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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    A reporter would like to talk with someone who recently traded in a Honda or Toyota for a Hyundai, Kia, Ford or Chevy. Please email by Friday, June 3, 2011 with your daytime contact information, the car models involved and a few words about your decision.

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  • shivelytshivelyt Posts: 46
    Does anyone have any info on when the 2012 model will be coming out? I thought about buying a 2011, but the design is getting a little shopworn after 5 years. Also, hopefully, the new Santy will have improved mileage. That seems to be a major criticism of the present product. Any info would be apperciated
  • amp2008amp2008 Posts: 2
    Caution. 2011 2K miles multiple transmission problems, dealer had trouble fixing, have to wait days for parts. Overall 3+ weeks of transmission problems and lots of parts
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36

    You said you have been experiencing problems with the 2011 Santa Fe. Can you tell us more about it?

    When did you purchase the SUV? Was it brand new or used? Which trim is it, 4-cylinder or V6? Was it in an accident?

    Thank you for sharing.
  • amp2008amp2008 Posts: 2
    Purchased in Feb v4 no accident
  • Hi1 I am kinda new to this. Could someone share there buying experience and the prices they paid for a 2011 Santa fe GLS AWD. ie out the door price.

  • Just bought a 2011 hyundai santa fe limited. Was going to wait for the 2012 model to come out but found out the new redesigned body style got pushed back to 2014. So I went ahead and got the 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, 4cyl, FWD, floor mats, cargo tray, cargo net, ipod cable, MSRP $28,190.00....Paid $23,650.00...$25,000.00 out the door....Traded in 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE and had 1,500 equity. so all in all $23,432.25....3.9% for 60..not bad I don't think.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    I am not sure if anyone in San Francisco Bay Area is interested in buying Santa Fe. Anyway, I want to share my recent experience in a Hyundai dealer with everyone.

    Last month, I went to Cammisa Hyundai in Burlingame. I was interested in the 2011 Santa Fe SE, FWD; I also brought in my 2009 car for trade-in.

    An Asian saleman at the door greeted me and did a quick test drive on the Santa Fe SE. Overall, he was nice and friendly. After filling out the loan application, we got down to business and talked real numbers.

    He gave me a typical car salesman trick -- a number after Hyundai manufacture rebate, but before tax and other fees. When I asked what the selling price was, he went inside an office for few minutes; then he came out with a paper with details of the selling price: MSRP of 2011 Santa Fe SE is $27,300, Cammisa Hyundai selling price is $27,000. WOW! These people must be thinking they are selling Audi, NOT Hyundai.

    In the essence of saving time, I wrote down “$26,500 OTD” on the same paper and offered it to him.

    Cammisa sales/finance manager (white Italian man) saw my offer and immediately started shouting. Well, before I sat down and talked numbers, this jerk was already shouting at other sales people, like he owns the place. Only this time he shouted at me.

    He yelled “are you doing this for fun? you came in here to waste my time. you are in fantasy land I’d sell to you at that price. I want you to take your car and leave, don’t EVER come back again.” These were his exact words. At the time, there were at least half dozen people in the dealership, including the asian salesman.

    I had been to many local auto dealerships. Certainly, there have been instances that the salesperson and I could not reach common ground on sell price. Nevertheless, I was never treated this way at a car dealership, except at Cammisa Hyundai in Burlingame.

    For sure, I will never go back to Cammisa Hyundai. It is now my lifetime quest to share my experience at Cammisa Hyundai to everyone. If anyone wants to pay MSRP for a Hyundai from Cammisa, I’m sure these people would welcome you with open arms; might even kiss some [non-permissible content removed] if people pay MSRP + $2000 markup for the 2011 Elantra.

    Only fools pay MSRP when unemployment rate is 9.1% in America, 12+% in CA.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Do you mind telling where you bought the Santa Fe?

    Sales tax varies in different states. I want to compare dealer price. What was the selling price before any factory rebates, trade-in and tax?

