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Doors lock shortly after unlock using key fob

dr_turbodr_turbo Posts: 61
Why do my door locks automatically lock after I unlock them using the key fob? This is on my 05 tacoma. I tried using both key fobs and they do the same thing. I assume this is not how it is suppose to work from the factory? After about 1-2 min. the doors lock automatically after I unlock them. This even occured while I left the key in the ignition.



  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    This seems to be a standard Toyota feature. If you don't actually open the doors, etc. within a certain time, the vehicle locks reactivate. The door locks on my 07 Avalon and 06 Tacoma both do this.

    I think the reasoning may be to be sure that you actually meant to unlock the vehicle for entry. If you just open and shut one door, they will not relock.
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