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2013 Honda Civic



  • wayne21wayne21 Posts: 221
    Hi, when I google the web, I saw 2012 civic si has this issue, and honda dealer told me that 1 qt per 1000 miles is normal which surprise me, just wonder anyone experience or hear this issue in 2013 civic or accord?

    Consumer Reports just had an article about new cars consuming large amounts of oil. They seem to think it's the synthetic 0-20 that is the common factor between all the oil consumers. IDK what your civic uses, but if it's 0-20 synthetic that could be your problem.
  • I've got a 2010 Civic lx with the stock 16" steel rims and hubcaps. Now that the original set of tires is due to be replaced I'm thinking of buying off craigslist a set of Civic 17" allow rims or 16" alloy rims. My biggist gripe with the Civic is the road noise.

    Does anyone know if the 17" rim would make the road noise more or less pronounced? Do you think the extra inch provides much? 16" alloy seem like purely a visual upgrade, which is ok, I just want to hear if anyone thinks the 17" rim is worth the upgrade and would it quiet down the ride?

    thanks for the feedback
  • honda told you one quart of oil for every 1,000 miles is normal? :confuse:

    so, if you drive 4,000 without adding oil, the engine would run dry of oil?

    no way is that normal. I don't know a car on the road, that's built today that burns oil when it's running correctly.
  • My new EXL is just 4 days old and we just took a trip over the mountains and back - my mpg just under 35 miles to the gallon. Nice pleasant ride - happy with my purchase so far. :) :) :)
  • magnumramonemagnumramone Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    My civic takes 205/55R16, but I got a great deal on brand new 225/60R16. Will this work, can it work, how can it work?
    Thanks everyone!!
  • drivefundrivefun Posts: 9
    edited October 2013
    I have my EX since February, it stated with 34+ mpg with an initial road trip, then stayed between 30 and 32 for my daily commute to and fro work. During the rainy days, it's about 29 mpg. And I check my tire pressure every other week.

    Unless you plan to have people tailgate you, don't count on getting 34 mpg for the long haul. You'll be lucky if it stays over 30.

    I feel the 2013 Civic's engine is not as fuel efficient as Honda claims to be. The body probably needs to loose a few more pounds or the engine move to a variable timing gear like the Corolla. I continue to favor 2013 Civic's design over 2014 Corolla's though.

    Before my next purchase, I'll probably do a lease, and determine if the mpg continues to languish, I'll most likely switch to the Corolla. Sorry, by $$$ matters to me, not to mention Corollas come in more competitively priced than the Civic; and I'm open to other options with reduced list price and increase mpg.
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