    What was wrong with your 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE? It is new design in 2011. Local hyundai dealers charge $1500 markup for Sonata.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    I'm interested in the santa fe SE with FWD. So I never ask about the GLS.

    here is some quotes I got from a hyundai dealer (about 45min drive from where I live)

    2011 Santa Fe SE All Wheel Drive
    carpeted floor mats, cargo tray, first aid kit, ipod cable, mud guards and remote start system
    Color: Phantom Black Exterior with Cocoa Black Interior
    MSRP is $29,590.00
    Invoice is $28,556.00
    Your price $24,692.00 plus tax and license

    2011 Hyundai Santa Fe SE FWD
    Color: Phantom Black Exterior with Cocoa Black Interior
    Options: SE Premium Package, carpeted floor mats, cargo net, composite cargo tray, first aid kit and wheel locks
    MSRP is $30,505.00
    Invoice is $29,386.00
    Your price is $25,965.00 plus tax and license
  • I got 1,000 cash back from hyundai, and 1,000 cash back for financing through hyundai.. go to use that as your guide. pick atleast three dealers in your area and when discussing a price always talk out the door price. never talk the car price because they will make up for it in fees. when you find three dealers in your area go to one of them and make sure you like the vehicle. tell them you want to take the car overnight. if they won't allow it tell them you are walking and I gauranteee they will let you. use email only and let the dealers out bid eachother. when I bought my 2011 sonata se i paid 20,800.00...after 14 months I got 19,700 for my trade. not bad. the reason I traded in my sonata is I wanted an suv. nothing was wrong with the car. had a couple of issues recently with the push button start would not work. while it was getting fixed thanks to the great warranty you get with these cars I was looking at the santa fe's and ended up getting a great deal. I was paying 6.5% interest and by buying a new car could get brainer...get more car for the money since my credit score has gone up. Buying a car for some people is a rough experience. I you want let me know and I will tell you how did get the best deal. good luck to everyone.
  • where do you live.. you should be able to get a 2011 santa fe limited fwd with leather and sunroof for minimum 25k out the door.
  • oh yeah sorry. i live in virginia..sales tax is low. 3%
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    I am in San Francisco, CA. Sale tax is almost 10%. One really wonders why CA still has $10 billion deficit when taxes are so high. I figure tax + all other fees will add about 10% to the selling price of the santa fe. It will be great if I can get 25k OTD on a SE with FWD.

    Japanese auto makers have supply shortage. Dealers are selling toyota and hondas close to MSRP.
  • vfrpilotvfrpilot Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    2011 Santa Fe GLS V6
    MSRP 26,425
    Includes Remote Start, Carpet Floor Mats, First Aid Kit, Ipod cable, Cargo Net
    Invoice 25,536
    TMV 25,324

    Sales guy was the best guy I've worked with. I needed the car fast and got exactly what we needed. I will be going back to this dealer to purchase another Hyundai in the next couple of weeks unless it turns out I got screwed on an unpublished rebate!

    Sales Agreement
    MSRP 26,425
    - 2,500 dealer discount
    = 23,925
    OC CA Tax 1,858.45
    Total Cash Price 25,838.45
    License Fees 275
    Registration/Title 89.00
    CA Tire Fee 8.75
    Subtotal 26,211.20
    - 2,000 rebates (Hyundai Motor Finance and Customer Cash)
    OTD 24,211.20
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Thanks for the info. What are the name and location of your Hyundai dealer?
  • eloyrodeloyrod Posts: 1
    Just purchased a new SE. Had a great buying experience at Allen Hyundai in Laguna Niguel, Ca.

    MSRP of vehichle $27,775
    Discount of $2,275.00
    Doc prep $55.00
    Sales tax $1,980.52
    dmv, license, ca tire, etc $304.75
    Rebates of $2,000.00
    Net Price before financing $25,840.27

    The overall "discount" on the vehicle was $4,275.00 (2,275 plus 2,000 in rebates) with the only stipulation being that I must finance at least $7,500 with Hyundai Finance. Finance rate is 2.9%. I was told I could pay off my loan balance after I make at least 6 payments without a prepayment penalty.
  • pilot25pilot25 Posts: 20
    Does anyone have a dealer recommendation for the NY/NJ Area? Looking for a Santa Fe SE AWD. Thanks~
  • pilot 25...Lester Glenn in Toms River NJ is a great...great dealership...great prices, service and support...well worth the trip...I live in NJ and traveled an hour for their deal.
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28
    avoid brad Benson dealership.

    Google for the reviews. I could not believe that i could relate every comment online to my experience.

    Avoid NY city dealerships. They have low inventory and lie to an unbelievable level.

    I bought awd SE v6 for 23.5k + tax.
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