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2013 Ford Escape



  • cbc410cbc410 Posts: 20
    Thank you for that information. Is there a particular one that you favor and a particular app you use. It looks like there are a lot of choices. I am most interested in understanding the impact of the terrain and my driving habits on mpg as my city driving mpg is disappointedly low.
  • The app I chose is DashCommand. Got it through the App store. The OBD-II, is one I bought locally. It looks exactly the same as this one on Amazon.
    link title
    So far, I am having a lot of fun with it. Originally I bought it just so I could read boost pressure. Now I am looking at about 50 variables. It's definitely a toy for enthusiasts, gear-heads and the like. It also has a ton of stuff on mileage and emissions, cost to drive .............
    If you are an Apple use, you must get a Wi-fi transmitter. If you use an Android, then there are other apps, and the ability to use Bluetooth.
  • cbc410cbc410 Posts: 20
    Thanks so much. I will try it.
  • Nav which is extremely bad especially since ford dealer just came with excuses saying building where the problem. I live not in a building area, work 35miles away in the suburbs, and get the same bugs regardless of city or highway driving. 5-10mins before nav engages. Have a log book and uploading a video to youtube to demonstrate the navs buggy interaction. 3x at ford service center and 5 days of loss use, Im starting process for a lemon. I really want to love ford but they are making it hard for me to. This is a safety issue as you cannot stop in the middle of the highway to put an address when your nav feels like working.

    In terms of real world mpg, I do not get how the 24-25 mpgs are coming from. Drive with 87 octane costco, no load, tire pressures checked, highway/city, driver restraint, even had my fuel sensitive wife drive a long highway stretch, and still getting 19-22mpg. Had ford service check it out as well and said no problems.

    This car drives amazing though. I wanted to love ford especially the cool things they have been doing. Even traded my honda crv. Such a shame I cannot move on since I am paying a lot of money and basically told its not their problem:(
  • gine-fires/1743203/

    Recall a big blow to Escape, Fusion

    Chris Woodyard and Meghan Hoyer, USA TODAY Share

    Ford hasn't yet pinpointed the problem that led to 13 engine fires.
    ford logo headquarters 2009

    Customers are being told to park their vehicles; will be given loaners

    8:21AM EST December 4. 2012 - As embarrassments go, Ford Motor couldn't face a worse recall than one that wraps together two critical 2013 vehicles and a technology that it has spent the most time and money trying to burnish: Fusion sedan, Escape crossover and the EcoBoost turbocharged engine.

    Yet on Monday Ford was at a loss to explain why the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine in two big-selling models was overheating and might catch fire — or how it plans to fix the 89,153 vehicles involved. Ford is urging owners to park their vehicles, contact their dealers and arrange for loaners.

    So far, 12 fires were reported in the Escapes and one in the Fusion, which just went on sale, says Ford spokesman Said Deep. No injuries were reported.

    What's more, the latest recall marks the fourth for the Escape since last spring. One involved a swatch of carpet that could block the gas pedal. The others all involved the same 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine, including a recent recall because of coolant leaking from a freeze plug.

    That track record now has some asking whether the automaker, which has tried hard to burnish the reputation of the Ford nameplate under CEO Alan Mulally, has gone astray.

    "It does beg the question: 'Does Ford have a serious quality problem?' " says George Cook, executive professor of marketing at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester and a former Ford marketing executive.

    Consumer Reports recently dropped Ford to second-to-last place in its annual reliability survey. Only two years ago, Ford was in the top 10. Ford has created so many all-new products that the kinks haven't been worked out of many of them, lsays Jake Fisher, head of the non-profit magazine's automotive test division.

    The Ford brand has had 92 recalls since 2009, substantially higher than the next highest brands — Chevrolet, at 70, and Toyota, at 68, a search of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database reveals. Of course, such a search doesn't take into account the severity of individual recalls or that the Ford nameplate is part of the larger Ford Motor. When recalls in its various divisions are added up, General Motors outpaces Ford on recalls overall.

    It hurts even more that the problems involve 73,320 Escapes and 15,833 Fusions. In launching the new Escape this year, Ford said the two models compete in segments that make up 30% of all sales.

    With fuel economy a top consideration, Ford has heavily touted its EcoBoost engines — and is bringing them to 90% of its models. Though the recall is "just isolated to that engine," the 1.6-liter, Ford fears the recall "might tarnish the entire line of engines," says Mike Omotoso, senior manager of global powertrain for LMC Automotive.

    Some buyers sound deeply unhappy.

    One buyer complained to NHTSA that he had already gone through three recall repairs on his 2013 Escape and was driving on the freeway near Charlottesville, Va., when a pop came from the engine. The engine temperature light came on, steam, then oily smoke poured from the engine and it burst into flames.

    Another owner, Andrew Portare, says his engine hasn't overheated but his Escape has already been back to the dealer for several other problems. Now the Chantilly, Va., executive is miffed that Ford is telling him to park his Escape and use a free rental car.

    "I just paid $26,000 for this car. Now they tell me to park it," he says.

