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Genesis iPod (iPhone) issues with stereo system

bmb1767bmb1767 Posts: 62
I have read many old threads on another forum about problems owners were having with iPods only producing output on the right side speakers instead of the full set. I am having this problem on my brand new 2012 Genesis 3.8 with both packages. Tried a new cord from Hyundai and one after market cord. Same results. Even tried someone else's iTouch versus my iPhone and same results.

Did anyone here who had this problem get it resolved and how? I absolutely love this car, but this part of it is irritating. Especially since my traded in Camry LE did it through cord or Bluetooth streaming effortlessly.

(Also had to inform my newbie salesman that the iPhone could not stream through Bluetooth if the Genesis came with a tech package. He mentioned that it could during his sales pitch. Thought I remembered you couldn't and it wasn't that big of a deal to me. Now with the cord integration problem, it is a big deal. He called yesterday under the guise of seeing how the car was one week later (really checking to see if I had done the survey) and I mentioned to him that I was still having the iPhone problem. Mentioned streaming capability again. This time I did correct him.

Folks, IMHO, this is EXACTLY what Hyundai is going to have to overcome to move into the luxury market effectively and market with the big boys. Salesmen need to know these cars inside out and if I go in two days later to get a new cord, I should not have to make an appt (as service told me I did) to let the problem be evaluated for an hour just to get the replacement. I left fuming. Called the sales manager and turned around and went back to get the new cord from him. Shame it did not work.


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