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Infiniti JX Lease Questions



  • jx35mdjx35md Posts: 4
    I have a 39 month 15Kmiles/year lease, so basically 45K miles in 36 months. We bought a 45K mile elite maintenance plan for $1123 with our lease, so your price of $1800 sounds steep. I think you can get a prorated refund, so if you haven't used it at all, I think you can get it all back. It's also being sold on the internet from dealers across the country. You can buy it from any dealer, they just need your VIN and current mileage. I read other posts that the elite plan can be had around $1000 online.
  • mrjackcoffeemrjackcoffee Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    Car_Man. What a great help this site is.

    So I am getting out of a MDX and wanted to run this JX deal past you.
    Its Emerald Green which is hard to find with Java.

    Its Premium Package plus Theatre at MSRP of $48,240. Its FWD so not sure why the mf is off. The money factor is .001640 with residual at 27,781.

    Downpayment is $4,500 with monthly payment of $599 which includes tax. Any thoughts? The Acq fees, Doc fees included in monthly payment. 15,000 miles a year at 39 months.
  • eogksrhdrnseogksrhdrns Posts: 7
    edited May 2012
    I got my JX35 lease in long island dealer just off from NYC in April. I have had about 4 weeks now. Here is my info.

    I made a deal at $570/month for AWD with premium package with the lease take over 2009 BMW X5 with 2 payments left (dealer's cost).

    But the dealer called me the next day, saying good new I could get the Driver's assistant package, 20" wheel at half of the price & I could pick up the car right away. I refused then dealer said that I should wait about a month. I replied OK I would wait. At the end dealer decided to include without additional cost. But I gave up the color. I got white now.

    The total MSRP was $51,250. discount of $2,342.52. Final cost $48,907.48, $570/month, 39 months 0 down, 0 deposit. TTL & 1st month in advance ($3,469.19). Dealer offered free oil change for a year as complimentary.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    edited May 2012
    Hi myinfinitijx. I guess that depends upon how much maintenance you plan on performing on your Infiniti. Normally on a lease all I do is change the oil and rotate the tires...that's it. If that was your plan then $1,800 is way too much. If you plan on keeping your JX and want to maintain it meticulously then $1,800 isn't as bad...but I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to get the same plan for a couple hundred dollars less.

    I usually pass on the pre-paid maintenance. You probably can still cancel the contract if you haven't used it yet. You should check with Infiniti or the dealer to find out if you can.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Thanks mrjackcoffee. The money factor for a 36-month lease of a 2013 JX FWD is .00130. The factor for a 39-month lease is .00136. Make sure the dealer uses these factors to calculate your payment.

    You actually never mentioned possibly the most important number of all, this truck's selling price. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. You need to find out what the JX's selling price is so that you can tell how large a dealer discount you are being given and if there is any room left for negotiation.

    Also, $4,500 is too much money to put down on a lease. I always advise consumers to put as little money down as possible when leasing. Consumers who make large down payments on leases risk losing part or all of the money that they put down if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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  • Oops. I did not state that it is 39 months lease with 10K miles per year. I calculated the MF backward. it should be 0.00162. And the residual value is 62% which is $31,775.00.
  • Guy at infiniti said that the MF is .001640 and that nobody is getting .00130. Residual is at 57%.

    15,000 miles. 39 months.

    Whats up with that. Saying Car_man is a liar? Help!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    2wd 39/15k = 57%, MF buy rate on Tier 0 = .00136
    AWD 39/15k = 59%, MF buy rate on Tier 0 = .00162

    Residual depends on model and term and miles per year (+2% for 12k & +3% for 10k)

    Money Factor depends on credit, plus raising the MF is one of the ways a dealership makes a profit...which is the goal of the employees.
  • jx35mdjx35md Posts: 4
    It's interesting to see that AWD has a higher residual 59% vs FWD 57%. I guess they think it'll be easier to sell an used AWD rather than a FWD. I bet that 2% may be enough to make the lease price on AWD the same as similar equipped FWD.
  • Signed a lease deal yesterday on a new infiniti JX 35 AWD with Premium + Driver assistance + Theater package

    - Upfront charge of $2200 which includes:
    - first month charge +
    - bank fee & doc fee of $775 +
    - taxes

    - Monthly@599

    Is that a good deal?
  • ccorcoranccorcoran Posts: 9
    What was the MSRP and the selling price? How many months and miles?
  • MSRP - $50600
    Selling price - 48900
    39 months with 10k per year
  • I got $570/month for similar MSRP and selling price. 39 months and 10K per year.
  • jtmyob21jtmyob21 Posts: 14
    I received this quote from a S. Florida dealership, but it doesn't sound right to me (starting with a 10k discount on the selling price and another price 1k over MSRP). What do you all think. This is a cut and paste from the email quote they sent:

    2013 JX35 FWD Diamond slate with Wheat interior
    Deluxe touring package
    Premium package
    Splash guards
    Theater package

    List price $51,770

    Selling price $40,195 +++ (tax, tag, and fees).

    Lease 39 months with 15k miles a year.

    Monthly payment $629 + tax with Inceptions due at delivery.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    $775 doc fee - WOW!

    This is frustrating part of price comparing! One dealership may give you a $400 price so you go there not knowing their doc fees are $500 higher than your local dealer!!

    That is why you must get the "drive out" price when comparing purchase deals...on lease if terms are the same (month/miles per year) and the out of pocket is the same - then you compare payment.

    Either way $599 for a JX sounds good! :)
  • keaquinnkeaquinn Posts: 2

    I received a quote for a base JX35 AWD- with VPP pricing ($38,465)- $1555 down (first payment and fees) for $529/month for 15k year. Does that sound right? How much less would 12k/year be? I am trying to get under $500/month!

  • keaquinnkeaquinn Posts: 2
    does anyone have an idea how much less the new pathfinder will be as its based on the JX?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Just put down another $'ll be under $500/month. :)
  • nsadansada Posts: 7
    Dear Car_man,
    Can you please provide June lease MF and residual for 2013 JX AWD 39-month 12K/year...Thanks.
  • Hey car guys.. my X5 lease is up the end of July and I need to replace it. Looking at the JX but want to make sure I'm going to get the best deal and looking for real information. We went by the dealer in Houston and got the no stock, selling like hotcakes, need full list song and dance.

    Before I try to work a deal, can you let me know the latest money factor for the FWD, 36 months with a 15k mileage?

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