,996.70 adjusted for the 18000 miles, and the money factor is .00108. Due at signing $2400, monthly 660 (includes NJ taxes 7%). Dealer said he could probably go lower in person (this was over email).

    Plugging into edmunds lease calculator I get $732/mo, so are the calculations wrong or is this just a very good deal?
  • I received the following quote but feel it is on the high side when I compare it to other offers on these forums.
    This is for a completely loaded JX AWD with all packages and other addons.

    MSRP $58,500
    Sales price $54,500
    Money factor 0.00108
    Residual 56%
    15K miles per year
    39 months
    Monthly $694
    $1670 due at signing.

  • maverick2coolmaverick2cool Posts: 8
    edited February 2013
    Hi Car_man and fellow car buyers,

    Today I received following offer for 2013 JX35 AWD with following features.

    MSRP: $53,230
    Term: 39 Months
    Miles: 12K
    Money Factor: 0.00108 (initially quoted 0.00158. After I mentioned about edmunds forum it came down to 0.00108 right away. Thank you!)
    Residual: 58%

    Sale Price: (I got VPP offer through my employee) : $49,273
    Doc fee: $500
    Monthly Payment: $628 (including tax which is 9.89% in WA).

    Drive off: 1st month payment + doc fee = 1128.
    No down or no security deposit.

    Black Obsidian
    Graphite Leather / Maple Interior Accents
    Premium Package
    Theater Package
    Driver Assistance Package

    Splash Guards (4-piece set)
    Stainless Steel Illuminated Kick Plates
    Roof Rails

    Dealer is ready to throw in Carpeted Floor Mats and All-season Floor Mats.

    I am asking for following if possible in same price when I go tomorrow.

    Cargo Package
    Interior Accent Lighting
    Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector

    What do you guys think? Is this good deal?

    Any pointers will be appreciated.

    Thank You!
  • hi Anilpunjabi1

    Did you make the deal?

    Which state if I may ask?

  • Hi all,

    I went to other dealer today i got following..

    I am getting 2013 JX with Touring, Technology, Theater and Premium package, Black with Graphite Leather and 10k miles/year with following..

    MSRP: $56.8K
    Negotiated Price: $52,5K (VPP Program)
    59% residual

    Delaer didn't tell me Money factor, but based on numbers he game me I calculated that to be 0.00145. I think this is high. I know i will qualify for top tier.

    First month payment $650 (tax included)

    $2500 at signing (1st month, fees, 1400 down payment and tax)

    Dealer is willing to add some accessories..

    How is this deal?
  • If you are not getting the lowest money factor than it's a terrible deal. Don't put anything down on a lease either.
  • Hi paperboyccc,

    is 0.00108 is the lowest money factor? By putting $1400 my lease payment is $42 less.

    What do you say don't put anything down on a lease?

    Thank you in advance!
  • Does your VPP claim number start with a "D"? If so, then it falls under "business associate" and they are supposed to sell it for invoice. The dealership is then paid a nice $1,500 kickback from Infiniti for doing the deal. This is why they need your business card or badge as proof. If it starts with an "A", then it falls under the direct factory or corporate workers program and your VPP price is $1,250 under invoice (plus any incentives) and the dealership receives $1,750 instead of $1,500. I guess they only get to make $500 on employees lol Most good dealers these days will openly disclose this, since it's listed on the of the actual VPP claim form that you will need to sign when you are doing all the final paperwork. One other thing I would suggest looking into if you are leasing, is a program called "MSD's" or "multiple security deposits" as an option. It can save you a few thousand bucks in interest, just for letting IFS hang on to some of your money during the lease. If anything happens (like the JX get's totaled) you get all that money back vs putting money down on a lease, which would all be lost. Hope that helps and good luck!
  • cpyle77 had some good advice. Down payments on a lease are bad for a few reasons:
    - They allow the dealer to meet your criteria without budging (i.e. I want this car for this payment) - they make you put more money down
    - If your vehicle is totaled in an accident you lose your whole down payment
    - You don't get the money back and you have to put it down over and over again every time you lease a new vehicle.
    - It makes it harder to compare lease deals from multiple dealers or multiple vehicle options. If you structure every deal as no money down (just first month's payment and registration fees) you have an easier time comparing apples to apples

    Instead, look at the multiple security deposit program. You save a lot on your monthly payment but you get the money back at the end of your lease and can use it again for MSDs on your next lease.

    I'm not sure what the buy rate for the money factor is. If it's not posted on this thread, one way to find out is to get quotes over the internet from multiple dealers (something you should be doing already)
  • Hi cpyle77,

    thank you for your response and detailed information on VPP program. I am not trying to be greedy but do i still have more negotiation room, say sell price below invoice? If i don't then I guess i am ok with the selling price but I would like to score some accessories if i can.

  • Hi cpyle77 and paperboyccc,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes my VPP program does start with letter "D". I trying to get kick plates and cargo package also in same deal. Sales person told me if i get this deal done he will personally will see I will get something more.

    Do Infinity lease program have any free maintenance package/offer?

    Thank again!
  • hash2hash2 Posts: 20
    What is the holdback on Infiniti's these days? I have seen 1.5% off Base MSRP on edmunds and I have also seen a 2% of actual MSRP elsewhere. Also when negotiating the price of this car, what should be the starting point i.e. Invoice minus incentives minus holdback plus couple hundred dealer profit?
    I am seeing several people on this forum getting offers below invoice even though there is no incentives out there right now on leasing. Is that because dealers are splitting a portion of the holdback or is there something else out there that I am missing?

    Also the current $1000 incentive is just on purchase and not on lease right?
  • Infiniti has a prepaid maintenance program. It can be "free" if the dealer claims that some of the discount on the vehicle covers the cost.
  • Got it done.

    Fully loaded AWD JX35..all packages..MSRP around 56K

    39 months / 12K
    572/month including 6.5% tax
    no down
    9 MSDs

    great dealership and very good guys to work with.
  • Hey congrats. How much due at signing?
  • Due around 5400 (Security Deposit, 9 payments) + first payment + $24x.xx (fees)
  • Went to a dealership today to got a quote on a lease for 2013 infiniti jx35. Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal?
    Infiniti JX35 with premium, theater and deluxe packages. Just taxes, fees, registration out of pocket, probably about $2,000 and 579/month. Good deal or they can do better? MSRP is $51,xxx
    Good deal or they can do better? What if I added the driver assist package how much should my monthly payment be? I just want to put the minimum down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!
  • Any feedback on this quote?

    I already am seeing a better price from USAA, but wanted some feedback please! There does not seem to be much on this board with 15k miles.

    JX FWD with Premium

    MSRP = $47,050
    Sale Price = $44,851
    39 months 
    15,000 miles 
    Residual Value: 54% 25,407
    Money Factor: .00086
    Cash due on Delivery $2,436.73
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