    Portare says he's fed up. "I feel like I should be able to get a refund," he says.
  • Update: I took the escape into the dealer, and they said they found the cause of the smell. The valve cover gasket was leaking oil all over the top and side of the engine. There is also another gasket that is visibley out of position.
    The after almost 2 weeks in the shop, they can't tell me when the replacment parts will be available. Is this common for new cars?
    The recuirculate turning off after 5 mins is normal, ie it's also happening on the replacment escape.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Does anyone else find that the seat warmers are really hot? When I set it to 1, I have to turn it off after 5 minutes because it gets so warm. I can't imagine using settings 2-5. I might catch fire! I have 3 other vehicles with seat warmers, and they are all comfortable especially at the lowest settings. Is my control defective, or is this just how the Fords are designed?
  • Yup. I never set it above 2.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    I would open the hood and make sure the battery wires are firmly connected.
  • cbc410cbc410 Posts: 20
    My seat is comfortable at 5 for me.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,735
    IMHO, it's a personal thing. Our Explorer has just high and low. I can only deal with high for about 3 minutes. My wife, OTOH, will run the high setting all day long.
  • 1 is crazy hot for me, maybe if we lived in Alaska I might set it on 2... and yes, they wife goes higher, and will leave it on.
  • same here. wife can sit on a 5 and still thinks its not working right. her volvo s80 has three settings: pants on fire, tattoo my butt, and electric chair. i just turn off the seat warmer when i drive her car. it hasn't really been cold enough here in new england to use the seat warners anyway.
  • I too have a navigation problem, and by resetting the system instructed on the phone number by Ford detroit , it did not fix the system, and is gettibg worse as we we go along. It some times places me in an entire different area!
    It some time takes a good 15 to miles before the GPS starts to work.
    In the beginning, it took me to area in the Mountains, that had no roads, or they wher not paved! I should have kept my chevy Equnoix. And the gas tank isd too small!
  • Just brought the Escape into the dealer & got a rental from Enterprise. What a piece of junk the rental is compared to the Escape, but hey, at least it won't catch fire right!

    Ford Motor Produces Fix In Voluntary Safety Recall Of 2013 Escapes, 2013 Fusions

    ( - Ford Motor Co. (F) announced a corrective action to address potential engine overheating that could result in engine fires in SE and SEL models of the 2013 Ford Escape and Ford Fusion models equipped with 1.6-liter engines. The vehicles were subjects of a voluntary safety recall announced November 30.
    Ford said that to fix the condition, it will make softwarePosted Image updates to the cooling system of the 1.6-liter engine available in the SE and SEL models of the 2013 Ford Escape and 2013 Ford Fusion.
    The software updates will better manage engine temperatures during a unique overheating condition that could occur under unique operating conditions. The original cooling system designPosted Image was not able to address a loss of coolant system pressure under certain operating conditions, which could lead to a vehicle fire while the engine was running, the company said.
    Ford stated that it is now working to deliver the software and repair procedure to its dealers. The company will begin notifying customers so they can schedule service appointments with dealers.
    Beginning early next week, customers will be able to get the software update at their dealer.
    Until the cooling software is updated, customers driving 2013 Escape vehicles equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and 2013 Fusion models equipped with the 1.6-liter engine have been advised to contact their dealer to arrange for alternative transportation at no charge, the company said.
    The company noted that 2013 Escapes equipped with 2.0-liter and the 2.5-liter engines are unaffected. 2013 Fusions equipped with the 2.5-liter and hybrid engines are also unaffected - as are all Titanium models.
    For comments and feedback: contact
  • The software updates will better manage engine temperatures during a unique overheating condition that could occur under unique operating conditions. The original cooling system design was not able to address a loss of coolant system pressure under certain operating conditions, which could lead to a vehicle fire while the engine was running, the company said.

    Ummm, Ya, Ummmm, WHAT!!??!!??!!
  • It surprises me that some of you doubt that this car *can* get better fuel economy than you are experiencing. Where, when, how, what fuel, etc. all effect fuel economy. I have no trouble believing you get 19-22, but I have easily been achieving 25mpg or better for every tank so far. In fact, with over 4800 miles on my 2013 2.0l 4WD, I'm getting 27-29 routinely!

    The overall indicated fuel economy (I never reset Trip 2's information) is now climbing over 26.1 from around 25.8.
  • I have not had my Escape Titanium long (less than 2 weeks) but I've seen the Sync lock-up problem twice and, being the computer guy I am, went looking for possible causes:

    1) If a second, unregistered blue tooth device is in the car, guaranteed it will mess up MySync at some time during the trip.

    2) If you start the car, then turn it off before MySync loads completely, then turn the car right back on, MySync will often lock.

    To get the problems cleared, I have to turn off the engine, get out of the car, and leave it alone until the accessory system shuts completely off, about 5 minutes.

    In other words, MySync is acting just like Microsoft windows :-)
  • What kinda gas do you use and which region do you live at? Curious. Like i said i love the car. If i could get that gas mpg, this would be the best car ever. I had ford service check it. Now at 3200mpg. Best ive seen with some restraint is 23mpg. 25mpg would be a dream.

    Wonder how much before i get to break it in and how much it would really improve mpg.

    Started an expt of switching to premium 92octane. Gonna do an N of three and actually drive the same routes for te next few weeks. See if there is any change. That 23mpg was the first 92 octane fill up. My 86 octane fill ups were 19-22mpg with restraint.
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