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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe



  • The Santa Fe limited models (6 passenger idk why they say 6-7), have been available starting jan of 2013.
    The dealer closest to me doesn't have any as they were supposed to be there last month but said its just a matter of days before they finally get to their lot.

    They say its a popular model as many people are looking for them... (This I doubt as many people don't wait around very long, plus they have fully loaded sport models on their lot that suit others just fine).

    I can't wait to finally get to see one as I'm car shopping/ comparing. It's between a Santa fe limited and a ford edge limited for me. ^_^
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    The 12 LWB are being tested by journalists etc. CAn follow on Hyundai twitter feed.
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    They started arriving in dealer lots last week, as noted by a few.
  • nate48nate48 Posts: 4
    I think I talked to the same North Tx dealer and they said they will sell the LWB for MSRP only for the first year. Is this what you've heard?
  • Yes, I'm certain my only 'leverage' will be in a trade-in. I'm not overly concerned as, loaded, it's still substantially cheaper than the alternatives I was considering. I've driven Explorers for 16 years and just wanted a change. I use the third row some, not consistently - so, this was a good option for me. If they only get 2 or 3 per dealer nationwide, there really is no reason to negotiate prices unless they have a few leftover when the 2014s come out. My current vehicle is on it's last legs so, if I don't like the color of this one, I guess I'll bite the bullet and get an MDX or JX. Personally, I have some aesthetic issues with the interior of the Explorer, exterior on the MDX, JX, Enclave - I have the bigger engine Genesis and love it - so, I'm willing to give this one a shot (the reviews on Santa Fes are very positive).
  • I just sat in one, it's adequate, hard to compare to the JX/MDX as it's just not as luxurious.
    This one was black exterior with brown/black interior (both of which are deal killers for me). I told them I'd buy one today if they find a lighter color. Since I don't want the black one, I didn't test drive it - but, I plan to drive it when they get a color I like. I know another dealer who is getting my color choice as their next Limited in - so, that may be my next car, worse case, I'll be at the Acura dealer next week with a thinner wallet.

    The backseats and cargo area were very nice.
  • nate48nate48 Posts: 4
    I would advise caution on the MDX. Many of the current gen MDX's vibrate between 70-80mph, so on a road-trip it feels like a wheel is out of balance. Had a '12 with this issue and sold it back as the dealer was unable to find the source of the problem. Many of the loaners I drove had the same problem. You can read more about it on
  • golfingdeac11golfingdeac11 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I think looks wise and amenity wise...Santa Fe is the best bang for the buck on the market. I have a 2013 with just over 2000 miles.

    I have had problems however....the seat heat was not working and it took me 2 trips to different dealers to get ti fixed.

    The vehicle is amazing in parking lots with the tight turning's very easy to maneuver there. That has a serious drawback steers terrible at 70MPH. Way too sensitive. If you barely move the wheel you're in the other lane or off the road. I've owned or driven SUVs/crossovers by Cadillac, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Jeep and Lexus and none are that sensitive. I don't feel that I can relax at 55+ in this vehicle and I'm in the top 1% of drivers as far a skillful. I think Hyundai traded parking lots for open road? I'd rather have a worse turning radius in parking lots. It sucks....I may have to sell this vehicle that I really like because of it! I don't know if the steering box can be adjusted of if Hyundai could make an option to switch out....I'd gladly pay for it. I can easily relax while driving on long trips but it is not easy with my 2013 Santa Fe.
  • deedee55deedee55 Posts: 5
    When I got my 2013 Santa Fe Sport last August, the steering was very sensitive. However, someone in one of these forums suggested that the tires may have been overinflated for shipment. That was exactly the case with mine. Once they were deflated to the correct PSI, it helped immensely.
  • I got it yesterday. White/Limited - FWD, not AWD. Other than the tow pkg - it was loaded. Apparently, the first 'batch' didn't come with tow pkgs, I plan to add one.
    Drives like a car in comparison with my stiff, rickety Explorer. Carmax did me very well with respect to buying my dying Ford, and I received a big rebate for owning another Hyundai - very good day.
    I was planning on getting a red one that is coming in next week at another dealer, but this had everything I wanted and I worried about my prior car on a day to day basis (no a/c, starter problems...).
    So far, I'm happy - it's not a fair comparison compared to the MDX/JX - just not as luxurious - price-wise, it's equivalent to the Genesis, but definitely isn't as luxurious either, but, technologically, more advanced. Not sure if I would have gone bench vs captains chairs in back if it was available, but the interior is very large, even more so with the captains chairs. I swear the original specs said seat coolers, but, none to be found (I like them on the Genesis). All in all, good value for the money - better option for the price than most vehicles I could find. I was leaning toward the Highlander as an alternative, but wasn't thrilled with that interior.

