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2013 Ford Escape



  • kyotlokyotlo Posts: 3
    My door handles stick as well. I have noticed it on the back doors more often (I have a little girl with the carseat in the back). I haven't had it in to the dealer yet, but will probably have them look at it when I have my first oil change.
  • Regarding "Live in Drive" being enabled on the 1.6L Escape, I found this Ford notice #5542 - 2013 Escape 1.6L New Features With FSA 12S41 Calibration Effect Transmission Select Shift In Drive. In Q1 they are releasing a calibration to disable "Live in Drive" if desired.

    This feature existed in the 2011 Edge. "Unique to the 2011 Ford Edge Sport is that the paddle shift activation is “live in drive,” which means the customer doesn’t have to shift to “M” or manual mode. Instead, while in Drive, the driver can pull the “+” paddle on the right side of the steering wheel or “-” paddle on the left side of the steering wheel to shift up or down gears."

    Just seems like Ford could have notified people (and dealers) of it being enabled in the Escape before folks stumbled on it while driving. Ah well, moving on.
  • That is the same wording the dealer got from Ford Tech Support but they didn't include the Q1 fix to eliminate the feature if it is not wanted. I haven't experimented with it much, but it reverts back to the gear it wants to be in after a few seconds. That may be throttle position dependent but I didn't have time to play with it in traffic.

    They also updated the MyTouch/Sync software and added a new screen which is a composite of the four individual screens in the DIC.

    I don't recall if the outside temperature was up where the time is shown on the center display but it is now plus on the DIC.

    The tech that did the update didn't know what was changed so we just have to find it ourselves I suppose. Release notes would be nice if the dealer can't bother to let owners know what is changed.

    How did you find that Oasis document?
  • One of the returns on a Google search of: 2012 escape, "live in drive" came up with "broadcast messages" as the topic.

    When I had asked my dealer about this capability before finding this thread, the change was news to him, and other folks at the dealership. He was able to get the info for me the next day, including the promised ability to undo it, Then I found the document using the search.

    Not a fan of the change as I found it by accidentally shifting while in drive by pressing the buttons. I had a similar feature, and liked it, in my Chrysler 300M and like the Escape, you needed to move to a different shift position to use it.

    Completely agree, release/change notes from Ford should be required to the dealer and owners.
  • tl9tl9 Posts: 2
    Can someone tell me what their 2013 Ford Escape SEL 2.0L engine idles at.
  • 1250 RPM after a cold start.
    900 RPM during warm up.
    750 RPM when engine is at full temp.
    In gear or neutral seems to make no difference.
  • jluianjluian Posts: 1
    I bought my 2013 Ford Escape this week I drove it for 200 miles, now my dashboard lights are flickering on and off non stop. It kill the battery overnight. Re-charged it and it is always going on . What am I supposed to do.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Take it to your dealer. It is under warranty. Let them fix it.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    My wife downloaded the software upgrade onto a memory stick and requested her new NAV card on Saturday afternoon. It looks like the SD card got here today, which is pretty quick.
  • having the same issues and it's on it's 3rd time back in. They say it is normal, it is the computer talking. I am afraid of getting into an accident. They want to put a black box on it. Now the sensors are going off when I am driving, like I am going to hit someone, and there is nothing around me. I think it is the computer, because it doesn't happen every time??? anyone else had this happen?
  • My sensors go off when it is snowing. I am guessing the sensors are picking up the snow flakes. It is very irritating!
  • Not snowing!!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    My wife has had her 13 AWD Ti for about 4 months and 4400 miles, but tonight was the first time I drove it any distance, about 15 miles. Actually, the 2nd time I ever drove it.
    Compared to our 09 Limited V6, the ride is much more compliant, despite the 19 wheels.
    It's a little softer off the line from a stop, as she has mentioned.
    Idle has some vibration, but after that very smooth and plenty of power if you want to use it.
    It down shifts way too often, but I expect this to work itself out by 10k, based on the other Fords I have owned or currently drive.
    BLIS is helpful and not intrusive, as i have read in some reviews.
    Pretty quiet on the highway compared to the '09, too.
    Seat backs really hug you sides and heaters are strong.
    The built in garage door opener works and is a nice feature.
    I usually split my driving between 2 Explorers.
  • Space is very limited and expect oil to have to be cleaned of the block and ancillary equipment, at least what I have found (and by the Ford tech’s comments for the first “free” oil change, a real pain), notwithstanding having the removal and replacement of the undercarriages aero-dynamic shield .

