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2013 Ford Escape



  • Yes that is standard. No front license plate mount so they just drill two holes and screw it on. I know it looks like crap. If you don't require a front plate and already have the holes, then I would get two decorative pan head or truss head bolts and fill in the holes. Could even be nylon bolts or screws if you could find them in black.
  • At the moment, I would have to agree with the MyFord Touch being buggy. I recently purchased a 2013 Titanium Ford Escape, which I love! The MyFord Touch, not so much! I have an iPhone 4S (I am an IT Admin BTW) and I listen to audiobooks almost exclusively. I bought the Escape because of the MyFord Touch and phone pairing, but have found the sync process to be erratic, buggy and unreliable. The Touch system has already been replaced once (I bought the car in October) because the clock quit keeping time. My problems have been - sometimes it works seamlessly with my phone several times in a row (even if i'm out of the car for hours), indexes, my device to show the titles and autoplays my books. Sometimes the screen shows symbols instead of titles. Sometimes I can get out of the car for 10 minutes and it can't reconnect with my phone when I get back in. Frequently, it says "no Bluetooth audio device can be found" though my phone is right there. When it can't find Bluetooth, the car radio comes blasting on and deafens me (this is the most annoying thing for both my husband and myself). Sometimes the voice says it has suceeeded to play my device, but I have to push play on the phone for it to actually work. Sometimes it succeeds, but plays through the phone instead of the car. Sometimes it plays fine. Though paired with my phone, sometimes it says it is connected when it is really not and I have to disconnect and reconnect from the phone to get it sync back up. I have called Syncservices three times, reset the master on the MyFord Touch system twice and soft reset and hard reset my iPhone multiple times with the same results. It is very frustrating! My Jabra and Motorola Bluetooth devices are way more reliable than MyTouch and link with my phone seamlessly every time. Ford is trying to point the finger at my phone Bluetooth, but if that were the case I think I would be having problems with my other Bluetooth devices as well. Because I love my iPhone, my expectations of the system were high. I am very disappointed and frustrated with the MyFord Touch on my 2013 Escape!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    These days as a general rule there are 2 "dimples" in the plastic facing of the front (bumper?). Nutplates are already mounted behind those dimples so all that is left to do is DRILL!
  • mbb21mbb21 Posts: 7
    I am afraid that you are not the only one having that problem. I have a 2013 Titanium AWD that I love but hate the Touch/Sync system for its bugginess and inconsistency. I have an iphone 5 which is paired via bluetooth to the system. The phone connection works fine. However, I like to stream Pandora to the system and listen to music. This is a hit and miss proposition. To the point that it got so frustrating that I have given it up for the time. Also, the voice response system and I don't get along. My dealer called me to see how things were going and I told him all is fine with a couple of exceptions, one being that the "lady" and I are no longer in speaking terms.

    The car is great to drive and a lot of fun. The touch system is not there yet as well as the gas mileage. Although mine has been improving (up to 19 mpg on the last fill combined mileage). Also, the small fuel tank limits the range quite a bit and is a small pain.

    Lets hope that Ford does a software update to the system and things get better. Otherwise it will continue to be an unreliable and inconsistent system.
  • I am driving in Los Angeles and getting an average of 23.9 miles per gallon. This average includes highway miles to Phoenix and Fresno.
  • I've had my 1.6-liter Ford Escape SEL automatic for about 2 months. So far it has been in the shop for a total of 14 days. Engine light keeps turning on and sometimes the car won't shift up to third gear leaving me stuck at a maximum speed of 30 MPH (dangerous!). I also have the clock reset issue. Ford has decided to replace the high pressure fuel pump and inlet line (maybe a guess). I hope this solves the problem. I really thought the Ford Escape was great until I started having all these issues. I now have talked two people out of purchasing the Escape. It is too bad because I really wanted to believe in this car.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Seems to be a general theme...
    We were all sold on this vehicle for a great set of features.
    An on those rare occasions where it works as designed, we love it.
    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the majority of the time.
    This is my first domestic car purchase in the last 25 years after a bad experience with a Chevy. I won't be in a hurry to try that again!
  • So, I was pretty much ready to buy a 2013 Escape SEL with the 2.0 engine, panorama roof, towing package and parking package. With all the current incentives it comes out to $31,220 here in Seattle. My alternative is a 2012 Rav4 Limited for the Costco price of $29,500 (after $750 cash back). I figured it was a no-brainer to get the Escape because its seems like a better value given all the additional technology that comes with it.

