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2013 Ford Escape



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    But it is interesting to know that road Hazard warranty is readily available from most tire manufacturers.

    Actually the road hazard warranty is from the tire dealer, not the manufacturer.

    I've heard of several people going to a tire dealer with a new car and purchasing a road hazard warranty.
  • I had a similar experience a few years ago with a Michelin tire. There was no road hazard warranty but my local tire dealer worked with the Michelin rep for an "adjustment" on the price of the new tire (ie prorated for miles). We paid less than half price for the tire. Try this approach with your local tire dealer.
  • issue was service tech error............I had our 2013 Escape in for the first service last Friday, 12/28/2012, the technician did not put my dipstick back in so I had oil coming out from the dipstick location....fortunately the dipstick was still laying in the front of the engine compartment and I was able to take care of it......I have cleaned up everything I could get to and hopefully my issue will be tech must have been having a bad day as he also did not rotate my tires which I paid for!
  • I have noticed this issue as well........the more I am driving it the more I am getting used to it and it does not bother me as much.
  • I hope you called them on that! Have them at least give you a free steam clean and a free oil change!
  • You got that right.................going back in on Saturday morning!
  • Update: 2013 Ford Escape exhaust smell. Time in the shop.. over 6weeks! The dealer finally got a replacement valve cover and was going to try to have the vehicle ready this week. Surprise surprise, the new valve cover is damaged.
    Ford Quality is Job One! do they still use that? probably not.
  • Ever since my 2013 Ford Escape received its recall and software fix my car has major issues knowing what to do when the gas pedal is pushed. It tales 5-7 seconds before it starts to hum and then lurch and drag down to a slower speed. Very nerve wracking when driving on interstates through the Colorado mountains and you get out from behind a runaway semi with flashing hazard lights and your Ford loses speed from 60 to 45 in seconds while you are trying to speed up. Imagine this scenario playing out for almost an hour. Just glad to be here to tell about it. The dealership in Glenwood Springs. CO cannot duplicate the problem, therefore it doesn't exist. Just ask Joe, he has been there 35 years. What else could we possibly expect him to do? Anyone else experiencing something similar? We need to let Ford in on it before someone gets killed. Paula
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    This sounds a lot like what the EcoBoost trucks were seeing with condensation problems causing drivability and acceleration issues (bad ones!). Yours is the first report I've seen of this type of problem with one of the four cylinder EcoBoost vehicles, but I was wondering if it wasn't possible when I read about the trucks.

    It sounds pretty serious, and I'd keep on the dealership until the problem is verified, and hopefully, if possible, corrected. And please keep us informed!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    So far, after just under 3300 miles my wife's AWD Titanium is averaging just under 22 mpg.
    In my experience, it will take up to 10k miles before the drive train is broken in.
    All three of the vehicles being currently driven locally have just had their worst fuel mileage, two since last winter due to the cold weather.
    The 2013 does not fit a wheel chair as well as the '09 my wife drove before that.
    Electronics are working out great.
  • On Monday, 1/7, I went into a lease on an Escape. My previous leased vehicle was a 2011 Ford Fusion SEL with AWD. I'm hoping since it's a 4 cyl engine, it will have better gas mileage than my previous Fusion, which was 6 cyl.

    I found the Fusion was fine in bad weather, didn't really have enough snow in the Winter of 2012 here in my part of NY to really guage. I've previously had a 2006 Ford Explorer, the year of the "new styled handle", and that was fantastic in snow.

    Though I'm not new to Ford cars (I'm 48 and with the exception of once having a Chevy Trailblazer, and a Toyota Highlander), I've mostly had Fords. Wondering how the Escape is as a small category SUV?
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited January 2013
    Fuel economy first (copied this part over on the other topic too, without the rest that follows here):
    In my latest update, our 2.0l SEL 4WD, since around Christmas Eve, has returned an average closer to 25.5 mpg overall. This also needs to take into account colder temperatures during this period. We got snow XMas Eve and again 2x since, just in large enough amounts and with enough cold air to keep most of it around for two weeks, and even now there are small patches that haven't melted completely away yet, but mostly where it was piled from shoveling or plowing. The worst average tank for this period was just over 23 mpg.