    Still wonder about this 1 or 2 vehicles per dealer. This is the largest dealer in Texas and they have seen a total of 2. There must have been some issue with production or delivery - makes little sense to me.
  • I want to buy a 2013 Santa Fe Sport. I currently own a 2005 Tucson and tow a pop up camper (max weight 2000 lbs, max hitch weight 185 lbs). The car has 110,000 miles on it and I never replaced the struts. When I first owned the car I barely used the camper but now am using it a lot. I notice that at highway speeds of 55 mph or greater on certain stretches of road (mostly the newer cement roads versus blacktop) the car and camper start bouncing vehemently to the point I have to slow down to 45 mph to control it. Not good. I am told by my dealer that replacing the struts won't necessarily fix the problem, the wheel base might be too short for towing. He recommended I buy the 2013 Santa Fe Sport. But that car is less than 3 inches longer in wheel base. So I am nervous. My question is does anyone have any experience with towing on the 2013 Santa Fe Sport and would they recommend it for my situation? If they do, should I get the turbo or not? Anything else I should consider getting on the car?
  • nate48nate48 Posts: 4
    Take a look at the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. It's rated at 5000lbs towing capacity and is a much quieter and upscale ride. For all those who trash talk the CVT, go and drive it and see for yourself. It's basically an Infiniti JX35 with Nissan badging.
  • guys,

    i sold my car 2 weeks ago but i still have the valid registration(or not so valid anymore). can i use it towards claiming loyalty rebate>
  • I made it back for a second response. My 2013 Santa Fe now has just over 3000 miles and I have not taken it back to the Dealer because I expect the vehicle is meant to drive this way. I will take it by within the next 2 weeks however to see. It drives great at less than 45 MPH and turns on a dime in a parking lot. On the Interstate .... it sucks! I have to concentrate too much to drive this vehicle. Move the steering while an eighth inch and you switch over 3 lanes (maybe 1/4 in.). I'm in the top .1 % (point 1 percent) of drivers nationally and I'd rather drive my cousin's F-450 dually with his 54' race trailer on back (I've done it several times before) at 75 MPH on the Interstate, than drive this Santa Fe on the Interstate. I have to concentrate way less driving the race package than my Santa Fe! No bull! The max. tire pressure of the Continental tires is 50 PSI and all tires have 44 PSI of Nitrogen (stays the same PSI when the tires get hot, as used in racing and as they came from the dealer). The heated seat were fixed....if there is nothing wrong with the steering, I'll just lose $10K or so in a trade.....this vehicle sucks over 50 MPH. I'm a relaxed long distance driver who can easily drive 750 miles in a day at 55 years of age but not on this vehicle.....not comfortably anyway. I've driven everything and raced and I'd prefer a big steering wheel 1950's vehicle with tons of play in the steering and no power steering, to this! It's a mental grind on the Interstate. I'll take it to the dealer within the next 2 weeks and I hope there is a steering box malfunction because I like most everything else (there won't be). If you are thinking about buying one......insist on 10 miles of driving on the Interstate before you buy!!!!!!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    Have you tried running it with the recommended tire pressures as listed on the placard on the door jam? Sounds like your tires may be over-inflated.

    The number on the sidewall has nothing to do with the pressure Hyundai recommends.
  • nate48nate48 Posts: 4
    After reading others complain of this same issue over on the Hyundai forums I went for a long test drive as I had been thinking of buying the SF. Yes, the SF I drove had the steering issue as well. I opted for the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder and am very happy with it's highway prowess. I agree, anyone thinking of purchasing the SF needs to take it out for a long test drive at highway speeds BEFORE buying. As I just got rid of a lemon from another make, I too would definitely recommend an overnight or weekend test drive before making a any new vehicle purchase.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,968
    Ditto on this....

    Your tires are extremely over-inflated... :surprise:

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • crazyajcrazyaj Posts: 2
    As others have said, your tires are way overinflated. 44psi is WAY to much. That is exactly what is contributing to the floaty feeling on the freeway. Use the recommended pressure thats written on the car!

    You've said multiple times you are in the top .1% of drivers, but its amazing to me that you don't know anything about tire pressure and its relationship with steering response! :)
  • I'm at 2500 miles. Getting tons of compliments. Most like the dash/electronics and luxury look (wheels are popular). I'm actually using the full moonroof (never used mine on the others).
    There's some rattle in the roof, probably need to get it checked.

    Driving is a little soft in comparison to my other cars.
    All in all - very nice, fun to drive. Decent power.
    Can't get tow package yet (waiting on those to be built/delivered).
    I have seen exactly 2 others on the road in Dallas - hard to believe they aren't delivering more.

    Looks like about every small SUV today. The kids like the captains seats - not sure I do (something about the look of them). The electronics are pretty cool - radio toggles between HD and non HD at times (painful), voice commands are horrible (as in my Genesis as well) - that will probably just take some practice). Voice seems hard to pick up for commands, but for phone calls it seems to be fine.

    Vinyl boot for shifter is a turnoff - would rather have a smooth guide like the Genesis. I see a lot of people looking at my vehicle and those that see the interior really like it.

    All in all - happy with the purchase!
  • mikea11414mikea11414 Posts: 33
    I have the 2011 Santa Fe Limited fully loaded with a little over 28,000 miles. My only complaint about the car is the wind noise on the passenger side which service told me is normal and I told them that's BS. Anyway, I was hoping the 2013 would have the power folding mirrors and some of the other features that the Kia Sorrent has but it didn't, Now I see a re-designed 2014 SF that looks fantastic, if it has the features I want and no wind noise, I'll tade my 2011 in because I love the car. The ride could be a little softer though and I have to agree about the voice system it stinks.

    If anybody knows any tech features about the 2014 I'd appreciate the info. I've seen pictures of it and it's beautiful.
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