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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    are you buying 2012 Santa Fe SE with FWD or AWD?

    I bought a 2011 Santa Fe SE FWD with premium package last year. msrp was $30,490. 2012 Santa Fe SE costs over $2k more at msrp.

    also here in CA, car dealerships take the selling price, add up all the fees and tax, and then subtract the rebate or bonus cash. This means buyers will have to pay tax on the cash rebate.

    I only learned this when I bought our first car.
  • Who on earth would you purchase a built in Nav package? Those are the worst use of money. An add on GPS gets reasonably priced map updates more frequently and is more usable. The built in ones add $1000 to your cost vs. an add on which is about $200. $800 is a lot to pay to build a dinosaur into your car.
  • ronnykronnyk Posts: 22
    It was the SE with AWD.

    With respect to the GPS, the premium package is the only way to get the sunroof and backup camera, two things my spouse really wanted. Perhaps things have gotten better, but one thing the built-in NAV has going for it is that it (at least to me) is more convenient and easier to use than a portable unit. I have also had problems with portable units taking a very long time to lock in to the GPS satellites, not to mention the small screens are harder to see and navigate. I am not sure what you mean by "more usable." To each his own-- hardly seems like the sort of thing to ask "Who on earth. . . ." about.
  • ronnykronnyk Posts: 22
    Yes-- it works the same way here in PA. Trade-ins and discounts are regarded as an adjustment to the gross sales price, thus tax is not computed on the amount of these reductions, whereas manufacturer rebates are treated like coupons, which are cash-back after purchase, so the pre-rebate price is fully taxable.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Good thoughts on the in-dash nav. Other points: As banning portable electronics gains steam in the governments, handheld GPS units might fall victim to legislation. Especially if someone uses their smartphone as a GPS. Handhelds have cables to mess with & detract from the interior's look. Handhelds (and their cables) have to be hidden away at every stop; otherwise they are a well-documented theft attraction. Even in supposedly lower crime areas. Handheld don't integrate with car systems; i.e. in-dash units can momentarily mute the stereo while they give directions and mine is smart enough to only speak directions through the driver's front speaker.

    My Magellan would always take 30-90 seconds to get a satellite lock but wouldn't get one at all if I was, say, in an underground parking garage (*cough* Millennium Park Chicago *cough*). The in-dash units don't have that issue.

    To me, in-dash units have just one flaw: Updates. They're generally expensive and don't come out that often. Going forward, though, that problem should be resolved as cars gain internet access.
  • Which dealership did this number? Thanks.
  • ronnykronnyk Posts: 22
    Springfield Hyundai
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • I am looking to buy the new Santa Fe Sport and is wondering what price others pay for it recently. Thank you.
  • So, everyone paid msrp for it now?
  • I have a deposit on a new SF AWD 2.0T model with Leather and Premium and Tech packages. MSRP is just shy of $36K. The dealer is discounting it to $33188 and they gave me a well-above excellent condition trade-in for my 08 SF ($17.5K and excellent trade in is $15.8K). So deals can be had even on the new SF! Now just need to patiently(!) wait for mine to get to the dealer. :shades:
  • Seems like they gave you a bit below invoice. That's great for an all new model.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    edited October 2012
    Picked up my new 2013 Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.0 Turbo on Friday. Copper Canyon exterior and beige interior. Loaded with Leather and Premium and Tech packages along with carpeted mats, rear passenger sunshades, cargo cover, cargo mat, and cargo net. MSRP was $36020 and got it for $33188. They gave me $17500, nearly 2K over the excellent TI value for my 08 SF AWD Ltd. Still owed $8500 for it so once that was added back in and 6% taxes on the diff, and title and tag transfer, I was out the door for $25364. Oh, and the dealership, Blaise Alexander Hyundai in State College, PA, went all the way out to a Hyundai dealership in Aurora, IL to get my new car and didn't add anything to the price to do so! Did virtually all negotiations over the Internet and had selling price and TI value set before setting foot in the dealership. All in all, a great car, a great dealership, and pretty darn good deal without any drama. :)
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    What you said make sense in a self-restraining society. People are into abundance and getting what they want, and businesses know it. This is a game of consumer power. It drives prices high for the things they want. Haha, never knew there're still people who would say hat you said. Been told that's the price everybody is paying and nothing's free. Real fair price and free is an ocean apart in definition. I just thought if a well built car cost this much, a lesser built car (performance, quality, etc.) should price as a reflection of its makeup in comparison. The Lexus dealers twice make me really angry about their unwillingness to negotiate. They won't take my MB (low mi, 8 yr) and want 2k over msrp for a sought after model, and then they want msrp or no sale on a 2012 model 2 months ago! That's it with Lexus! They don't exist anymore...if I want to buy Toyota, I'll buy a Toyota and not a glorify Toyota. Besides, after test droving different Lexus (2012 &2013), there's nothing missing if I rule out Lexus altogether. What's all that hype about Lexus??

