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2013 Ford Escape



  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Bummer. I'm just spitballin' here, but isn't the headliner attached to the insulation with adhesive and the insulation is somehow attached to the roof? I ask about the adhesive and insulation because folks on the Focus forum were posting that the glue was seeping through the headliner material. My guess is that you have to remove the plastic trim pieces in the cargo area and very carefully try to separate the headliner from the insulation as far back as needed. Apply a modest amount (so it doesn't seep through) of spray adhesive and try to reattach the headliner. The plastic trim is probably attached with push pins and pull straight out. I believe there are tools for removing interior trim, but you may have to replace the fastening pins if they are ribbed and tapered.

    The only time I smoke and the only time I smoke in the car is when I travel on my blue highway road trips. Last year, I had a cig in my hand, was trying to orientate a map and I brushed the cig against the headliner. It melted the fabric instantly and left three small burn marks and a slight stain I can't get out. I looked into replacing the headliner and if I'm looking at the correct part on, it's $645.00 for the fabric headliner alone. I looked online for repair kits and nothing seemed right to me. I'm going to take it to an upholsterer this summer to see if anything can be done to fix it up.
  • When the dealer told me $200+ just for labor, I decided to take a closer look at the headliner. There are two trim pieces on either side in the rear that appear to hold the edges of the headliner. The rear edge is held in place by the rubber gasket at the top of the left gate. Slipping my hand in there I felt no glue and the headliner and insulation appear to be one piece. So, I'm optimistic that I'll be able to do it myself.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Sounds like over $800 to swap the headliner, ouch. I wonder if you can pull the trim to the rear doors and that will give you enough space to get your hands and tools in there to change out the antenna and pop the dent. Good luck.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    How does the base attach? Maybe you can remove it and push the indent up.
  • coldnfrostycoldnfrosty Posts: 25
    edited February 2013
    It is a pretty simple connection. The base attaches with a nut that expands when tightened. The base is also well-gasketed. There's a triple gasket around the nut, and then a single gasket around the outer edge. Two connectors for the electricals.

  • bwaabwaa Posts: 13
    Does anyone know of a site where I can get parts? Just a general site?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,935
    You mean like RockAuto? Lots of sites out there.

    What I look for is "real" information, like a real street address that you can use to contact them, "real" information when you search their domain, that sort of thing.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    What kind of parts are you looking for?
    Try Fordparts dot com for the factory stuff.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 109
    Received an email from Ford today with my vin #. No luck in running the number to get my window sticker even though I tried a site that has worked in the past. The vin # is 1FMCU9J93DUD02122 if someone would like to give it a shot.
  • I am going for 2013 Ford Escape with Stone leather seats. But after seeing forum posts about stained seats (other thread), I am tensed and now in double minds.

    Can anyone with "stone leather" seats on 2103 Ford Escape confirm that they too see spots on the seats out of nowhere? Also, water/snow flakes creating stains is also a problem with these "stone leather seats" or is it only with cloth seats?

    This is going to be my first Ford car, so a bit nervous. Need to make up my decision in 2-3 days.
  • I haven't seen staining from water or snowflakes, but I have had blue jeans leave color on the seats. I don't wear them too often, and it seems to be wearing off as I sit in the seat (with dress pants / sweats, etc.).
  • I have a 2013 Escape SE with the grayish cloth seats. Have had it since January 7, 2013 and so far no staining seats and the other day little water from the umbrella got on it.

    Like anything else, each car can be different like people. What may happen with some cars, doesn't mean it will be exactly the same for you. Best to check with Ford headquarters in Detroit on the ratings of your local area dealerships as to their quality of service😁. Like a draft pick In sports, dealers with good overall ratings with Ford seem to get first choice cars off production lines
  • 8+ inches of snow in mid Missouri yesterday.
    4wd'd into the parking lot at work today through the pile the plows had deposited at the entrance overnight.

    From across the lot I saw some snow sticking under the front fascia. Took a look under there and noticed some sort of air intake (???) I guess. It seems to be part of the plastic, under-engine, cover on the passenger side of the center of the lower grill opening and appears to maybe route to the back side of the engine?

    I don't think it's an intake for the air cleaner as there appears to be one of those at the top of the grill. It doesn't seem like a vehicle sold as having snow-going capabilities would have something important hanging down there. Any ideas? Turbo cooling? Fresh? air? (I'd think "fresh" air intake would not be located facing the exhaust pipe of the driver ahead of you)
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited February 2013
    I noticed that 'intake' myself on our Escape and wondered the same thing. So I did a lot of searching, eventually finding a couple of other forums where it's mentioned. It's a cooling duct that routes air to the rear of the engine and transmission area, and is supposedly for the transmission. A couple of people have mentioned having taken theirs off. Nobody has mentioned any issues without it, though I'm still a bit skeptical that there won't be in the future, otherwise Ford wouldn't go to the expense of putting it on in the first place.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    I got my Titanium in August and had lots of problems. Sync regularly locked up, proximity sensors failed, dash lights wouldn't dim, GPS was slow to lock, etc. Some were simply bad modules which the dealer replaced. Others were design issues, but I'm happy to say that it appears Ford is slowly knocking them out. Sync 3.5.1 has been much more stable than the prior version. TSB 13-02-01 corrected a bunch of issues, including early indication of low fuel, one button reset of computer functions, and failure of nav to update on the Intelligent 4WD screen. A new GPS module appears to lock much quicker -- like 1 minute instead of 10. I suspect Ford isn't publicizing the GPS fix on a TSB yet, but the new ones were backordered and appear to have fixed my problem. 8 service visits in 6 months kind of sucks, but luckily I have a fantastic dealer who has taken great care of me. Lesson learned: if you buy a vehicle in its first year of production, make sure you get it from a dealer with superior customer service.
  • ok then. I suppose, as the ambient air temp is hovering around 0deg C, I shouldnt be too concerned if there's snow instead of air in that duct.
  • Hi all,

    My '13 Escape has the HID headlamps along with the LED running lights, both of which (to me at least) look great with the "pure white" light they emit. However, it seems that the fog lamps are some sort of standard bulbs that emit the more typical off-white light that you'd expect from an incandescent bulb, and it makes it look a little odd when you have the fog lamps on along with the headlamps as the fog lamps and the headlamps are two very different shades of white. I'm wondering if anyone has found any sort of a replacement for the fog lamp bulbs that more closely matches the color of the headlamp bulbs.

  • Thanks all for yours replies.
  • Picked up my new Escape and drove 16 miles, (26 miles on odometer) and the GPS could not find the street that I was driving on. Quality!! Two weeks have gone by and ford still hasn't found the fix!! I think they don't know.
    Then just to add to my frustration the tailgate started to wear a hole through my bumper!!! Talked to my dealers body shop and determined the door is made incorrectly,(too big for the hole it must go in) and they would try to adjust it to fit it better so not rub on bumper. I then checked the other new Ford Escapes on the dealers lot and everyone is the same! NONE OF THE LINES FROM THE REAR FENDER AND TAIL LIGHTS LINE UP TO THE TAILGATE!!!!!
    Just called the BBB and started lemon law action.
    THIS!!!!, for a car coming from Ford!
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I can understand not knowing about the GPS, but how did you not notice the tailgate issue during your walk around and pointed it out before signing the papers or driving the car off the lot? I doubt the tailgate was made incorrectly, they're all stamped from the same die, it's not aligned properly and can be made right through adjustment and the bumper cover can be replaced. I'm not sure you have a lemon law claim, but good luck with that.
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