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2013 Ford Escape



  • Can you put dates and/or a source with this? My Navigation actually works quite well (save for the one time it lost it's mind and I had to pull and replace the card this weekend... A4, by the way)... but based on what I've read on other sites, a lot of people are still having MyFordTouch issues with new deliveries. Maybe the dealers aren't doing what Ford told them to do... but the end result is the same.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    The update was released on 11/5 and my source is a Ford tech who posts on the Blue Oval Forum. I know that is not a documented source, but I trust his posts to be accurate and truthful. We may be reading the same thing, but it seems most of the troubles are still with the NAV systems. I don't have NAV, I self updated and other than two clock hiccups, which seem to have resolved itself, I'm not having any problems with radio, USB, Sirius, album art or song identification with MFT.
  • I got my escape the start of October. Since then brought it back 3x for the Nav system glitches. The last two were updated with this newest software. I started a log book. When I park my car >30mins, My nav takes 5-7mins to have GPS coverage. This is ridiculous for the amount of money I am paying to get top of the line. I cannot sit in the car for 5-7 mins each time before I go about work. Especially since the nav system was one of the reasons for getting a new car. 4th time would be a lemon in the state of Washington. I really do want to keep the car but will declare lemon if not fixed.

    Also, MPG rating is way off. Im 2400 miles into it, still getting 18-22mpg. All Hway with barely stepping and easy on acceleration, Vancouver to Seattle, shy of 23mpg. No where near 21-28mpg. Will try no ethanol and see. Should at least be easy to hit 24 but not. it seems FORD was trying to look good at the expense of long term customers, who WAS cheering for the company to make it.
  • I recently purchased a 2013 ford escape with a 1.6L Eco Boost engine from Lundgren Motors in Eveleth, MN. There is a very annoying engine noise that is driving me crazy. The noise has a pinging or ticking sound. The noise is present at all engine RPM’s above idle and the frequency scales with engine RPM. The noise is coming from the dash/firewall on the passenger side. The noise is noticeable only from inside the car when the windows and doors are closed. I keep the radio on to drown out the noise. I’ve had the car in dealership and they inform me that this noise is normal and is coming from the fuel injection system. I’ve driven other 2013 1.6L Ford Escapes and none of them have this noise. Therefore, I’ve concluded that this “noise” is not normal. The dealership is not interested in working the issue and wants me to go away. I’ve tried to isolate the source of the noise with little luck. I did hear the noise signature on one of the fuel lines with a mechanical stethoscope. Does anyone have this same issue?
  • Hello All

    We've had 4 Escapes and liked them all. Considering trading in one of the older ones - already rushed to get a 2012 on another trade, but realize we'll have to bite the bullet at some point on the new version- and have two comments and two questions:

    comment 1 - why the heck did they reduce the gas tank size? When you look at the range for city, combined, or highway - the extra mpg doesn't make any noticeable difference. All the ranges are within a few percent of each other. It seems like the highway mpg isn't too realistic, anyway. If you drive at 55 on NJ highways, you'll be flattened.

    comment 2 - another thread has confirmed that the hatch opening height - the height from the load floor to the inside top of the hatch door frame - is shorter than the previous version. The boxiness of the previous model was one of the best features. Has anyone with a new model found the reduced hatch opening height to be an issue?

    question 1 - back-up camera was included with nav system in earlier models. It's not clear if this is still the case, or whether you now have to buy the $995 parking tech package in addition to the $750 nav price. Admittedly, the nav option was more expensive in prior models, so maybe it works out the same.

    question 2 - if you get the nav system, you can't get the upgraded Sony sound system?