    Test drove some Hyundai yesterday and found the Sante Fe Sports to be ok. For a 4-cyl, turbo that is a pretty ok car. Now people who would shell out that money for a Honda or Toyota would seriously consider it. It's more nimble than the competitors, even with it being a bit floaty at times, it's a car I would definitely consider but not at that price.
  • I'm from Nj the price I got for 2013 Santa Fe AWD with turbo with leather and tech package only cargo cover, wheel locks and mats was at invoice which was 34,184. MSRP for cargo mat is 95 and net I have no clue. Did you get any incentives military rebate or finance rebates? I am not in military and I plan to pay cash. Feel free to email me at
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Midnight1958, my deal had no incentives whatsoever, military, finance or any others. The dealership I bought from gave me a great price right out of the chute via internet/emails and didn't try to embellish it with any extra add-ons. What part of Jersey are you from? If you are willing to make a drive to State College, PA you could get in contact with them and see what they can do for you. If that is something you are interested in doing, post it here and I'll email you the contact info at the dealership. ;)
  • So you got a 1000 under invoice it seems I'm interested send details I am 3 hours away from state college. I did put 500 deposit down and waiting for them to locate car 2013 same as yours loaded. How many miles did car have on it? Did they truck ship it? My email is
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Yep, mine was trailered in from Aurora, Il and no extra fees for that. It only had about 50 miles on it when I took delivery so it must have seen a test ride or two, but it is an awesome car. I'll send you info shortly.
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    We just put a deposit for a White/beige SF FWD 2.0T with premium and technology package wich will come in first week of Nov. It also comes with mats, cargo cover, and mud guards as PIO options. Let me know if these are good prices:

    MSRP: $34225
    Offered: $32300
    Rebate: $500 for leasing
    Net Price: $31800
    Lease term: 36m @ 12K miles/year
    Monthly Payment: $360.51
    Residual: $21219.5
    MF: 0.0048
    Lease term: 48m @ 12k m/yr
    Monthly Payment: $377.62
    Residual: $17112.5

    3 years lease seems to be optimal, even though the warranty is for 5 yrs. Hyundai is offering 3.9% financing up to 60 months, but no incentive for using their bank. One can easily get 2.9% with most banks, and possibly lower for shorter terms. Sales indicated Hyundai does their lease rates on a quarterly basis, so should be not change for Nov.

    Please give me some feedback on these prices. Thanks.
  • Santa Fe Sport Turbo, fully loaded with mud guards, cargo cover, floor mats, Tech package, leather, sunroof, etc... and the dealer agreed to tint the front windows.

    Price: $30700 less $500 rebate for military. Final price: $30200.

    Buy at the end of the month and shop the dealers against each other. This was a loss for them. They basically were moving inventory. Antoher dealer would have beat there price as well, but we felt loyalty to a salesman that had spent quite a bit of time with us.
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