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2012+ Subaru Impreza Real World Fuel Economy

KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
Share your fuel economy notes here on the 2012-generation Impreza.

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  • tyguytyguy ColoradoPosts: 804
    2012 Impreza 5-door Limited CVT

    4,000 miles to date

    Typical around-town average in suburbia has averaged 28 mpg calculated, with the computer +/- within 1 mpg of calculated. Highway runs have been 38 to 40 mpg at 70 mph, rising to as high as mid 40s at 60 mph.
  • ctuswatleaderctuswatleader Posts: 9
    edited June 2012
    I have a 5-door base model.

    Driving location: 95% city, 5% highway
    Temperature: mid 80s to 100s
    roughly 1500 total miles on the car
    MPG for this fill up: 22.5
    MPG for the lifetime of the car (includes a 500 mile road trip): ~30
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    with a combined 65-70% suburbia driving, i am getting about 28 mpg overall as reported on Fuelly. the computer reports about 1.5 mpg higher

    nevertheless, the hand calculated fuelly numbers are underestimates since i see a consisten ~3% underestimation of miles traveled by the odometer when compared with Google maps and other vehicles. so in reality, the car readout is close to reality.

    the worst part of my driving is my 4mile drive to and from a train station where the car barely warms up. very roughly speaking, those trips only yield about 24mpg.

    i have calculated just ~41 mpg on an all highway trip with a solo driver and minimal AC usage and keeping the speeds to 65mph or below.
  • My Impreza Sport is getting around 24 around town and 30-33 on the highway. Most of it using the AC. Highway driving anywhere between 60 and 75 mph. In the mountains it got 36 mpg.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    sounds like your numbers are consistent with mine. i don't do too many all highway trips. only one pure highway trip, and the one where i had to combine a fair bit of city in, the numbers were in the 33 range overall (but i had seen 36-37 before i started added on city miles midtrip)

    AC is one most of the time these days for me too. that takes off 1-2 mpg roughly (although i haven't done a super accurate comparison for that)
  • Car has 7000 miles on it now. Last weekend on a 300 mile trip at just under 60 mph on the highway I got 39.5 mpg average. Car read as high as 44 mpg at times. the 39.5 is actual hand calculated mileage and not the car's readout mpg. A/C on for about 25% of the time, otherwise windows down the other 75%. In town(Minneapolis) I get around 30.5 mpg and that is a combo of freeway at up to 80 mph and stop and go rush hour freeway traffic.
  • clifmclifm Posts: 4
    How inaccurate can the trip computer be before it is considered a defect? When I bought my car (2012 hatchback, manual), the dealer was showing me what kind of mileage I would get in various test drive situations. But now that I have filled the tank several times, I am getting a consistent real world 5 mpg less than what is shown. So instead of 30 in mixed driving (not bad) it is really 25 (unacceptable for a small car). I am a very timid driver, and would have hoped for a somewhat better mileage than the 23 year old Nissan hardbody that this car is replacing. Any suggestions?
  • onemodogonemodog Posts: 26
    I am just about to hit 10K on my Sport Premium (I am at 9998 and will hit 10K tomorrow as well as fill up the tank. Here is what I have for data based on 9678 Miles (last fill-up)

    Miles = 9678
    Gallons of gas = 369.679
    Avg MPG = 26.179
    $ on gas = $1498.75
    Avg $ per gallon = $4.05
    Avg $ per mile = .1548

    I will have had my car for exactly 6 mos on 7/21.
    My only disappointment is that I wish I got slightly better gas mileage but I am pretty happy.

    My commute changed in April when it was made much shorter BUT is now made in traffic. I do not think it has changed the gas mileage much though to be honest. I have consistently been at the 26/mpg range since tank 1. I have not gone on too many long highway drives and when I did, I did hit 31mpg on that tank so I know my Subie is definitely capable.

    It has been a fun car to drive and I am pleased with my purchase. This is my first Subie but will not be the last for my family.
    Its been a fun car to drive.
  • 2toroll2toroll Posts: 3
    Bought the 5 door loaded and now have about 900 miles on it. Per the readout in the car, I am getting 19.2 MPG over the past 2 tanks of gas. Anyone else getting bad MPG? Is this just a break-in thing? I drive mostly city, but on the highway I don't think I have gotten more that around 25 mpg. Very disappointing.
  • clifmclifm Posts: 4
    Couple thoughts here ---

    Don't know what climate you are in, but I find my AC makes a significant difference.

    More importantly, my on-board computer has been wildly inaccurate. In my case it is telling me I am getting about 5 mpg better than I actually calculate. (Although I'm still taking the car's word on the distance traveled and just inputting the actual gallons used).

    My real world numbers are about 29 in mixed driving, using AC about half the time.

