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2003 XC70 v. 2005 S60? Head hurts....

stilltiredstilltired Posts: 1
We really didn't want to have to deal with this right now, but due to an accident we must replace a totalled car.

Will post this in both forums and info is so important, so thank you.

Considering 2003 XC70 with 85k, v a 2005 S60 with 133k. This is a second car, our son drives this and my husband when he's not using his corporate car.

Both are at a local dealer where we have a good friend working, and at this time due to insurance we don't have the time to shop around privately.

We are new to Volvo, and have read that they all require premium gas???

Any information you can share is helpful - what to look out for, issues to investigate, etc. Pricing will be within $1000 of each other but we are hoping they just take the insurance check.

Thank you.
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