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2008 Mercury Sable Premiere hood latch

I bought a used 2008 Mercury Sable Premiere in mid-April, 2012. The hood latch has already come open 4x in six weeks. The local Ford dealer says that either the hood isn't being closed all the way or else there is a "perfect storm" when I get in the car and my knee is hitting the interior hood release control. Neither of these "answers" is even possible. (1) I haven't opened the hood myself (although the dealer and other mechanics have). (2) My left knee is nowhere near the hood release control. It isn't even possible for me to bump that control, it is so far away from my knee.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Are there any service bulletins or other meaningful/substantive solutions from Ford/Mercury, other than the irrelevant & unhelpful ones they have already given me?


  • kengsr1kengsr1 Posts: 1
    I have same car. The engineers at ford made a big mistake. When they went with the foot release for the parking brake they then put the hood release where the brake release has been for 40 years or more. Guess what i do out of habit all the time. Sometimes you don't even know you did it.
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