    Overall, taking into consideration the 'ideal' nature of the EPA testing process, this is right in line or even a bit better than the car is 'supposed' to return- I have a mixed drive of rural highway, town, city, and interstate, with speeds anywhere from 25 to 70 mph, and these tanks were with me driving five over wherever the speed limits were under 70, or 70 in 70 mph zones.

    The most recent tank, with temperatures in the mid-upper-50's, is already over 25.5 mpg, and looking to hit 26 (warmer weather, slightly higher % hwy affecting the numbers). I've had over 29 on occasion, without ever having a single tank of *all* highway driving.

    I'd love to get the opportunity for the latter, but time and opportunity have to get together first.

    The other stuff:
    We paid for the Ford Service Plan when we bought our car, and got to feel good about ourselves this week, as we took the Escape in for it's first routine service. The 'routine' service was an oil change and tire rotation, mainly, along with the stuff they check (never sure how much or even if they really check all the 'belts', fluid levels, filters, etc.). The car had just over 6000 miles on it, and the dealership swapped the factory oil for full synthetic oil.

    Routine part over.
    We also requested that they update the MyFordTouch w/SYNC to the latest version (note, in case it wasn't mentioned here, because I don't recall and haven't looked again lately- a new version came out sometime in November or early December). Our clock has reset itself several times, once at around 11PM on a night that I know the car was parked! According to another site I follow, this seems to have been rectified with the newer release. Our system has also been caught rebooting once (erm, 'performing routine scheduled maintenance' is the term I think the display had as it came back from a black screen). So far no more clock resets, though our 64GB SD card loaded with ~20GB of music hasn't successfully been fully indexed yet (again, the display says- it's 'indexing' the card, and apparently only does it while driving), despite around 2+ hours on the road so far since the update reset / cleared the system and we reinserted the card. I recall the previous version taking a while, but somehow it didn't seem this long..

    Otherwise, it's been a pretty good experience. The hatch issue hasn't recurred, and we haven't had other problems outside of SYNC, and even SYNC's problems haven't kept any basic functionality from working, if a bit annoyingly at times.

    Glad we bought this vehicle. :)
  • Hey everyone,

    Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed that occasionally when I pull the exterior door handle, it will stick in the "out" position instead of going back in, and I have to give it a little nudge to get it to go back in. Has anyone encountered anything similar? I've noticed it mostly with the driver's door since that's the one that I use, but it has happened once or twice with other doors so I don't think it's just a problem with the driver's door. Not a huge issue but somewhat annoying, and I'm wondering if anyone has had something similar happen and if/how they got their dealership to do anything about it.
  • I glad I got the Escape and it isn't a full week. I've seen people post about Continental tires, but tires aren't perfect. I had a brand new Highlander in 2004 and after 16K miles and regular rotations I had to replace all 4 Toyo brand tires.

    Also, I learned from an experience in 1995, that Ford Motor Co rates dealerships. I found out the one I've been using since 1996 is number 1 in my area.

    Some who had oil issues and had to do with the dipstick, you may want to find out another dealer you can use for service
  • Where can I find out what my dealer rating is according to Ford.
  • Back in 1995, I called information for Ford headquarters in Detroit and talked to someone in the Chairman's office who transferred me to their Quality Assurance Dept. I'm sure you can Google that department etc to get a nimber
  • Sounds like a warranty item. Just demo that to the dealer and I am sure they will take care of it.
  • Yeah, the dealership should take care of the door handle. I haven't seen it with my Escape and I got it 4 days ago
  • The dealer ran this issue by Ford Technical Support and it appears the ability to manually shift in Drive is a normal after the recall fix.

    They said in their response that "Live in Drive" is temporary and the system will decide when it is no longer needed when it will revert to normal operation.

    They also said an SSM will be issued shortly to inform dealers and customers of this change to the transmission programming.
  • My drivers door handle has fit that exact description in the last couple of weeks. We have also had sub-freezing temperatures and I do wash the car from time to time, so it didn't surprise me. I will be going in for my first oil change in the next few weeks, so if the problem persists, I will have the dealer look at it.
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