    Thanks, fellow Escapees!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Smaller gas tanks means the car weighs a bit less and helps Ford meet CAFE mpg standards. It's not a lot of weight but it all adds up.
  • I have the nav system, it is the upgraded sony sound system with a 'sub' hehe
    and when I got mine to get the camera, you had to get the parking package. I like the bliss, crosstraffic... i dont care for, and auto park i dont care for. but the camera is a must
    I would love a +5 gallon tank
    the hatch height... never noticed a difference from the tribute
  • The new model outweighs the old model even with the smaller tank. My mixed driving range has dropped from 285-310mi with the 2010 Escape to 235-260 with the new 2013 Escape. Not only that, I religiously hand calculate my mileage and during the 1st 3 months I was getting 23.5mpg with the 2010 and now I'm getting 18.9mpg. And they were both purchased in July so temp/gas formula has nothing to do with it. For whatever this is worth???
  • Well, this is certainly in keeping with what Ford 'Customer Care' told me. Which was when they fix it they'll let the dealers know, but won't be making any effort to let owners know. And apparently, the dealers aren't going to tell you unless you take it in and ask (if they even know). At the very least, I would have expected some kind of Email notification from the SYNCmyRide website, but I didn't see one.

    We also had the radio 'on by itself and wouldn't turn off' again last weekend . And like a few times before, it stayed on with the vehicle shut down and the doors opened (which should 'kill' the designated power delay however long that is).

    Changing the subject a bit, I've noticed a LOT of wind noise at the windows... much more than any other vehicle I can remember. Haven't mentioned that to the dealer yet, but I will when we take it in for them to isolate a 'wet' problem they noticed during an oil change.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    How many miles on yours now?

    Winter-blend gas can make your mileage go down. Three and a half mpg seems like a bit much though.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,451
    My wife has a '13 AWD 2.0 with about 1750 miles on it.
    It has averaged just over 22 mpg in the month and a half she has owned it.
    I checked the mileage for her '09 over the same period and it was about 20.8, although it had about 8k on it by then.
    That must have been a cold spell here in the northeast back in '09 because checking the mileage i got in the '02 Explorer, it could barely keep it's head above 13 mpg for the same period.
    I was averaging close to 16 mpg with it before November this year and my last couple of tanks have been around 14.5.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    edited November 2012
    2,500 now, and I compared it to the 1st 2,500 with the 2010 Escape & they were both bought in July so the winter blend shouldn't have a greater effect on 1 over the other.

    The Hwy mileage was a different story, the 2010 was 27.4 and the 2013 was 30.6

    IMO the turbo KILLS the mpgs in mixed driving more than a N/A engine.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Well, I think it's possible for different cars, even the same model and engine, to have different mpg results. Otherwise there wouldn't be much reason for this discussion, lol.

    Some people get good mpg from the first tank while others take 10,000 miles or more for the mpg to settle in. I wouldn't get too worried until another 6 or 8 tanks.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,451
    Only 2500 miles since July sounds like a lot of short trips.
    Have you checked your tire pressures?
  • Yes, my commute every day is very short, but I always make sure to get out on the highway at least once a week to run at highway speeds so I'm not always driving short stop & go trips. Did same with the '10 model.
  • Sounds like the same engine fumes problem I had with my first escape. I returned it and the dealer gave me another one which is much better, but I am still getting some fumes when stoped! The fumes are coming in from the air intake for ventalion system I think? There must be more people having this problem?
  • I have 1,100 mi on my 2.0L SEL. At 2,000 RPM using cruise control for a 260 mi round-trip, I got 25 mpg. My experience has been that colder weather can reduce mpg by 2 or 3. So I would expect to see the 28 mph highway in the warmer months.
  • Is there any dashboard indicator that the turbo is running? I used to have a turbo light on my old Mazda 626 GT Turbo.
  • There is no turbo indication on the vehicle. I monitor mine through the OBD-II port. The turbo is more or less a function of the throttle position. I have found that during my normal acceleration from a stop-light, (2.0 FWD) and it rev's to no more than about 2500 RPM, then I am not seeing any turbo boost. (this is only modest acceleration. (approx 10% throttle)
    On the other hand, I have had the cruise control set to about 65Mph and climbed a gentle hill, at 1700 RPM and seen the boost go to 10 pounds in 6th gear. The boost is so quiet and effortless, you do not even know it is running.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 109
    Today I ordered my first Escape. AWD Titanium with no options other than a block heater. Just starting to browse this forum to see how the new Escape is being accepted.
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