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Should we consider this 2007 Maxima?

sparty046sparty046 Posts: 1
Test drove 2007 Maxima with 120K miles and found absolutely no faults. Drove very nicely, no engine whine or noise to indicate timing chain issues. No signs of wear. Asking price $10K.

However, free Car Fax offered by dealer shows dealer took it in trade 12/2011, offered it for sale 1/2012 and "Vehicle sold" appears in 3/2012.

****Five days later, the carfax shows "Dealer took title of this vehicle while it was in inventory Title or registration issued" This was issued from a state MVD in a city 60 miles from here! They put it back for sale 14 days later at the end of 3/2012.

Their claim is that it was bought by a customer who returned it and bought a brand new Maxima.

It listed at $13K in 3/2012 but they have now dropped it to $10K. Other listings in this area run closer to $12-13K.

Car is intended to last 3-4 more years for my 18yo to commute to college and work (12-15K per year). Is it reasonable to expect no issues with the engine/drive train until 175K? As I say, we saw/heard/felt no evidence of any issues but find the low price and Car Fax disconcerting.

Anyone else hear alarms?
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