    Yours isn't a WRX? That maybe get about 19 mpg...
  • My gas mileage has been terrible. It has been going downhill instead of better. I have been getting 22 mpg around town and I just got back from a 440 mile trip on interstate and I got 31 mpg. I complained to Subaru and they said to take it to the dealer. The dealer checked it over and said there was nothing wrong and they could not do anything about it. Very disappointed in the car. I have the 2012 Impreza Sport. I bought it get better gas mileage than by 2004 Mustang and with that I got 19 around town and 28 on the highway. Thinking about getting rid of the Impreza since I am so frustrated with it and no one will do anything about it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Something must be wrong. Is yours a CVT? I would try inserting the FWD fuse for one tank just to see what affect that has.

    No noises from the drivetrain, implying extra drag?
  • It is CVT. There is no noise but when you are slowing up to come to a stop sign, the transmission sometimes grabs and almost stops you. I asked the dealer about it and they said that was just normal for the CVT. It also will jump every once in a while at a stop light. I thought it was stalling out the first couple of times they did it. The dealer said it was just the computer adjusting the idle. What is the FWD fuse?
  • sgoldste01sgoldste01 Posts: 26
    edited August 2012
    First, make sure you have all of the latest firmware updates. I've heard there's a firmware update for 2012 Imprezas with the CVT that smooths out the engine braking symptom.

    As for your substandard fuel economy, there are many possibilities:
    • Is your driving mostly city?

    • When on the highway, what speed do you drive?

    • Do you drive many short trips (less than 10 miles)?

    • Do you accelerate briskly or slowly?

    • When cruising on the highway, do you use cruise control?

    • How many miles are on your car?
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    "sgoldste01" had good things to try. Also things to consider.
    - Are you using A/C? (1 to 3 mpg drop.)
    - How much stuff in the car (additional passengers?)
    - Tire pressure? I believe suggested is rght about 30psi. Try just a bit higher like 32 or 33. I believe the last I checked mine it was around 33 or 34.
    - Check your odometer. This probably won't make a big difference but many have found it off by about 3%. Example: odometer reads 30 miles, but you really only went 29. Its off in the right direction for the warranty! :)

    The longest highway trip I've taken with my Impreza Sport returned some of my worst mpg at 32mpg. I had 4 passengers and luggage, plus we used A/C. Otherwise I'm happy and getting 34 to 36 mpg hand calculated. My commute is mostly highway, but has some stop-n-go traffic and construction nighmares this summer.
  • wvwwvw Posts: 19
    I have an Impreza hatchback and have around 1500 miles so far. I've been a little disappointed in the highway MPG (33-4 , generally with AC on- which I thought I'd heard actually helped in highway driving?), but it's been better than predicted in local driving. My '95 Legacy wagon outperformed the predicted MPG on the highway and I was hoping for the same with this, but it still has good gas mileage overall for an AWD car.
  • 2toroll2toroll Posts: 3
    I just refilled the gas and reset the trip odometer/MPG monitor. Have driven maybe 5 miles since and it's saying I am now down to about 11 MPG. Before the reset I had dropped to about 18.5 MPG, mostly city and short trips and with AC on (I live in the south). I am going to take a long trip in a couple weeks, mostly on highway, and will be curious to see what kind of MPG I get. Then I will be back to the dealer to talk to them about this. If MPG doesn't improve, I am going to have a serious chat with Subaru. I sold my 97 Civic that got 38 MPG on the highway and decent city MPG too and bought this car, which I wouldn't have done if the MPG was disclosed with numbers like I am getting. Other than the MPG, I like the car.
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    AC on will not help your highway gas mileage. AC may not hurt as much as having the windows wide open. Just running the vent and windows up is the best if the temperature allows it.
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    I hope you get better MPG with the highway trip. Many new cars today don't get good mileage with short trips (under 5miles). In the Prius forums one person was in the 25?? MPG range with their Prius just because of short trips. The engine never warms up and in the Prius case the battery doesn't have enough time to charge. Just because the blue light goes off doesn't mean everything is up to ideal perforamnce temperature.
  • i made a mistake of buying a 2012 subaru impreza and after many emails and calls nothing is being done.

    My car has around 3600 on the clock and i drive mainly in the city, i get an average of 20 to 21 mpg if im lucky and i drive 10 miles to work and 10 miles back.

    I also do some highway trips and decided to let my wife borrow the car for a week to commute to work about 1 hour driving on the parkway to and 1 hour back.

    The most we got out of the car is 27mpg which is 8 mpg lower than the estimate mpg for highway driving. The sad thing is my 2002 for focus which was old tired and had 115,000 on the clock was getting better mpg than my new car.

    I honestly wish i had kept it now. Anyone have any suggestions or tricks or anyone having similar problems please feel free to post.
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