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1996 2.2 overheating

I have gotten the car no problems or leaks, then just out of no where it started to overheat.. I replaced the thermostat gasket and checked the thermostat and it was fine, i put all of it back together just for it to still leak like a waterfall i have the car off and iut squeeze the lower radiator hose and it leaks from above where the elbow is that holds the thermostat and i have no idea of what it is... Help please!!!!!


  • odyceeodycee Posts: 33
    Overheat - check you coolant/oil to see if they are mixed together, most likely it's your head gasket is blown. Or you can buy a HydroCarbon HC kit to check if there are gases from combustion engine leaked into your radiator coolant.

    Don't drive it anymore otherwise you're going to replace many other components such as radiator and water pump.

    I'm little confused with your statement "overheat" or "coolant leak" as original problem?
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