    The Ford “spec” for the FL-960S is Height 3.360 in., Outside Diameter 3.150 in. The horizontal positioning of the filter only allows a few turns to loosen/or tighten with the use of an end type filter socket using a low profile ratchet so I have found a “strap type” filer wrench much better saving time, aggravation and I’m sure the inevitable bent cooling fins trying to remove the filter with the ratchet /socket.
  • Don't see a specific recommendation in the owners' manual .... suppose I could ask the dealer, but where's the fun in that?

    vehicle is 2013 2.0L AWD + factory tow package.

    I read thru the "~towing selector~" document on and both it and the owners' manual mention "tow/haul" positions on automatic transmissions. Wonder why they decided to put that verbiage in these documents if the Escapes' transmission doesnt actually include it.

    That being said, any opinions as to what's the best position to put the shifter into while towing? I'm jumping the gun a bit, don't actually have a trailer at the moment, but will eventually need to figure this out.

    Still in the <1000mi break-in period, so no towing yet, but I've already noticed improved driving response in the hilly areas hereabouts with the trans in 'S'.

    The towing chapter from the owners' manual mentions "...provides enging braking and helps eliminate excessive transmission shifting..." and the transmission chapter says the "S" position "... provides additional grade(engine) braking and ....enhance performance for uphill climbs...". Those statements would tend to point me toward sticking the transmission in 'S' for towing.

    Opinions? Facts?
  • I will give you my opinion based on experience with other vehicles and general knowledge. I too have an 2.0 but FWD with tow package. I have not towed with it yet, but will be in a few months. I have a 5x8 enclosed trailer which weighs about 1800 lbs loaded.
    In the past, with a 4.0L engine and 6 speed auto, I would leave tranny in Drive while accellerating, and then I would shift over to manual once in 5th gear (on hwy). I would never allow tranny in 6th gear while towing.

    In the Escape, I think S mode would work well. If S mode allows the tranny to shift into 6th, then I would use the manual mode to keep it in 5th on the highway. While under any amount of load, I think the RPM's should be kept OVER 2000 RPM's (at least). (maybe 2500 RPM) With the amount of torque these engines put out, it still has pulling power way down low in the RPM range, but that is hard on the engine internals and the tranny. It is equivalent to "lugging" then engine, which ANY manufacturer will tell you to avoid.

    My first try will likely be in S mode, just to see how it works. Bottom line is to keep your RPM's up and your engine and transmission will thank you.
    Climbing hills with a reasonably heavy trailer, then maybe 3000 to 3500 RPM?
    Hard to tell, until I try.
    My $0.02

    By the way, the manual does say to ask your dealer for a "towing guide."
  • I am moving to Europe and heard stories about the radio being incompatible with the frequencies there. Does anyone know if the radio in the titanium will work in europe?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,739
    IIRC, Europe separates the FM frequencies by 100 kHz so stations can end in a positive decimal ie 104.2. Unless a radio can tune those positive frequencies, then the reception will be poor. The radio in your Escape probably cannot be tuned to the positive ending frequencies.
  • By doing some research on the web, I know it is possible in some cars to change the computer settings to european settings. I will check with the dealer whether this is possible. Does anyone know model number of the sony radio? The information in the booklets is very limited.
  • I accidentally snapped off the antenna on the roof of the 2013 Escape while backing into a garage packing space - yeah - ugh! I ordered a new base and antenna (part #18813 and 18936). As the antenna bent forward it pushed the front of the base down and made an ever so slight depression just forward of the base - yeah - ugh! I think it will rebound with a little thumb pressure from underneath. However, I am curious if anyone knows how to drop the rear portion of the head liner so that I can access the connectors to the base? Many thanks.
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