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Toyota Prius V - likes/dislikes and cost



  • We just got the Prius v 3, coming form a Prius Gen 2. Did consider the Ford CMax, a little too small and the mpg issue. The v is nice with the extra room for travel. Did look at the hatchback, but thought we might like the larger size, although fully away that we would not be getting the 53 mpg that we got with Gen2. it's been about 2 wks and getting about 43 mpg, we will see when we hit the road to DC later in June what it is will give for mpg then.
    I was disappointed with the Styrofoam insert for the storage area. Also, I was surprised to see that the was no case for the manuals, had I caught it I would have kept the other one from the Gen2. I guess that is the Toyota Care!!! Along with GOPRIUS's list #4-8 - I agree.
    So far, I like the way it drives, and a long drive should be a good indicator of what to expect.

  • vtsteve2vtsteve2 Posts: 10

    My 2013 Prius v is just over a year now, 11,000 miles. My one year average was 40 mpg, hurt by extended cold and windy winter. Now I'm back up to low to mid 40's. The longer trips at 45-60 mph have yielded the real perfect mileage ratings. But extended 300 mile jaunts on the interstate at 70-75 mph were in the 43-45 mpg range.

    I'm still glad I got the wagon over the hatchback. I prefer the seats, and as someone else said, the statistics alone don't due justice to the extra cargo and people room available.

    No problems at all. After experimenting, the most friendly and fuel efficient tire pressure has proven to be 38f 36 rear. Drivability is better, mileage is noticeably higher, and the tire wear has been zilch. Most v owner have found excellent tire wear at 38/36 or even up to 42/40 (a little harsher ride for myself). Just make sure you check the tire pressure when cold.

    Next up for me is a tow hitch and a bike rack.

    Not a perfect car from a driver's standpoint, but there's nothing out there with this combination of cargo and people room, plist the excellent fuel economy.

    Nice to see Ford's finally been forced to lower their hyper-inflated fuel economy ratings for their hybrids. No Ford, nothing wrong with the spa test, is was always you fault.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,934

    Did you recently trade in a Toyota Prius for a different vehicle? A reporter is interested in talking to you about what went into your decision. If you can help, please contact by no later than Wednesday, July 30, 2014.


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