    Now having gone through this forum, it seems as if this model year of the Escape is loaded with problems. Can anyone please advise me whether or not we think the issues on this forum are typical of new cars, or do you guys think that the 2013 Escape has a higher than average problem rate and I should wait for a later model year to see if quality improves.

    Unfortunately, I am dealing with an insurance total loss and need to make up my mind this weekend.

  • I have the titanium and I love it. It is the best car I have owned and I have had a lot. It drives like a sport car yet I have gotten 44.5 miles to the gallon for over 25 miles at a time. I have had no issues wih my escape. I say get it you will love it
  • I love my escape. It's a fantastic car.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    edited November 2012
    I have Titanium and no problems. Trip today 90% hiway 27mpg. I would be thinking about what car to buy also after reading this forum. My car was built about 6 months after they first came out so think they are getting better. They are not great on gas in the city, one poster from San Francisco is unhappy as he drives in the city a bunch and some hills. If I had it to do over again I would buy a BMW X1 that just came out. Not that I do not like the car but about the same price and 5 years of free maint.. Plus I came out of a German car and there is just something about them they seem only to have.. So my reason for a do over are not quality related but just the driving experience. I also found the Titanium about same price as SEL if I added 2.0 engine. The first year can have some problems and these forums are most often used by people with problems as few people post to say how much they love their car. I appreciate all the posters as they have helped me so much.
  • I think saying that 44 mpg is possible is doing a disservice to anyone interested in purchasing this vehicle. That is not real world mpg. Not even close.
  • ppellppell Posts: 1
    You are right! I've had my 2013 Escape since July, and I'm getting around 28 mpg. Nowhere near what is being touted about this vehicle by Ford. I've contacted them and they are telling me to take it to my dealership to have it tested.
    I've also been reading that premium gas is recomenned for this vehicle. I wish I'd know all this before I purchased it. I would have kept on looking.....
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited November 2012
    I'm not singling out anyone here, so don't reply like I'm talking about you, I'm making a general statement based on my experience with my FWD, 2.0L Titanium. It's all about driving style. Folks who accelerate aggressively will obviously see lower mpg's. You have to drive these turbos with some finesse and stay out of turbo boost until you need it. At stop lights a very light foot on the accelerator helps, and on the freeway, stay at a constant moderate speed. When you pass on the freeway, you don't need to floor it, this car will take off with a slight push of the accelerator. Use the deceleration fuel cut off when ever possible, coasting to stop lights and on exit ramps will improve your mpg's. I know that in different regions of the Country, people drive differently, but the car behind you can only go as fast as you're going. Here in the Upper Midwest, we tend to drive more slowly and you won't get harassed or threatened if you take off from stops gently or drive the speed limit.
    I drive the same route to work every weekday, 1 mile city to a semi crowded freeway, 7 miles at 50-60 mph, with slow downs for slow and merging traffic and then 1 mile to my office, under those conditions my average is currently 25.5 to 26.3 mpg's and it was a little higher when temps were warmer. I took a road trip this summer from Minnesota to Louisiana, mostly on 2 lane highways, but some interstate and 4-lane bypass. I drove between 55 and 65 on the way down and I got as high as 38 mpg's, but generally got 34-36 mpg's. I'd say 75% of the time I was traveling 60-62 mph. I was told by the service manager at my dealership that the sweet spot for the 2.0L and the 6 speed transmission is 63 mph. On the way home from Baton Rouge to Minneapolis I drove Interstate the entire way and depending on the weather (it rained for the stretch through LA and MS), at the speed limit of 70 or 2 mph above, I got 33 mpg and as much as 36 mpg at slightly slower speeds. Whenever I drive the Interstate I use the cruise control, except in hilly terrain and drive 2 mph above the posted, I anticipate when I'll need to pass slower traffic and pass well in advance of the cars traveling fast in the left lane. I accelerate slowly and evenly and try to never go below what my cruise is set at. When I have to cancel the cruise and resume, I accelerate evenly to speed and then resume the cruise rather than hitting resume and having the engine rev to speed.
    I enjoy a good road trip and have traveled coast to coast and border to border multiple times and over the years I have developed a good driving style. Unless there is something obviously wrong with your car, decent mpg's are attainable with a consistent and conservative driving style.
  • I would agree that around 24mpg is real world mileage, at least here in the DC suburbs. Most folks don't fill up next to the interstate, then get on the interstate and drive till its empty, then exit and fill up, then repeat that process. I have yet to go on a long road trip to really test out those highway mpg, but right now I'm at 23 to 24 mpg.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I would think 23-24 would be pretty good combined mpg's for the DC area. Lots of stop and go, heavy traffic and fast freeway speeds. I have been to the DC area a couple of times and my experience was that they'll run you off the road if you're only driving 60-65 on the highway. You are right on with your fill up analogy. My guess is people most often fill up in the city or burbs driving home or to work and on surface streets. With idling, stop and go, slower speeds and errands, it's most likely you're never going to go above 18 or so until you log some constant speed highway miles.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You're implying that special effort, attention, is required of the driver in order to attain FE in/near the EPA range.

