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2013 Ford Escape



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    I guess in theory I should have been able to get another 40 plus miles on the gas I had since its a 15 gal tank.

    But don't run it too low. The fuel pump is cooled by the gasoline so exposing it for too long may cause issues long term.
  • mbb21mbb21 Posts: 7
    Thank you. Getting old and can't see what is in front of my face anymore......
  • You'll never get to use the entire tank capacity, you have the real size: 15.1g and then you have the "useable" size. I was able to use 13.3g on one of my trips. Sucks because my older Escape had a 16.5 gallon tank & I was able to use 15.5-15.8 gallons, and so far my mixed driving in the new Escape is getting me only 18.9mpg's with 1.6l fwd. I did some calculations with the old Escape and through the first few thousand miles I was getting 23.5mpg in the 2.0l fwd. My driving sytle did not change and filled up at the same gas station each time (has 10% ethanol). So much for the fuel efficiency, the only place I find it's better is in straight highway mileage, 2mpg better. Highly dissapointing!
  • cbc410cbc410 Posts: 20
    I too have had horribly low mileage - 15-16 mpg city and 19.5 combined. Started complaining as soon as I got the car. Have called it to the attention of both Ford and my dealer. Neither care in the slightest. They tell me that the gas mileage will improve after the car has 2000 miles on it. Somehow I don't see how it will improve 50%, which is how much it has to increase. I am starting to think that if the mileage is significantly lower than advertised we should all join forces and push Ford to negotiate with us. Anybody game?
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Just had my AWD Titanium in for service visit #6 since picking it up in mid-August (arrrgh). Most issues are now resolved, but one remains. The navigation directions shown on the Information Display (i.e., the one above the steering wheel) do not seem to work correctly. When the navigation is set to always on (via settings/display/navigation), it only displays navigation information while route guidance is active. In other words, there is no difference between the selections for "always on" and "on guidance". And when navigation instructions do display, the directions do not update on the "intelligent 4WD" screen. It lists the next turn, but never updates the distance or turn information -- it just continues to display the initial information. The dealer just installed the 3.5.1 Sync update, but that didn't fix the problem. The dealer says they duplicated the problem on another Escape. Can anyone else confirm that this is a bug? I suspect this is a software issue that they may or may not ever get to.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Lots of other posts on this. I can confirm that mileage improved after a couple thousand miles, but not by 50%. City driving and turbo use definitely kill the mileage. I've found the highway mileage to be close to advertised, but my city mileage is usually down around 20. I suspect that acceleration practices can make this vary a lot. YMMV.
  • It's more like $2,690, not $795, since they force the technology package on you. I tried to get the $795 nav at the dealer when I made my purchase, but the system would not let him.
  • I am very curious what people are getting with 1.6 escape 4x4 I read 19-20 miles per gal. I am a honda owner my self and came very close to buying the escape this summer and decided to make payments to my self till I could decide on the Escape vs the Honda crv. The escape caught my eye as I am all about tec . I have read numerous reviews on all the problems with the escape techonlogy. how the Iphone messes up the system. freezing up ect. I am feeling the same with the honda Crv as being a Boring ride . like I said will keep making payment till I can decide or they can work the bugs out or honda bulids a exciting CRV ! happy driving
  • Has anyone found the tow eye hook that is mentioned on page 191 of the Owner's Manual? It should be located in the spare wheel well along with the car jack. You will notice that the front underside of the vehicle is completely enclosed and therefore there is no place to hook a tow rope. They have provided a removable plastic cover on the front right bumper where you can screw in the tow eye that the manual says "must be in the vehicle at all times". We have been told at the dealership that it is an accessory. We have not found it listed as an accessory anywhere, and it would be like saying that the car jack is found in the trunk but you have to buy it as an accessory. If this is true, I'll forget about purchasing ANY new Ford product. I hope you are enjoying your new Ford experience more than me.
  • I have noticed the exact same issue, takes a long time to change the info on the screen. but, have not updated my sync yet. I will bugg the dealer about it soon.
    I drive in the Intel 4x4 screen all the time to see how much power is applied to the wheels and when, to see if that affects my mpg's.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Does your nav info on the 'intelligent 4WD' screen ever change? You said it takes a long time. Mine never updates at all no matter how far I drive or how many turns I make. The only way I can get it to update is if I change screens (e.g., go to my key or trip 1). Otherwise, it just remains fixed.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited November 2012
    The tow/recovery hook is required for all vehicles in Europe and the printing in the Owner's Manual is probably a carry over from the European Kuga manual. A car jack is required in all U.S. cars so your analogy falls flat. As someone has already posted, the recovery hook is available through the Ford Accessory Store. I have to laugh at your last statements. If what is true you'll forget about purchasing ANY Ford product, you already know there's no tow hook, and now you know that it's available on the Ford web site, so is this your last Ford? You don't mention any other issues with your Escape, so not having the tow hook has ruined your experience? You must be hard to please.
  • tim156 In response to your question, here are just a "few" of our difficulties so far: the am/fm radio never worked [repaired by removing headliner and fixing broken wire to antenna] the radio turns itself on at top volume and does not respond to the dash or steering wheel controls. Must turn the vehicle off, wait and then start it again and hope it works. The color control for the interior lights does not respond consistently. When it gets cold, we get a loud thud in the rear of the vehicle when going over a minor bump on the road. With careful driving, we are only able to achieve half the proclaimed gas mileage that Ford boasts about, similar to other peoples' claims on this website.