    But that is NOT what the EPA intends nor do they test for.

    I will probably never own an EcoBoost for numerous reasons but if I did the first thing I would do is change the "gain" of the gas pedal position as it relates to throttle plate position. I suspect, strongly so, that the throttle plate reaches the WOT position with about 1/2 gas pedal depression. From that point on the turbo speed is regulated and thereby used to provide the engine throttling (un-throttling??) function.

    I think I would begin by "wiring" the wastegate fully open and drive that way for a reasonably long period. Long enough to determine just how good the FE might be even with a detuned (10:1 compression ratio vs the DFI standard of 12-14:1) DFI engine and no turbo boost. Also get an idea of the level (enough?) of HP/torque with no boost.
  • You're absolutely right that that is not what the EPA intends or test for- it has *nothing* really to do with what FE *any* driver will achieve with *their* driving. It's all about comparison- being able to compare Car A to Car B and Car C when shopping on the lot. NONE of them is really rated for *my* driving, *your* driving, or *anyone else's* driving. Just a simple comparison. It might help some of those that can't understand what it's really about to say that maybe they should have a flat ratings sheet- this car is ranked number 1 for highway, number 6 for city, and number 4 for combined mileage among all it's peers. That way, nobody misunderstands and really thinks that the numbers are what they 'should' be getting. Only that, driving Car A will return better fuel economy than Car B, in most situations.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited November 2012
    Amen. Some situations are going to make it hard to get near the EPA numbers, but those numbers aren't really there to tell you what you're going to get, they're to tell us how this or that car ranks compared to the others on a 'standard' test loop (city / highway / combined being merely labels, and not really our city, our highway, or our combined). Nonetheless, many of us will equal or exceed the EPA numbers with little effort. Some don't drive in a way that will- and there are a LOT of those people out there- I see them on the roads with me all the time, whether in Prius or Camaro SS. And some traffic, road conditions, etc. make it hard for even those that *do* drive conservatively (which I doubt most people complaining of FE in their cars really *do*, but that doesn't mean none do).
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
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    "You can stick with the EPA rating if you consider yourself an efficient driver."

    Here's Why Real-World MPG Doesn't Match EPA Ratings

    "If you are currently an aggressive driver (cruising speeds from 75-85 mph, constantly accelerating and changing lanes and braking sharply) and you decided to calm down (driving with the cruise control set to 65 mph), your fuel economy would improve an average of 35 percent."

    Save Gas with Smart Driving and Slick Aerodynamics

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