    The point I'd like to make is that there is no indication that this tow hook is an accessory on the Canadian website, even under listed options and accessories. Secondly, no owner will be aware that if they end up in the ditch, there will be no way for them to be towed out as there are no places to put a tow rope. It's the principle of it Alberta, snow storms happen and it would be great to know that other Ford drivers are informed of this possible problem. It's unfortunate that most Ford Escape drivers won't be aware of this until they find themselves stranded in the cold.
  • I am looking for an "accessory power" tap, preferably off the passenger compartment fuse box where I can add a circuit. However, when I check the voltage on the circuits there, they all appear to be at 12v with the ignition off. Anyone know where I can tap 12v that is available only when the key is either on accessory or the car is running? Many thanks.
  • Found one - fuse 85.
  • After 2 weeks of ownership and 1200km (750 miles) I am rating this vehicle as an 8.5 or closer to 9 out of 10.
    My vehicle is 2013 SEL 2.0 FWD with all available options but the sunroof. (also have towing pkg)

    Here is a summary of likes / dislikes, experiences etc.

    Likes: (no particular order)
    1) Very Quiet ride with a good suspension. Very car-like and handles very well.
    2) Sony sound system is excellent.
    3) Steering wheel controls, take getting used to, but they are very good.
    4) Memory seats which include memory lumbar and mirrors.
    5) Excellent engine power and good fuel economy combination when driven reasonably. (see my comments in the 2013 Gas Mileage discussion)
    6) Power tailgate can be programmed by the push of a button to raise to a certain height. A surprise feature that allows me to open the tailgate and not hit the top of my garage door opening.
    7) My Ford Touch has some great features. It is not perfect yet, but I am liking it more and more. (minus a few glitches) Voice Commands work well for the most part. I have 2000 names in my phonebook and I can still use the voice-dial feature. Nice.
    8) Towing capacity. I have not towed with it yet, but I have no doubt it will handle my 1800 lb trailer with ease. (this factored into my purchase decision. no one else comes close on this)
    9) Park assist works very well, although it is not a feature I really wanted. (just wanted backup camera, but in Canada it is in a package)
    10) Cross traffic alert can be a bit annoying, but it also seems to work well. Overall a Plus.
    11) BLIS (Blind spot Info Sys) Came with Park assist. Didn't really want it, but overall a Plus.
    12) Keyless entry/start, remote start, door keypad, remote tailgate etc. All work well.

    1) Small fuel tank. This vehicle will have the shortest range of any vehicle I have owned in recent years. I suspect when I am towing, the range will be less than desireable.
    2) There is no real storage for the driver. The other day I looked for a place to keep a few coins for the carwash and I could not find a spot. I do not want to put them in the cup holders or the bottom of the arm-rest, where they would be difficult to retreive.
    3) The MFT system has a couple of glitches. (version 3.2.2) It reads my text messages for a day or two then stops. I have to do a Master Reset to get them going again. Also replying to text messages by voice command, it gets stuck on one answer and then I have to exit. I have a system update scheduled at dealer. I hope this resolves problem.
    4) I sometimes need to press the button on the dash to silence a parking sensor which thinks there is a problem while I am sitting at a red light. ( I think falling snow has contributed to the problem a couple of times) Not a big issue once I knew where the button was to turn feature off.

    I may have more to add (positive or negative) in the future. So far I am pleased with purchase.
  • Looks like you got the technology package. I did not, but I agree with most of your "likes." I have the Continental tires on my SEL, and they are lower profile than I have had on the past, and wonder if they contribute to the firmer ride I'm experiencing. Not a complaint, since I had been driving an Explorer for the past 10 years!

    I agree about the small fuel tank. Although I though 15.1 gal at 28 mpg would take me 400 miles, I am getting less than 300 per tankful and found that a fill-up is 13.1 gal when the distance to empty is in the single digits.

    I also agree about the driver storage. I got used to the coin holder in the Explorer. But the SEL has a very deep center storage console that is somewhat useless. I think they could have engineered something a bit more useful in terms of access.

    No real issues with 3.5.1 on the MFT. But, I would like to have the flexibility of upgrading to the Nav package. The dealer wanted $2690 to get that because it only came with the technology package.

    No texting here. For some reason Ford/Microsoft and Apple don't play well together.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    According to owners manual there's a 1.5 gallon reserve in tank when gage reads empty.
  • Same as you coming from the bla crv. i got the escape almost 2k miles no problems with the tech. mpg on the other hand is still way off on my 2.0 t
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